Lawyer for Sante Fe High School shooting suspect speaks

Dimitrios Pagourtzis' lawyer says he's "confused and scared" as the investigation into the Santa Fe High School shooting continues.
7:42 | 05/21/18

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Transcript for Lawyer for Sante Fe High School shooting suspect speaks
Welcome to ABC news live an aerial rash athlete been following the very latest on that deadly shooting Rampage in Santa Fe Texas ten people. Killed ABC's Marcus Moore speaking to the suspect's attorney. Mr. pale how many times have you met with would decline as of today Hillary. And give us a sense of what those those meetings today have been bound. On the first it is it was. Just time introductory getting to know you and advising and powers rights are. Talking about how to get through the next few days and we're still kind of an on stage. Starting to talk a little bit more about where his hands what's going on. I'm tunes on an ad hoc. You know competency type evaluations and what he knows and when he understands what is comprehending I was feeling. So a lot of people want to know about his demeanor right now how would you describe that. Right now I'd say confused and scared. Really area. And what makes you are so I mean that's what that's what I'm seeing. And that's not a plea for sympathy or anything just how it works. And use say that right now that the top priority is to assess his his mental Stan that's one of the top right. Yes on what have you been it would salute to determine. Whether or not he's well aware of what's happened. Here and I'm not qualified to say I'm I have some questions about that so we'll have to we'll have two did an expert. No hope for national news media kind of evaluation and and can you can help us understand what kind those. Environment he's in right now he's being held and that he's at the Dallas county jail he's being held in a solitary confinement situation. I don't know what it means that there are about lessons of the suicide watch but they're they're keeping a very close on him. They're taking extreme precautions when news around the jail we gonna meet with them and things like pass to make sure that there's no. Interaction with. With other inmates I think just because the nature of the case. Has there been any indication that he was believed they want you to do certain terrorists I haven't got and it's just going with him yet. There are indications other students at the school of indicated. Publicly that that yes he wasn't admirable in both by questions and some teachers ignore. Coaches. It's of them were looking into. And Miami U my. It's important weekends in France he released a statement saying they had investigated. The claims of going down and be not true. Dallas police lesson 24 hours after the after the incident occurred. It's not clear what the nature of that investigation was except that it is clear they didn't reach out to any of the kids that were on TV claiming that are so. We have some questions about that investigation. And at this point. What has the what the when his parents. A sad about all of this meant you had an opportunity to meet with and the reason I ask that police are saying that. Those weapon that your client allegedly used in this attack belonged to his father and do we know where you how we ended up with a weapon. We don't know how he ended up with them at this point. With those it is it does do that guns were kept them a lot. A locked it doesn't happen Americans safe. How he got access to them we don't know something the authorities are investigating. How would you go about determining his state of mind. The latest professional mental health professional world two that I wish esophagus. I'm not qualified okay. And what is the next step from here we as we gotta sign the courts we got signed to a specific court this morning. Now that's happened we can file motions some of them motions for discovery and things. To use and start the -- that start the process than the fact this happened right for a weekend and a delayed those sort of things that that'll be going today we don't have a first that have discovered from the state this afternoon first thing tomorrow. Don't know exactly what that would consist of just yet and and then we'll start timeouts which reports earnings potential clients said anything about. Friday morning. I've talked them about it I don't. Are concerned things at this point would OC wants mr. pill that that you think is important. I think that. You know these things lately it's and they have a there's a lot of noise out there some and only tangentially related to the facts. I understand the need to know why this happened it is it's gonna tank swap and the authorities are doing their best you two figured out we have compliments. His parents'. Released a statement over the weekend saying that they shocked and and confused and by all of this. How are they don't. As you might madness pretty devastating. Thing you know her. For them mrs. Very very difficult comprehend at this point there as in the dark and tolerant attitude media saying when we are. They love us on. They cannot understand how this happened or how could have happened in. There waiting for answers to. It is he able to see. You know this is as energy he's he has a limited and ability visitors I think he's on his pants Saturday. And coupled with siblings. On Sunday. In terms of how he's being treated right now do you feel like he's being treated fairly it in terms of history at the jail yet on how many complaints about this point. What about publicly. The published in react the way they're gonna reacts you know it is turning and you just hope enough people keep an open enough mind that if this bill passed the trial someday we can we can fly passengers that have an absolutely minutes in my case. And the what we've heard is that investigators have been looking at your client's journals that they say they found on a computer. I'm are you aware of those I just from what's been reported in the media I like I haven't received that from the state yet if there are colonels and I don't see them. There will be that this time sharing. What evidence police do have in this case bring us up to speed on on on on where that is and also look the thinking of is this the place to hold a trial can be vehicles or. In terms of discovery and the investigations not a reversal it won't be like. One handoff from here here's everything you go have fun it's. You gotta be it'll be a trickle and stuff as it comes in from law enforcement to Diego provide us with that I have I have confidence in them doing so. In terms of whether if this goes to trial at some point that whether got to count would be an appropriate place obviously that's something we'll have to look at on the road. I think it couldn't understand why that might present some challenges hand. But again when something we'll take a look at where. What is your mindset right now as. One of the people who is it is defending. A young man has been accused of those of a heinous crime and a lot of people are watching us and if people are hurt angry you name it. And you're the defending the man who is being accused. Your mindset. This is the United States of America everybody gets a defense he has the same rights as anybody else accused of a crime. Our thanks to Marcus Moore for the very latest on this story in all of the other headlines of the day head to Or download the ABC is that I'm Arial ratchet that ABC news headquarters in New York. Have a good.

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{"duration":"7:42","description":"Dimitrios Pagourtzis' lawyer says he's \"confused and scared\" as the investigation into the Santa Fe High School shooting continues. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"55337258","title":"Lawyer for Sante Fe High School shooting suspect speaks","url":"/US/video/lawyer-sante-fe-high-school-shooting-suspect-speaks-55337258"}