'Major hurricane' Harvey barrels toward Texas coast

Harvey is predicted to make landfall early Saturday and could cause life-threatening flooding.
9:43 | 08/24/17

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Transcript for 'Major hurricane' Harvey barrels toward Texas coast
But it. Thursday Friday for some folks but the big story is hurricane RBs. Are today. Intensify it keeps its refining and will overnight. Huge update earlier today that. Being potentially aim feature category three hurricane when it meets plant on Texas. Area and the United States does not say. That. Excited. This out a lot and I. But the huge. It's not at eight major meeting category three. 2000. I don't long time. And as part of Texas specifically. You know read it was there. And how it impacts in 2005. I was category two but really have to go back to 1999 and Brett for our southern Texas to start seeing the accident packs an entire generation of people that perhaps. At an ever seen anything this. This is not I can't say enough how devastating this looks and Al a couple of reasons why we take a mass. I'll cash share the duties here but he's going to be reading your questions to if you have any questions face look you want to ask. And now. It's clothing in an adult mileage out of hand but it's really close up by tomorrow you'll. Are easily be expect early Friday morning it is great that some of the heaviest falls on the outs make their way into the coastal Texas. I've now are Mac sustained winds moving north northwest at ten miles per. This track right now it is a category one expected to intensify to at least category three there just before landfall Saturday morning at the time. And it's really interesting so then it's still category here by Sunday morning afternoon it's down tropical storm. Remember ray changes speaks. On rate and sent that's life flash flooding and heavy rainfall. Computer actually. Working on and I take a look at this. Track here at something very interesting over the weekend so we are talking about how it made landfall there is a category 3 hurricane Saturday morning. And of course it doesn't eaten by Sunday tropical storm that as it still. Not a cut in its. Your child more that's O line you turn. It is going back into the gulf and next on apps were really concerned where it can actually. Gained more moisture and tropical storm that is right until Monday. Afternoon its meandering drifting around the eggs tax area and still continuing. To pound it with tremendous amounts. And then and then moving. Us at least asterisk this impact and his act an act just seconds in. And that that a storm that doesn't have any steering factor race it has nothing in the upper atmosphere that's gonna out. It's going to hit it's going to. Anything that's going to do this and it's just gonna say it. And stand and drop a lot of rain what we see tropical storms late Alley Alison. In 2001 back at five billion dollars in damage to Houston and the surrounding area. Twenty some people dead. They had 70000 homes lost so that attackers they are concerned about not just an immediate coast and the immediate start Friday and Saturday. For the entire weekend and even through early next week sent out this actually out not. Pretty up to thirty. I was. Pump system. Heavy rain is going to be he biggest impact and the biggest threats lake property. Hurricane. Place. Corpus Christi and there king paint based city. That's. Galveston and at tropical storm warning Houston is his. Cap. And a flash flood watch for up to twenty inches of rain. The storm surge now takes it six to twelve feet and it happened and twelve CE ten to twenty. Let them on the small sliver of land that lies right here from South Padre Island port Mansfield. Corpus Christi. This is just a terrible situation the combination. Ask questions. Okay. And up. I'm also. Watched. Watching her. Acts problem hearty. Area's lakes and accused. Me at least eat because all the men and it cities and sewer systems where. Two inches of rain very quickly in an overnight situation. And they have flat. Tax talk about. Let two feet. 35 inches of rain in some of these places that. Mr. And I a lot of evacuations. Happen and and that's not less time because you really start to see heavier rain tomorrow and then the landfall happen Saturday. I want so badly to be there is a community. Here as I'm pretty much every me. At. The end. But I'm pregnant and we didn't think it was such and such a great idea that we got customers it's tough when you. Seeing an idea that in that he. But hey it as a super. Of the difficult think he's not a person. And Justin or corpus Chris that's our. Apps. And the pirate captains well. And it is the and the right scientist and that's a hefty storm surge happen. That's absent in art. But this site at Tennessee the worst storms. Preying on hand and question your computer course here that's where those outer end. Hands free app. Hurricane or tropical storm. And even speaking lands here hundred mile way where tornadoes don't forget that's going to be things that users opt out. What's that. Rotation plan for action plan. Tornadoes are going to be issued tomorrow we will seat latches. Shuler people Tori and next. 98. There agent ray and that right in the. Could be seen highs. And also on these ought. All. Are in one. Asked. The trade cellular. That turn. It comes back over between. It. That day and act out. And east. Make sure it basically hits all these towns right parent because. One out from Corpus Christi Victoria. Yeah Hart east and southeast Texas coast right now that's what it's something we're going to be tracking all hotly and I. Am and send. Us via. Not. Bear in the house. We are. Here. And I switched at. The end stories. And couple. And Kristi. The storms. And Santonio against that. Rat. And also. People are going to. Rot out. Because it used. That story. And us. It's. Alan and that's. As. I. Mean come back to you. Nothing happened she. It's eighties. Did you know once. Did leave and then. Daughter and husband and and that this week when he. Are. It. I.

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{"duration":"9:43","description":"Harvey is predicted to make landfall early Saturday and could cause life-threatening flooding.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49406744","title":"'Major hurricane' Harvey barrels toward Texas coast","url":"/US/video/major-hurricane-harvey-barrels-texas-coast-49406744"}