Martin MacNeill's Daughters Testify in Murder Trial

The court hears testimony from the daughters of the doctor accused of killing his wife.
3:00 | 10/30/13

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Transcript for Martin MacNeill's Daughters Testify in Murder Trial
This is a special room. Hello I'm tired and is in New York with his ABC news digital special report a family affair three Martin -- daughter's taking the stand against him today. The -- doctor is accused of killing his wife -- 2007. He's now -- -- eight this trial for first degree murder McNeal says his wife was found dead in their bathtub prosecutors say. Doctor -- -- -- -- make it look like a heart attack. Also in court today second woman who claims she had an affair with Martin -- and a wall fall distracted the prosecutor which she called their -- -- talk. And went on this story about how to give someone a heart attack. And there's some thing you can give someone that's. Natural. -- there after their heart attack so that it's not taxable. Actually they have a heart attack takes so. You can give someone some sort of substance naturally occurring in the body. And it would be there after the heart attack but it would also start -- heart attack yes and so you could cause some to have a heart attack. To end the drug would supposed to be there anyway and so you immediately tell that's correct. OK that was alleged mistress and a wall fall on the stand in for more on the Martin McNeal prelates bring an attorney and legal analyst Karen DeSoto. Hello -- right. So the focus of this trial is clearly not just the facts surrounding Michael and -- sees me Michel Mitch Daniel's death but on her husband's character and behavior. Can you tell us about that weekend character. Behavior obviously is not something you normally lead in but in this case it's just there is just mountains of inconsistent statements. There are facts in character references that just when you take one. At a time in you keep on piling them up it really starts to pile up to some really not just bad character but the evidence. That has surmounted that -- circumstantial however -- taken altogether all those little pieces of the pot puzzle. Kind of -- is starting to look like reasonable doubt in this case. So you know we heard initially from the oldest daughter Rachel in this case and she talked a lot about her. This strange ways -- her father -- following the death of her mother. But now we see three more daughters take the stand what did they contribute. To the prosecution they are testifying for the prosecution in this case. -- we will first the ball off the hop -- or any child or sibling testifying against a defendant is pretty serious business just of them taking -- stand. But on top of that we not only have the fact that they're taking the stand against their father but we have. Lots of July -- Lots of inconsistent statements and they contribute a lot in fact the quarter of the case. Is a lot of the testimony surrounding that orders for instance the fact that the younger daughter found. The body in the way and manner in which it was when she says she found it is totally inconsistent with the father that's a huge fact. The last order her testified Alexis. She testified that the fog there. Didn't -- And it took that that the night before this they the murder happened. That she was over medicated in the fathered the defendant in this case actually admitted that he over medicated so in a legal sense the fact that he was in control over medication. Which contributed to the death. Is huge evidence so all of the evidence from the daughters taken together is not just serious it actually frames out. That beyond a reasonable doubt the jury can find that he's guilty. All right we also had another very interesting witness now early on in the trial the jury was told about. The mistress Gypsy will issue moved into the home just days after Michelle -- -- now today. Second woman and a wall -- testifying that she also had an affair with Martin -- and the prosecution made big effort to discredit her. Going into her mental health history. -- -- that defense I'm certain tried to discredit her and thinks she has a grudge against doctor -- but she also talked about. He is. Talking to her about how to fake a heart attack to did you make a credible witness and what did she say. Well she makes it a credible witness on a lot of levels first of all you have the -- you have the main girlfriend and then you have another girlfriend so as far as motive it's not looking too good for the defendant. But on top of that the fact that they were having this alleged -- talk. About how to kill somebody. Really you know obviously any fact taken alone doesn't seen. Like it's a big deal however all of these little facts when you pile them up -- you add them together. The picture against him obviously is extremely negative. Things are not looking for him and looking good for him at this point all of these little details add up the fact that he's even sleeping with two other women other than. His wife is not just a character floral but it's -- Absolutely. Because the prosecution is is putting so much emphasis in this area of the have the daughters time and time again talking about how difficult it was to have these women. Come -- to their father's life the daughter Vanessa got very emotional while testifying. About her father's mistress that Gypsy Willis moving in right after her mother's death let's listen to that. Because -- -- Was convinced that that. The son she wasn't somebody. To worry about the my dad might be involved -- and why is. The only. Because these choose -- what ignorant or. A case that there we have some very emotional testament and we should add Karen that these daughters were told that this was their -- they weren't told that this is the new woman. In their father's life how how powerful is this type of test well. First of all the fact that he moved in with even if they later found out that it wasn't really the nanny that it was the girlfriend the fact that somebody would do this. Not a very favorable -- they are -- that a man wouldn't have been his mistress just shortly after his wife. Has died or in this case murdered but at that time we didn't know that it's a huge impact because they had to have been thinking to themselves. -- this is so quick why is this happening in not only is it the fact that he's having an affair but also the realization that something is really fishy here. And this person is now coming into their lives it's very serious and it's again one of those facts that juries are not going to find favorable. You know we saw these -- -- at the beginning of the trial they were each holding up a picture of their mother -- clearly of the opinion that their father committed this crime. How did they held up in terms of their testimony on the stand and it was such a powerful image to see them they're holding their mothers each holding their mother's picture now that we've heard from them. Have they been a real score for the prosecution. They certainly have -- they came across as credible legitimate sincere obviously fact that they even testified is horrible evidence towards the defendant. These cases are really really sensitive but as a prosecutor you want them to show some emotion because you want. The jury to see the impact and obviously when you have a daughter testifying against a parent. That's something that's not taken lightly by jurors obviously there is you know some bias that jurors will -- to that but even the fact that. They believe that the father is defendant is going to -- extremely heavily against him -- -- -- -- Eight of the trial so far we've heard from a lot of people who were present on the day that the Michelle -- hill's body was found. We've heard from family members we've heard from. Alleged mistress what more do we have to go in terms of the prosecution's case for the trial anymore hard evidence. About Michelle -- death we should point out that the coroner was not able to -- this a homicide. Right which is the only one of the only favorable facts for the defendant in this case is that there is a little bit of a question mark. However taken in light of the other evidence. You know whether or not that's going to fare in his -- to be huge factor. Is yet to be seen however you know remember that this is one of -- jurisdictions where the jury is allowed to ask questions and normally. Similar to the -- -- trial the jury is going to be given an opportunity to ask questions sued the trial itself and does go on a little bit longer because after the questions both sides -- -- Dan allowed to ask questions at this trial may go on a little bit longer than. Normally would be expected you know that's really interesting can explain that -- -- that journey at what point gets to ask or. Yes -- -- question this is one of those really rarer. Circumstances one of those jurisdictions where the jury allows is allowed to actually ask questions and we saw this in the Judy areas trial. Where in fact there were over a hundred questions that -- act asked. Which is really quite interesting because both sides can strategize or understand or know -- -- the jury is going. With what their thinking which is very unusual and again just the fact that jurors are allowed to ask questions is unusual. If you testify and give testimony. Each side has to have a turn to rehabilitate the witness so in the intersections where you have the jurors were allowed to ask questions. It normally will go on a little bit longer than a normal trial. -- -- Karen DeSoto thank you so much for joining us really interesting input. -- very unusual trial and you can see here on the right side of your screen Alexis McNeal another one of the daughters. Doctor -- who's on trial for murder his wife is -- and and you can continue watching this live stream here on Anti Hernandez has been an AB -- -- digital special report.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The court hears testimony from the daughters of the doctor accused of killing his wife.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"20732140","title":"Martin MacNeill's Daughters Testify in Murder Trial","url":"/US/video/martin-macneills-daughters-testify-murder-trial-20732140"}