Jeremy Lin on why he spoke out after being called 'coronavirus' during game

The nine-year NBA veteran took a stand on social media amid an increase in anti-Asian hate.
3:27 | 03/05/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jeremy Lin on why he spoke out after being called 'coronavirus' during game
We turnout to NBA veteran Jeremy Lin and now with the Golden State Warriors G league team in Santa Cruz. Who recently spoke out in a FaceBook post writing. We are tired of being told to keep our heads down and not making trouble being an Asian American doesn't mean we don't experience it. Poverty and races hinge being in nine years NBA veteran doesn't protects me from being called corona virus on the court. And we're being joined now by Jeremy Lin an icon in the Asian American community and each terminal we chance and it's investigating the slur you Shays on the court you have said she you don't have any interest in naming or shaming the Aaron Walsh which. A sense of how you reacted in that moment and what money motivated you to speak out now. These green. And we unionized debated whether about it. Oh I want to bring awareness or. Means what. I'm Andrew are not here is what's going on. Or in realize when people who are dealing with. Actual physical and things of that nature people who zeeland east and around. Myrtle ministries listen. Are being in the these are real stories and and when you serial. We know the NBA's taken a pretty vocal stand supporting and a black crimes matter moon and other social justice causes. Are they doing anything to make sure that you are being treated risk actually and I'm curious what's the response been from your fellow players. Relief is on board and more eggs and hired or. You seriously going to laughter and you who owns a stroller and a really Marines unleash billions from you sexy the way he is an era. They're Smart the boys that's gone to court. And being that are on their way to more serious and so it is. Being. And everybody in the organization. And has been ordered. And the basketball player you're in a role few Asian American men are and I'm curious have you ever shallow lake. You had to improve your Amir king is Cheney grappled with each being treated as an other invoke your professional and your prime relations. Michael. Not always an end. An Asian or I'm not always sue. Krueger and salute Lauren on an and situation. Even with somebody else you know and he either didn't grow hole I went and no. Eight this might not be your won't be. You'll end. I think. All guys use huge union. Using beyond what you're doing and I casino. Are in the next. Asian or Asian American comes along you know in it won't be. The goals or more they won't be labeled as we Wednesday. And it's hard core I don't know it would usually do. Stimulant that's an important conversation we really appreciate you taking their time to join us tonight. They're eager. To.

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"The nine-year NBA veteran took a stand on social media amid an increase in anti-Asian hate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76263752","title":"Jeremy Lin on why he spoke out after being called 'coronavirus' during game","url":"/US/video/jeremy-lin-spoke-called-coronavirus-game-76263752"}