Man on the moon 50 years later: Preparing to launch

What it took to launch the men and the rocket into space.
2:35 | 07/10/19

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Transcript for Man on the moon 50 years later: Preparing to launch
And polar Lander and more. All for. Our. Our. I'm David Curley at the Smithsonian air and space museum where we are marking fifty years since man landed and walked on the moon in a Lander just like this one. We're going to show you some of the actual ABC news coverage from fifty years ago during that eight day mission of this remarkable achievement. As NASA prepared to launch Apollo eleven jewels Bergman in our science editor at the time. And our anchor Frank Reynolds explained to her audience the process of closing up the hatch and all the preparations to launch that massive Saturn five. And the three astronauts into space. Her closing the hatch on Apollo eleven Joe's. Franklin's and we might mention had closes on Apollo eleven is this Saturn five or one launched as a would you believe it the first operational Saturn violence with a space agency and Boeing calls it it is also by the way the most horrible. Rocket ever launched anywhere in the world the thrust has been up to seven point seven million pounds of our. We're looking now to. And although NASA had cameras these are some of the technicians. Check this out now and see exactly where they are. Some of the technicians. At the 320 foot level that's a swing arm nine level the final white room technicians getting ready to go down and we can even show you exactly what's happening now. With a model we have here that shows the swing armed it'll come back. The says a model. From a Bendix people. Showing the Saturn five here this is the lot of launch umbilical are exactly as you see it behind does more ABC space headquarters these swing arms down here of Laurie have been retracted. Into launch position swing arm nine we'll come back as after those technicians we even a moment or so. So what's called a twelve degree or park level it's there about 25 feet away from the entrance that I had to the spacecraft. Gangsters me today as it. There almost until the moment of launch in cases in emergency. So that the fourth technicians can rush back in and help the three astronauts get out and then. Moments before lift off its wings back to boost parked position at its call this crane of course is already out of the way the problems to work right. And that's the procedures will be. Come down to two r.s and two minutes before the scheduled 9:32 AM liftoff of Apollo eleven the hydrogen leak and ground support equipment fixed all going smoothly. And we'll be back with more on the flight of Apollo eleven right after station identification.

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"What it took to launch the men and the rocket into space.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64251245","title":"Man on the moon 50 years later: Preparing to launch","url":"/US/video/man-moon-50-years-preparing-launch-64251245"}