Lin-Manuel Miranda's Game-Changing Year

Part 1 of ABC News' "Game Changers": Robin Roberts visited the "Hamilton" creator's neighborhood in Washington Heights, New York, to see firsthand how his upbringing inspired him.
6:49 | 12/22/16

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Transcript for Lin-Manuel Miranda's Game-Changing Year
I'm headed uptown to Washington heights, to meet up with our first game changer, lin-manuel Miranda. Creator of the musical "Hamilton" and a true game changer of 2016. He's redefining the Broadway musical, by breaking casting and cultural stair roe tereotystereotypes, than is the place he calls home. And it's also a major source of inspiration. That was my first bodega. That was the inspiration for in the heights was right here on this corner. Nearly everything he's done is seen through a mirror of where he comes from. From the Tony award-winning mu call "In the heights" to his off the charts Broadway hit. ??? Alexander Hamilton ??? The first secretary of treasury who lived right here in the heights has gone mainstream and became a pop culture icon, thanks to the creative genius of Lin. I never think of the founders being in Manhattan. The fact that the first cabinet dinner happened on 162nd street. All this incredible American history happened here. ??? I'm past partially waiting ??? Once a struggling playwright, Lin changed the game on Broadway and "Hamilton" has become a national obsession. With an interracial cast, integrated hip hop into history, "Hamilton" has ignited a new generation's passion, not only for theater, but the story of our country. It was simply, as I tell everybody, the best piece of art in any form that I have ever seen in my life. For our first stop, Lin is taking me to the moment are -- home where he grew up, to meet his dad maend or the. Is that sugar? You need lots of sugar to everything if you are Latino. One spoonful of sugar makes the medicines go down. Welcome to my life. Lin's father, Luis, has been a social activist in New York City politics for decades. So, it is no real surprise he take as little bit of the credit for Lin's ability to shake things up. I turned him into a politician. And, you have to understand, he tells everybody, politics? But when you see everything he does, what is more political than change the vision of Latinos for this country? ??? We're finally on the field ??? ??? immigrants ??? ??? we get the job done ??? You're speaking to the larger statement of having Latinos not playing gang members in a Broadway show. That's what I mean. There are politics and political change, which is what you do. In your part of the world. I'm more of a song and dance man. Our next stop, in what's becoming a food tour of the heights -- thank you, thank you. Breakfast? Is one of Lin's favorite spots. We have a great breakfast, fried cheese, egg. You eat this, you won't need lunch. Wow. It's good, right? This year, it's a year that people dream of. Before I ever had any piece of theater in production, my first TV job was on the last season of "The sopranos." Excuse me. Is this place new? I don't know. It's pretty bad. How did you get from there to here? Ah, slowly. Writing my ass off. I really think a large part of me writing musicals was sort of trying to create the parts I like to see for myself. The wonderful sort of net benefit is writing roles for Latinos, for people of color, that weren't previously available. Now, with "Hamilton" even the concept who could be cast as a founding father has been turned on its head. ??? We're going to teach them how to say good-bye ??? Captured here in the pbs documentary, "Hamilton's America." One of the most thrilling moments, seeing Chris Jackson sing that song in the east room of the white house -- we have this portrait of George Washington looking down, our black George Washington singing to our first black president, I will never forget, Chris singing that last note and his tears are going sideways down his face and being that close to that moment -- I'll never forget it as long as I live. And when he won the Tony for best score -- "Hamilton." His response to the tragic shooting in Orlando that same day spoke volumes with a few little words. And love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love, cannot be killed or swept aside. You spoke the words that we needed to hear. I just sort of felt like, well, if I'm lucky enough to win, and I'm lucky enough to be called up to the stage, I have to seek to this thing that happened today. Fill the world with music, love and pride and thank you so much for this. Do you get tired of people like, when's next? Okay, that was great, thank you. Took seven years or so, but what's next? I think everyone assumes, well, now I'm writing history plays for the rest of my lichlt and this was a weird detour for me. I saw "Moana." Loved it. Oh, thank you. Recently, Lin collaborated on writing the music and lyrics for "Moana." From a new Disney hit, he's off to London to star in a sequel of a Disney classic. Mary Poppins. Yeah. That has to be one of those moments in life that you're like, that's pretty cool. You know, it's always been a dream of mine to be apart of that tradition, you know, of Disney music. You truly are a game changer. You truly are somebody who has changed the way we look at Broadway. I love how you said, it's not very often that a play leaves the art section of a paper and becomes pop culture and becomes something that is discussed. I just want to know, how do you handle all of that? I think that's our job as artists is to chase the inspiration that doesn't let you go. ???Al sapder Hamilton ??? Your job is to make what you feel and compelled to make. ??? A million things I haven't done ??? It's the idea that nags at you, and you have to chase that,

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{"duration":"6:49","description":"Part 1 of ABC News' \"Game Changers\": Robin Roberts visited the \"Hamilton\" creator's neighborhood in Washington Heights, New York, to see firsthand how his upbringing inspired him. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"44336865","title":"Lin-Manuel Miranda's Game-Changing Year","url":"/US/video/lin-manuel-mirandas-game-changing-year-44336865"}