Man on the moon 50 years later: Training to land

A look at the unusual test platform flown by Neil Armstrong.
3:02 | 07/10/19

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Transcript for Man on the moon 50 years later: Training to land
And polar Lander and more. Our. Our. I'm David Curley at the Smithsonian air and space museum where we are marking fifty years since man landed and walked on the moon in a Lander just like this one. We're going to show you some of the actual ABC news coverage from fifty years ago during that eight day mission of this remarkable achievement. Apollo eleven's Lander the eagle would be the first manned craft to land on the move for training NASA came up with an unusual contraption. Neil Armstrong actually had to reject from a once and then he had a couple of successful flights. ABC news anchor at the time fifty years ago Frank Reynolds with a look at that on usual trainer. Apollo eleven commander Neil Armstrong is out the controls of a lunar landing training vehicle testing the reaction control jets. These thrusters stabilize the land during landing and takeoff. PLO TV is designed to simulate the behavior of the lamb as Atlantans in the moon's gravity. Lunar gravity as 16 that of the earth. Neil Armstrong flew one of these vehicles on May sixth 1968. And that flight was nearly his last. Later reports by a master investigating teams said the crash which we will see soon was caused by a loss of fuel pressure. Compounded by a warning light that fail to work. Armstrong's coolness under pressures saved himself and possibly months of delay for the Apollo program. Later that same year 1968. Another test pilot Joseph on the ground it also escaped from an LO TV just before it crashed. The training vehicle then underwent several design modifications and improvements. Engineers had to increase the vehicles rocket power to help stabilize the crap. At may be allowed TV less of a moon gravity simulator but it improved pilot safety. On June 16 1969. Neil Armstrong flow of available sometimes called flying bedspread. December oh perfect landings. Question was as the machine why man. The answer is that we're very pleased with the way applies its significant improvement over the LO RB which we're fine here a year ago and I think it does have an excellent job. Actually capturing the handing characteristics they. Linder my job and now landing maneuver units that are really a great deal different than any other kind of aircraft that I've ever and it's. The this simulation of a lunar gravity. As some aspects that make. This this type of life. Sufficiently different from anything else we've ever done to make this vehicle very worthwhile and I'm very pleased that I had the opportunity to. Get some flights in and here just before Apollo eleven flight.

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{"duration":"3:02","description":"A look at the unusual test platform flown by Neil Armstrong.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64227464","title":"Man on the moon 50 years later: Training to land","url":"/US/video/man-moon-50-years-training-land-64227464"}