6 Killed in Amtrak Train Crash

Authorities including Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter reveal new information on the deadly train derailment.
20:51 | 05/13/15

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Transcript for 6 Killed in Amtrak Train Crash
Right now officials in Philadelphia updating the recovery efforts following the deadly derailment overnight let's listen. There aren't ready. We have a number of updates thank. You for your patience yeah. As we indicated last night and this'll probably be the standard operating procedure for some time. There is preliminary information. This is an ongoing investigation. There are some things we know there are many things we do not know at this time and we want not speculate on any of those things. As you well know. Present me addition to a few very. Partners who are here with us now. As I mentioned to you earlier this morning we are anticipating the arrival. The National Transportation Safety Board. Their members are on the ground now. In board member Robert zumwalt. Zumwalt rather shirt and vice chairperson. Dens are. For Amtrak. Board chairman Anthony Garcia. Amtrak VP of operation as DJ Stadler. Chief of Amtrak police chief Hansen and deputy chief judgment. On the NTSB side. They have approximately seven personnel on the ground what more personnel coming. They are represented in the form of investigator in charge achieve a railroad division that would be my plan again and Georgette Gregory respectively. Mechanical investigators signal investigator track investigator. Operations investigator in human performance. Investigate it. We have full cooperation from all the agencies of course who are here last night. Philadelphia fire department police department Department of Homeland Security within the police department and other federal agencies working with us. Septa police. As well and a number of other agencies as a fully coordinated operation everyone understands their role. We trade Israelis. Kinds. Incidents although every one of these incidents. And this is a tragedy. Are very different again from last night we can only confirm. Then unfortunately we have six disease. We have transported. Now hundreds of people to various hospitals and Sam Phillips and give you. More details again that regard we also need to get out information. About. How people can contact or find out a Baptist. And in individuals who were on the train and to the extent that we have information about them obviously they'll get that information as well. Sam Phillips is gonna come up and give you some of that information then you'll hear from NTSB they're represented as well as Amtrak. We'll come back with any grab of information. Open up to questions we'll answer what we can answer. Everything's still at this point well plus hours into this. A tragic event is still preliminary information. And subject to change what that Sam Phillips director's emergency management for the city of Philadelphia Sam. Thanks man isn't keeping pentagon where our focus today is do I gather all of that the patient data that we have. We're dealing with lots of different types of I'm and a fast one from the railroad and then also from our hospital community. I'm our hospitals treated over 200 patients last night and this morning. I'm we are in the process of making sure that everybody is accounted for the we have a couple of things that we need help plant. Why did you are who are looking for somebody or need information about somebody. Please call Amtrak's 1800 number that's 1800. 5239101. Again 1800 by 239101. I'm if you were on the train and aren't I doing well please call and report back to Amtrak so that we can link that data together. We do having friends and relatives and our help then at 3400. Frankfort avenue him. We're gonna keep that open for the bullpen today. But we will eventually be transitioning to a whole family assistance on our operation that Amtrak will be running and and that will be located at a hotel in Center City more information will be coming on that. So again please share information with us and that we can do our job making sure that everybody's accounted for thanks. Our members. Want now speak on behalf of NTSB. Remember. Mayor nutter thank you very much on Amos Roberts on walls and CSU MW. A LT. And as mayor nutter said I'm a board member with the National Transportation Safety Board. And we have had investigators arriving on scene. Between five and six between 4 and 5 this morning. And we continue to be arriving from Washington throughout the throughout the morning. Certainly. Before I go any further I'd like to express our sincere condolences four or all of those who have been affected by this tragedy are. Our sincere condolences our thoughts and prayers go out. All of them. As mayor nutter said we thought broad a multi disciplinary team in here that will be covering up a number of issues were looking at. The track. Train signals. The operation of the train mechanical condition of the drain. Human performance. Weird we are setting up a multidisciplinary. Investigation. To try and understand the factors led to this accident. In addition we brought in. Exports from the NTSB's office of transportation disaster assistance we'll be assisting those. Those family members have been affected by this tragedy. We will be holding an organizational meeting at noon today that is where we. Established parties to the investigation and establish our investigative protocols. And I can tell you that the Federal Railroad Administration will be a part of our investigation we will. Worked very closely with we will work closely with the Amtrak. As well as the city of Philadelphia. We will be providing. My goal is to provide you what factual information as we have it. And we do plan to be able to hold a press briefing later this afternoon. I would encourage you to follow us and Twitter. And our handle is at TN TSB. And my goal is to be able to provide you with a factual information as weak as we learn. Is as mayor nutter said we would not be speculating while we're here we've done a lot of work needs to be done we'll we will be providing information. As we learn it. Would like to. Thank all of first responders I can tell you firsthand that we do have a good relationship. With the mayor's office we worked with mayor nutter office in the M and a Philadelphia and Doug an accident that occurred in July of 2010 we've got to. Good working relationship we appreciate all the currencies and a assistance that you are providing so I'll step was back to mayor nutter thank you. Additionally as. Board member or indicated because of the great work of the Philadelphia fire department. Jesse Wilson is in command to fire department is in charge of this seen. As well as. Support from the Philadelphia Police Department working and NTSB. The whatever is comparable as we know it officer searches a black box that has been recovered. It is now in the Amtrak of racist senator. In Delaware. Four analysis we have no information. From that particular device. At all because it is currently being analyze buys the experts. Now we hear from. Amtrak board member. And board chairmen anti coalition. Thank you thank you mayor me first start by saying how deeply saddened we all are at Amtrak for the loss of life that occurred. I'm trained 188 in North Philadelphia last evening. We are first and major priority will be our customers and our employees who have been affected by this tragedy. We establish the 800 number which I know has been mentioned we are in the process right now standing up. A family assistance center here in Philadelphia. They thorough investigation will take place from this incident led by the NTSB. Amtrak will do everything in his power to assist in that its investigation and has brought every resource in the company's ability to support that effort. This is the Amtrak family. We are very saddened by what's occurred and we'll do everything in our power to work with the the mayor's office the NTSB. And all authority to do everything possible at dealing with the tragedy. Thank you. COM. I might write your name on the right. If you don't let. It's a CO SCI. I think is even see given the level of representation. One of personal foremost thanks. The NTSB's. Sending a board member here which are no horses departed a standard protocol but they'd have arrived in a tremendously timely fashion. Having the board chair and other personnel but the board chairman of Amtrak stop on seen again as demonstrates. The level of concern and commitment. That Amtrak is demonstrating as well as NTSB. All of our other partners we're here on site again the level of coordination here. Is. Superior. And we will continue to do all that we can. Still we are assured that we've accounted for all. The people we believe. I'm wrong that train. With all those members haven't spoken lastly on behalf. The entire city of Philadelphia it. And other. Individuals that I talked to or have communicated with mayor Mary oh browser in Washington DC north Khartoum last night. Potential Washington DC residents being on that train. It's certainly possible as it was in Washington. Started. Drain on June New York City. As well as communicated with mayor build of Lazio's. In New York City as wells as that was a termination point. With an expectation that there would have been New York City residents. As well. On behalf of million have people here to city of Philadelphia we also express our deepest sorrow. I we will do everything we can two assists families. Who. Have loved ones on that particular train crime whatever their circumstance or condition but certainly with the six. Confirmed disease. We are heartbroken. At what has happened here we've not experienced anything like this in modern times we'll we'll get to the bottom of it and figure out. But what happened why it happened but that we'll take some time. With that. Would be glad to try to answer any questions that you might happen. I. Let me distributed there's abuse or information governor. Wolf we wish you well many of you well know was here last night was ordered state flags to be found that half mass and I have issued a similar order. Four city of Philadelphia flags as well at a respect. As the victims. Welcome here. Were there being any thing and certain. All this rain tomorrow. So I'm process I was a set aside ten minutes ago and running on. We don't have an actor cameraman an amount in a position to get into those details just. Phil. On the field not in every morning. They won't like an hour later. We're hearing here. Still why not. You don't have never mind. We have not completely matched the manifest that we receive from. Amtrak with the a patient hospital information. Hospitals. Assigned personnel to our emergency averaged a senator last night that is a very tedious process. Dealing with individuals many of whom obviously we have no idea. Who they are until they self identify we very well could have also had people who. Did not even check in. With us there's also that possibility that some people who were supposed to be. On that train as any of us always know some people dismiss that train or end up taking a different trend or something like that so we're not gonna get into. The heart specifics. We have totally not have anything like that until we know for sure and again be sensitive. We had to be sensitive to people who may have had a family members on that train yesterday. I come back. Four bodies. It's okay. What I can confirm is what I confirmed earlier we know that unfortunately there are six. A deceased I'm not gonna get into where they where where they've been transported Aaron medical examiner. As I giving us information we have unfortunately six disease. Robert had a voice yeah. Robert live. As best information as I know the conductor was. Injured to some extent. I receive medical treatment and is. Either. As or is. Giving a statement or report to the Philadelphia Police Department have no further information about the conductor or any other Amtrak personnel desert. Okay. America. Apparently players hang. What are you all morning. Thank you a question is do we have any preliminary information about found that hurt Nintendo and this is we've said we're just getting here we'll. Our purpose for being here. On site is to collect the perishable. Evidence the information that won't go away with the passage of time so we're going to go in very methodically start collecting information. What was it what was trains read what was the speed limit along that occurred that's part of our investigation is two very carefully document. Yeah. It's. This here's what here's what we do it displays the mayor's press conference but if you will. When you have a question raise your hand shake your name and affiliation once we call on your medal. I don't make a little more organized so the question is is that. Bob what can we get from those event recorders and we can got a lot of information and my understanding that we've already recovered those. And they will be ran out we will be looking at we have a fork. Forward facing video camera that is in the head end of the locomotive from front end of the the drains so we will be looking at that. We will be the event goers themselves can give you information about this lead in the drain any brake application to any throttle applications that the engineer. Could have made born bell. It can give us a lot so that will be key to this investigation is a good download of those data which. Is being conducted. We'll be done. This afternoon and I things we hope to be able to provide you with information as we get to ask questions yes. Diet Green Day. We have no information about that. Always have again unfortunately is six confirmed deceased we are still trying to. Get information about those individuals again this is a terrific scene at this stage are. Patience and understanding that we're trying to get through that last question. What it's going on out. Yes the question is can we paint a picture of what's going on out there of course it is a devastating scene. There are many first responders out there that are working they are carefully examining the the equipment to see if there are any. Is there anyone else and in the in the rail cars. Search and recovery effort well actually. Take precedence over our accident investigation and we expect to be able to get in there. Very soon but we have already started doing things like. Or retrieving the recorders and getting. Getting training records for the crews and things like guns and just because we haven't gotten a rolled up close and personal view of the actual life. Where we've gone out examined was gunning done a good. Rolled over of the scene we have not started to very carefully document the wreckage at this point but we well. The last question. The question is do we have any other factual information from any other. Recorders at this point about what to train was doing in the short answer that is no we do not. We basically I want people don't try and understand we've just. Got here we have you have a lot of questions we have a lot of questions we intend to answer many of those questions. In the next 124 to 48 hours thank you. All right thank you always will let you know about any other updates or briefings certainly the possibility of that we could provide an update later on this afternoon. No guarantee of that but we will keep you as informed as we can. Based on factual information. Not speculation that supposition thanks a lot. When it. And that concludes a news conference by Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter and other officials updating us on that Amtrak Krantz crash situation that. Train of course traveling between Washington DC and New York we know that the NTSB has been on the ground since 4 o'clock this morning they're collecting perishable evidence. They are also still looking. For any bodies that might be among that wreckage the death tolls still stands at six but we are told that number could change officials are also. Trying to get a full touted ever when that was supposed to be on that train me say it is a difficult task. They have some patients in the hospital that are not yet able to identify themselves they believe some people may have walked away from the crash without checking in with any officials. They are asking anyone. Who is involved. In that crash on that train to call 1800 number they've also asked family members. Looking for loved ones who have not been able to find in yet to call Amtrak has wells they can finally. Put that manifest together and see exactly how many people were affected by this impacting it over 200 people. In the hospital one other. NTSB has discovered the so called lockbox of that train. That data recorder includes a camera that is right at the front of the train which would record. Anything visually in front of that train which can give them a lot of information it'll also tell of the speed of the train and any last minute maneuvers made. By the engineers operating that train we do know that the conductor has been injured but we are told that he is cooperating. Fully with this investigation we're of course can have more on this story may there be a news conference in the next couple of hours updating the situation. And we will have continuing coverage of the deadly derailment in Philadelphia threw out the day. On ABC news digital you can keep up with the story real time by downloading the ABC news app and starting this story for exclusive updates ago. Anti Hernandez in New York.

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