Major severe weather outbreak expected in Southeast

Tracking severe weather with ABC News' Rob Marciano and Melissa Griffin.
9:05 | 04/05/17

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Transcript for Major severe weather outbreak expected in Southeast
Oh. Everybody meteorologist rob Marciano here in the uptown. World news tonight's weather center along with meteorologist -- all Larry guy and we are tracking the severe weather event that is ongoing right now we're right in the thick of it especially across southeast but we're really starting to see these these watch boxes creek north it to me the coverage of storms overseas or. Right there really start to expand starting here just in parts of Georgia Alabama and now we expand it up into North Carolina. And all the way up with severe thunderstorm watches as high as Indiana and Ohio are watching kind of that the eight. A big area here that's looking at tornado watches across. This thing started in the southwest I was turned to a snowstorm across parts of Colorado and ends really wrapping up now as it heads. Into the Great Lakes and it's also tapping like in the southern jet stream and some dynamics and lot of moisture that has usually coming into the Gulf of Mexico. And this is the area and it's really really been popping and obviously the storm reports I live over the next and now. And highlight that the green has the hail regional lot of what's the large scale report these so com I think the largest one I saw some cars up to two inches okay. And actually that's that'll that'll but it dance and in the and then put your car shore. And then the a lot of wind reports. Atlantis had everything including some flooding. Yet and a handful of tornadoes across parts of south central Georgia and damage was reported but that's the us tornadoes that Lowrie looks incredibly healthy. On the radar and that's exactly where the storm prediction center actually put out the iris. Earlier today and is particulars but we call PD yes watch. Kind of a mouthful but it's particularly dangerous situation it's not issued very often and it's only obviously when when when storm prediction center thinks. The ingredients are there for not just tornadoes. But large long track. Damaging tornadoes and we Mori's you know one or two dose of that's in effect until it is not. In clock where that operated heat ES watch and then this one this watch Allen and a through Indiana Allen's pact through 9 o'clock central time. So they'll be actually that's just getting start this is an ongoing pretty much all day long there's a tornado watches in parts of Georgia Alabama early this morning as adds. Brown's re talking about cutter outfield and now on that cold front now we have those storms fire up again are Alabama. Yes that's the last evening. So basically I mean that we haven't done an average temperature by time world news comes around well it just how many tens of millions of people are in the threats down. Will have some some carry over it certainly through midnight or so I think the threat really. It should go down fairly rapidly after. Especially in east. Otter and high risk. High here as an shrug. It. Adds that storm cells and even further north ward parties are. Clear up a little bit on the backside here out and a parts. Southwest Georgia now that's called moderate area though it's huge. Cause for and apparently expecting. You know multiple tornadoes possible damaging hail. And that's this evening. That outline. That sees. And we of these clusters and hear me because when it's going to start dying out or ran up a bit more at the definitely. Tomorrow morning. And this is an area near north park and and Virginia Beach and Chesapeake that had a very damaging tornado just a few days ago. Kind of in a similar situation where we are on. Of our severe weather event we were you know kind of winding down our attention probably was it was drifting somewhere else maybe towards the northeast in the arraignment. And we could have a similar situation tomorrow afternoon across in the Atlantic as this thing continues to push off towards the north and asked if he. Just a miserable. Messy day for the northeast tomorrow would be off yet there's life there's fun watching. I mean let's let's show you right here the timing as it heads into the northeast and they think this is important this is starting tonight at 7 o'clock. That line of storms forming here at those clusters of severe storms storms there in the southeast but at Albany's east tonight you see it clears out here. And and we stopping in the morning so for anyone in the mid Atlantic like Robinson sank powerful on this -- North Carolina even at that it DC Baltimore your morning commute. You're gonna wanna watch for severe thunderstorms possibly with damaging winds again the threat of tornadoes there anywhere in that read here's I stuck it six. As it goes through in the morning hours east you know storms at. And and that's. Across the northeast for tomorrow it's just going to be and that's oddly happy spot watches across much. About an answer to rate yesterday in this in these same areas and Morgan other entrants human anymore in this and seniors but there's also a fair amount of drought. The lingering here. And he by the time the drought monitor comes out. Well and we'll have missed but we'll see market improved in by next week I next week's hot and actually I think the northeast. Will be nearly two robbery. And his friends also helping out parts of parts of the southeast while masters fans. Beat the late today they shut down the course because obviously that the thunderstorms early today area. Wouldn't be surprised at some wind damage they the years ago and because storms soaked them and treat me. Yet. Chris car feces of earlier wars. But he but in this case a gust a green and yellow. That's guess and it. Rest dad our dad Brad and aren't in paint that sent out the soft tomorrow be windy cold but the weather for the weekend. Should note here though that this area right here's of this cluster of storms certainly become Linear which you know sometimes can help you know it's her. Separate large tornadoes but this is a really and stable area right here. So with all this energy coming through it's going to be dangers some Bannister patrols and human and flowers. It's going to be Dicey and then he dry line in the cold front. Com later in round three. And right after tackle from mr. apps. Sell its. You know is the first week April and we kind of started severe weather season I don't know month thoroughly. He can't and it's an audit L Connolly it went right from winter to severe weather season like that now. I mean this is obviously April is huge on for act whether it's mrs. Exactly will be pictured ourselves viewing your first week of April. But I mean this is there any at this time is part time seasons are high risk at least at least the second thing that last time it just it was just last weekend pirates with issue are the taxes and it's. Starting your op with a bang Powell will see how it turns out but again like rats at and to Charles. CDs dorms year's fire up areas. Hi. A little little options legal Burke. ABC here is our local affiliates chief meteorologist two we went school together a Cornell. He's. Cutley your younger than me but. Cornell grads go go big red. A small but proud meteorological program. Were worried that at least in and entities as cities one of the best there is out there talking what's going on. With your when it by the way New York will the Great Lakes. There's going to be snow wrapping around this thing so it's. We're gonna continue or below average temperatures for march poignancy into April. Irina and I want to show that Timmy that's it's gonna break even some parts of the Ohio valley and we are talking about it here. It's fun to watch is in parts of Indiana and Ohio right now that's how he's areas are actually gonna see it some snell as that they wraps around the cell. It's actually pretty interesting easier way here but it that parts of Indiana and moving into Ohio. That's. It out. Just about every kind of weather you would like hopefully yet didn't which legislate because what that lets talk about here and we're gonna get back to basically. Many now because when it warnings our on going and we have prep for world news. In an hour and half so cut on the yeah you'll be here work in the ones and twos of the Dallas air India in the third floor on the studio with David here. The most Sami who's based in Atlanta seasons reporter and it's chaste kiss and these storms he's he's runner on. Basically cases that are happening there. Self now and the rest of the ABC's extreme weather team we thank you for watching the weather where here in the jabs tonight we'll see what they say.

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