Man built his own prosthetic hand

Ian Davis lost his fingers in a work accident and says his insurance wouldn't cover the cost for a prosthetic replacement.
1:57 | 08/14/19

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Transcript for Man built his own prosthetic hand
The last two years have been nothing short of heart for Ian Davis was diagnosed with cancer. Not long after he smashed his hand working in the shop gets on complications and hospital and surgeons said it was -- life. Or is he. So they ended up taking my fingers off. Which. And being a maker was a tough. You know it was a tough deal because changing hands for everything now he's left the justice stunt on his lefty that kind of was a career and her fur. For them up her things get really affects you or your attitude towards life you know. He all of a sudden you're having. Get all these struggles and and it's like. They have the struggles of the cancer you know and then it's you know very heavy hand you're like holy cow. You know this is no good it. He learned that if you lost his palm. Insurance would have given him a prosthetic hand. But your fingers out medically necessary should we turned to mistreat prisoners being a Manger spoke corporate. I I am I am faced with either do without or build around so. Him being that I'm. Known him engineer of sorts Diana chose to build my own. Ian tells me his world has gotten a lot smaller since the accident. He spends most of his day inside his office revising and making more prosthetics. So these are deformed slave young played with and trident. Don't they were found at the time in. Young found something I didn't like about it and went on from there. He knows there are other people with the same problem he hats. But they can't make their own hands he wants to be able to do this for other people who need it. There's a need. Hey just needs to be filled. I now he hopes a biomedical engineering department will give them a chance to do just that. Think one of the greatest title being when I'm able to actually young. Have my designed go on to somebody besides me. And for the fraction of the typical price. In an effort on Jenna shepherd news watch twelfth.

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{"duration":"1:57","description":"Ian Davis lost his fingers in a work accident and says his insurance wouldn't cover the cost for a prosthetic replacement.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64975188","title":"Man built his own prosthetic hand","url":"/US/video/man-built-prosthetic-hand-64975188"}