Jonestown Part 7: What happened the last night before the massacre at Jonestown

Congressman Leo Ryan visited Jonestown, where he met with members of the Peoples Temple, and on the day of the massacre, he was attacked by a man with a knife.
7:46 | 09/29/18

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Transcript for Jonestown Part 7: What happened the last night before the massacre at Jonestown
Jones told his folrs in San Francisco to their own lives. Eporter: There were increasing investigations in terms of what Goh E peoples mp San Francisco. Nobody be try to escape beef the jungle. Reporter: Stories world ongoing cases. Defectors, people who Haen inhe church O were' thh, and their stories were very sturbing.l, I thinkhas tookis group dn there, because he was afraid to face the publy and answ tquhe in this cntry.anthe feels confident having peopllktheir relave Reporter: Their concerns eventualeached thears of a congress named Leo Ryan. Congressman Leo Ryan was a representative twas known for being willing to go to places thaother congressmen necessarily willing to go. Long before he was elected tocongress, had checked conditions in folsri volueering to spend T days locked ie.ongressman Ryan Haen hearing that theas somethi ING on in Guyana that was very wrg. Decided he wo to investigate. In may of 1978, debbild authies that T P suicide were already in place at jonestowand that T cyanide had ld against their will in town. Let many them DI Jones W a monster a had lost his MD. Leo Ryan harsh personality. And so he started plng this to jonestown. What they dtand T for anyone Tate and say ything Thai was tr was gonna beer at It was on a Friday evening WHE flew up erll twin-engine prop plane. Leo Ryan, along with a memb of htaembers of the media, and a number of concerned latives arri jonestown, Guyana. Thented a face to face. They wanted to hear from the people thes. I hadn't seen my family in a while. And arng to be all in S an excuron into the heart ofkness. It was T evilization You were in a jungle, then all of a suddeou came to said the pples temple. What I saw reminded me, of sort o"gwith the wind." It looked like a kind of station. And tn all of a sudden look to my left and there are cornfields and MECAL clin. We have mic, even how we couldsurgery if we had to. Daycare center and M thinking"wthis is pretty impressive." And so cessman ryaan sat in T back of tilion D D interviewing members of the peoples temple. Re happy here? Yes, I'm ry happy here. Kour fathernd Yo B convinced that you're not. l,happy here I don't know what else I can do to conv them. I'alked to my br several hour. The were a numbf former and coax their family members to leave. I kept I ve you, Mo Yo not cominback. She said, have no reason T come bk. Started, we were served dinner, and the food was lovely. We were told there was G to have a presentation, a musical presentatior us. They had a great appeared to have be rehesed. Congressman Ryan standsin front of the pavilion on that night and ys, "It oks from everything that I can see, like PEOP are actually enjo down here." Here. But whatever the comments are, ere are so P who believe that this is the best thing ever happed to them he lives.ndost like on cue, evne stands an eruption of applause more than was approiate. Ihink it wast I think they were terrified. T crack beg to surface or show when some of the LE mbped forwar say they wanted to split. Wanted ouof this ple. One the reports, don Harris wis name, got ipped notefrom a coue LE that said "I wao Lee." Ast night,omeone ce and passed me this note. And then we knew that Thi you know, shwas just tt a show at there were indeed people that wanted to leave that were afraid. Hings start te a bit T Hwa profuselyndit was cle that he W very hat was happening. Pple play games, fr. They lie, they lie, what can I do about liars? Are you ople gon -- leave us, I justegse leave us. My father, he was terrified image. Two other families indicated Y ted to Lee. I him we've been held prisoner here for seven D a half mths. Jim Jones is standing right there,e lked over to me and he said, "Don't dos." He says, "Don't leave me like this." Hesaid, "I'll give you ,000 and your passports."son. Wheits talking to him she's still trying to manage him and bless her heart, T that what you are doing here is wonderful, because I do. T know that there alwa a place fou. The heck of D I'm sure they were absolutely tfied in th moment. The aosphere in T pavilionnged to one that was just emoally charge. And you'reeang with Ju raw otions. You bh Ave nestown onhis date, ve978. Yeah. T was at tt point when he couldn't convince arks and the family to ay that yould see that he became defeated. It was like you ow the charades over. It didn't feel right. It felt dangerous.ou bring thoses back here!bring 'em back! I meahere were terally couples with their children, one pulling one direction and her pullinth directn.and one wantinto go. They we standing onporches hoering at us,ng us trait But all of a sudden, we heard ound cominou pavilion. Suddenly the knife was around myk. Did Jones tell this guy to M? Did thisuy, just from nowhere, show up to do this? Somebody actually ghe knife out of his hand and I jumped up and came away.nwheel outcontrol. Re was a sse god, we just got out there with oives." Little dide know that the dad, I'm so huny,n I have Ana

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{"duration":"7:46","description":"Congressman Leo Ryan visited Jonestown, where he met with members of the Peoples Temple, and on the day of the massacre, he was attacked by a man with a knife.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58160659","title":"Jonestown Part 7: What happened the last night before the massacre at Jonestown","url":"/US/video/jonestown-part-happened-night-massacre-jonestown-58160659"}