June 23, 2012: Jerry Sandusky convicted of sexual assault

The former Penn State football coach was found guilty of sexual assault.
3:12 | 06/13/17

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Transcript for June 23, 2012: Jerry Sandusky convicted of sexual assault
We move on to the other major story this evening the verdict in the Jerry sandusky trial and this evening sandusky is behind bars. After that resounding verdict on 45 a 48 counts guilty. Guilty of sexually abusing ten boys here is the moment the time the word of the verdict came spreading through that crowd gathered outside a courthouse. A short time later there was this image and a ski led from the courthouse in handcuffs is very likely to be locked up now for the rest of his life. -- tonight we ask what comes next and what about his wife is she in the clear Dan Abrams standing by with that but we begin with Jim Bobble on the case from. Beginning Jim good evening. Good evening David it was a late night dramatic and emotional verdict. That left this town and staking the Penn State community reeling from the biggest. Does scandal in college sports history and they're now just trying to recover. He still ringing in his ears Terry says dusty taken away in handcuffs. His mug shot taken a sign jail number 120529. It. A former local hero now just another had to file trying to stay alive in the system. No visits for now but his wife Dottie did bring him supplies today. He's allowed shoes underwear and socks from home personal photos letters and Bible. This is not a surprise this surprise would have been had Jerry sandusky been acquitted. Of all or most of the charges filed against them. M Abdullah told ABC news it was the about face by send us he's adopted son Matt that kept Jerry opt to stand afraid he would be called as a rebuttal witness. Jerry realize that has had not testified that would have destroyed whatever chance they had an acquittal in this case. It was not just Jerry sandusky that was damaged by his secret life as a serial pad of file. Penn state university suffers a major hit and its reputation. And promises in his statement to accept the responsibility. An attempt to reach settlements was sent us these victims many of whom already hired lawyers and are considering lawsuit. We're going to caucus and decide. What is in the family's best interests. We are not ruling out a civil a trial by any stretch of the imagination. In the end all eight boys who testified about the abuse they suffered it sent gusties hands were believed by the jury. Surviving defense attacks that they were only out for money. And embellish their stories to please police the jury Foreman quoted today as saying as he read the verdicts in court. He watched Jerry sandusky and even he knew what the kids it said was true. Who would believe it yet. And the answer to that question is. We here in Belmont Pennsylvania. With the lead cheated. We would believe the kid a jury. Of twelve people here in belt on PA. Most definitely would. And did believe it yet. As for Jerry sandusky you know the faces up to 500 years in prison for those pit for those charges. The judge said hill's sentence and officially in ninety days.

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{"id":48012043,"title":"June 23, 2012: Jerry Sandusky convicted of sexual assault","duration":"3:12","description":"The former Penn State football coach was found guilty of sexual assault.","url":"/US/video/june-23-2012-jerry-sandusky-convicted-sexual-assault-48012043","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}