Jeffrey Epstein's accusers on how their sisters were targeted as well: Part 8

Maria Farmer and Chauntae Davies both claim that not only did Epstein sexually abuse them, but he also targeted their sisters when they were teens.
7:45 | 01/10/20

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Transcript for Jeffrey Epstein's accusers on how their sisters were targeted as well: Part 8
Ghislaine lived a spectacular life, that of a jetsetter, and she traveled all over the world. We met at the four seasons hotel in Beverly hills. This tall woman comes breezing in and introduces herself and said, "Hi, my name is Ghislaine. Nice to meet you." Chauntae Davies came from a troubled background, in and out of homelessness. In 2001, she's in her early 20s. Living in Los Angeles, an aspiring actress. She's also in training to be a masseuse. When one day, she say, her massage teacher asks her to come along on an appointment, and the client turns out to be Ghislaine Maxwell. Ghislaine gave her the opportunity to work as a private masseuse for Jeffrey Epstein, who's this billionaire with jets and homes and islands. They said, we're going to Jeffrey's island in the caribbean. Didn't actually even know that people could actually buy islands. We landed on St. Thomas. And then we got on a boat and we drove to his island across turquoise waters. There was different villas all over the place. A gym, a pool. It was very intoxicating. Chauntae Davies would later tell a court that her experience on the island took a dark when she was called in to give Epstein a massage. I started to massage him. And he yanked me down on top of the bed and pulled me on top of him. I said, "Please, no." That was -- that was all I could get out of my mouth. He finished and I ran out back to my villa barefoot. I just felt like I was just trapped, like there's nowhere for me to go. You know, who was I going to tell? Ghislaine? In the case of Jeffrey Epstein, the victims felt not only powerless, but they felt seduced. They felt ashamed. Who am I going to tell? I don't see how anyone could help me stop this. So, they really probably felt very stuck. I had already come from a background in which I had been taught to accept abuse. It just became a situation where I just got deeper and deeper into it and I didn't know how to pull myself out really. Chauntae Davies continued to occasionally work for and travel with Epstein and Maxwell. But it turns out that Epstein had allegedly taken a particular interest in chauntae's younger sister, teala, who was just 17 at the time. She says that Epstein promised to send her abroad to study and transform her life. Teala Davies would later go public. And in a lawsuit, she alleged that Epstein had raped and sexually assaulted her on a number of occasions. Jeffrey Epstein preyed upon me. He put me in a vulnerable and dependent situation and took advantage of me. I was only 17 years old. I was a little girl. Teala told me what was happening. I told him that I knew what he had done to my sister. He told me that life is about reality, not about dreams. And then he hung up on me. And I never talked to him again. Using an older sister to get to a younger sister is something that Jeffrey did many times over and over again. You see the sister playbook which Epstein deployed with other, you know, girls as well. And that happened with Maria and Annie farmer. Maria farmer was that artist in New York City that had met Epstein in the 1990s. She says that Epstein and Maxwell were excited to find out that she had a sister who was ten years younger than her. Fairly early on, Jeffrey and Ghislaine took an interest in the details about my sister. And Annie is right in the age range that is Jeffrey's sweet spot. She's a 16-year-old kid. What I understood was that Maria had a very wealthy boss and that he might want to help me with school. And I just thought, wow, this would be a good thing. Jeffrey had promised an eventual ivy league education for the 16-year-old Annie. Epstein persuaded Annie to come to him at his ranch in new Mexico. The spiel was that there was going to be a number of high-achieving students there. Jeffrey first called me to ask me if Annie could come to their ranch in Santa fe and I said, "Who is going to be the chaperone?" And he said, "Ghislaine." Annie gets there. There is no school program. It's just Jeffrey, Ghislaine and now 16-year-old Annie. Annie farmer says in court documents that what happens next is that Maxwell repeatedly tells her she wants to give her a massage. Annie says that she was uncomfortable but felt pressure to comply. And she said, "Okay, you know, get undressed, and then come lay on the table." And she, you know, touches me around my chest. This was such a scary situation for me, so, I just needed to, like, just to manage that and to go on as if everything was At one point, Epstein gets into bed with Annie, which she's totally freaked out by. Like, no adult man is going to crawl into bed you with and have, you know -- and that -- that that's okay. I do remember making an excuse that I needed to go to the bathroom. I think I was just in the bathroom long enough to make sure that that would not be something he would be expecting to continue. Annie was very quiet when she got home from the trip. Every time I asked a question about it, she just said she was tired and didn't really want to My sister never shared with me anything about what had transpired with Ghislaine and Jeffrey. Maria farmer says it wasn't until a few months later, after her own alleged assault by Epstein and Maxwell that she talked to Annie about it. I didn't want her to get hurt. So that's the most egregious part of this. They were master manipulators. I think that it's a particular type of sickness that they displayed in taking advantage of, you know, the love you have for a sibling. He doesn't care. He really doesn't care. For him, I think, people are a sport. They were like vampires. They needed fresh blood consistently. He had, through the years, almost convinced me that he really was untouchable. He flies in from Paris on July 6th. He lands on the tarmac in Peter borrow, New Jersey, and his life is about to change. Multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein tonight arrested and charged with sex trafficking. I'm looking at my phone and I just start getting text messages from friends saying "Did you see this?"

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{"duration":"7:45","description":"Maria Farmer and Chauntae Davies both claim that not only did Epstein sexually abuse them, but he also targeted their sisters when they were teens.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"68182884","title":"Jeffrey Epstein's accusers on how their sisters were targeted as well: Part 8","url":"/US/video/jeffrey-epsteins-accusers-sisters-targeted-part-68182884"}