Major flooding in Texas claims at least two lives

Tropical Storm Imelda declared a disaster with up to 43 inches of rain in three days cancelling flights and stranding residents.
2:50 | 09/20/19

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Transcript for Major flooding in Texas claims at least two lives
We began in Texas where the governor has declared a disaster. After that tropical storm drains to sell for several counties. With torrential rain unbelievable downpours up to 43 inches over three days in some areas. I'm stranding residents in their homes and cars and causing hundreds of flights to be canceled. And it's left at least two people dead so want to bring in rob Marciano with the latest rob. I Kimberly what a mess here in southeast texas' Bennett Roth huge case here with tropical storm and Alda spinning out. Moving in and sitting edges jumping all sorts of rainfall across this area and here in Houston we still have water that's very slow to drain yesterday it was much higher in this weather all time daily September record. Of overnight inches of rain falling here but just decent here the last few days AC 43 inches of rain also nearly. Four feet so between Houston and Beaumont Texas. There is all sorts of damage all sorts of homes flooded and all sorts of pain as far as what people are going through with their lives. There were two fatalities. Yesterday. One of which was a man I drove into water that was way too deep beneath mountains and it's obviously very dangerous situation but there were over a thousand rescues as well high water rescue some people being pulled from their homes from cars. And a lot of people just. Getting stuck in their cars driving a war that was to deepen it and leaving their cars abandoned and then there are hundreds of vanity. Vehicles that last night. Were swept up and towed away by an armada of about honored fifty tow truck trying to clear this city. Roads but those card to get a good job of that but there's still some water sit around. They were getting creative yesterday with rescues good samaritans rush in to help people who needed it. One man that was was held a ladder and climbed up a latter which is ABC saving that child's life pretty amazing stuff schools were in session. So a lot of those kids had a shelter in place during the afternoon as a rains came down is down at some of those schools are actually flooded sow chaos and tactic parents try to get to those guys as well hundreds of flights canceled and even the access roads to bush Intercontinental airport. Were flooded and air or shut down so if you're able to Lyon and land. You're stuck at the airport for five or six hours until those access road strain. Operations at the airport will get up and running this afternoon. Schools are closed and now this water will hopefully recede a little bit sooner but it is a mess here this is very reminiscent. There hurricane army just two years ago that had sixty inches of rain so we're close to that. And firm. Most everybody lives here this an event that was reaped nearly repeated weights he's here. Timberlake. Yes thank you rabbit on the unbelievable images right.

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"Tropical Storm Imelda declared a disaster with up to 43 inches of rain in three days cancelling flights and stranding residents.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65752431","title":"Major flooding in Texas claims at least two lives","url":"/US/video/major-flooding-texas-claims-lives-65752431"}