Mass shooting at church in Texas: Special report

At least 27 dead and more than two dozen injured in Texas church shooting.
4:46 | 11/05/17

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Transcript for Mass shooting at church in Texas: Special report
This is an ABC news special. Good afternoon I'm Tom Thomas in New York we interrupt regularly scheduled programming to bring you breaking news. At a Texas where there's been a church shooting. County commissioners in the area tell ABC news that they're getting reports from the scene of twenty to 24 people dead. This happened at the first Baptist church and Sutherland springs these are images that are just coming toward newsroom right now. Sutherland springs is about forty miles southeast of San Antonio a very small and roll town in Texas. At least two hospitals in the area have been told to expect several patients. Our affiliate KS AT reporting that the alleged shooter is dead it and that the threat has been eliminated but this is still of very active scene as you can see. Case AT also reporting at least six helicopters have been called in to transport victims. We do know this that there was an 11 AM service scheduled for today and before that there was Sunday school at 9:45 AM. We understand from eyewitness is that the shooter came in around 11:30 AM right in the middle that service and opened fire. Senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas has been working this story since it first broke. And he joins us now live Pierre. Tom do so horrific situation we have multiple sources telling us at least when he have been killed as many as thirty wounded. Shooter according guards whose is that our law enforcement from the federal government it is descending on the scene at beyond. HE a multiple agencies descend on the scene no information yet on. The identity of the shooter went against sources describing just a politically. At least twenty dead believed. And killed thirty wounded. I know you've covered several B smashing is because so many of them have been happening. Over the past few years what's a little different about this when this case. It said it happened in Sutherland springs Texas a very small town by some estimates the population there under a thousand people we could have up to 25 people dead. And this happened in the tiny Texas church. Yes we you know Arenstein rationing and every conceivable location on the second. Church related shooting with Matt steps. In the last three months I believe. Also it's a situation where we have that horrific shooting in Charleston. A few years ago so this has been current occurring with recruits and we don't know the why do it yet in terms of well this is terrorism whether that is. On pollutants that specific to their church we just don't know the answer yet but Tom we have a situation where these kind of mass shootings are happening. What more and more frequency across the country. Here Thomas for a spear thank you want to bring in her chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross. And Brian we were just covering the Las Vegas smash shooting were 58 people were killed that was about a month ago we had beat the terror truck attack in New York. Just this past Monday and now this. Executive on an ugly cycle of violence that very hard to explain. Still no coated reason to understand what happened Las Vegas and in this case the same questions will be asked again and again why. So far no claims of responsibility any group any sort and that's opened the door is left to sort out. Shortly I do wanna read on air right now a statement from governor Greg Abbott of Texas our prayers are with all who were harmed by this evil act. Our thanks to law enforcement for the response a want to bring in Brad Garrett briefly a former FBI agent and ABC news contributor. Brett when you see these images on the air right now these live pictures coming into ABC news it is a small Texas church where this man allegedly opened fire. What crosses your mind. And it's probably somebody local that everyone in the church knows. Which was you know helpful obviously from an investigative standpoint. My guess who says they know a lot about them at this at this particular juncture. But keep in mind probably don't know what kind of weapon that is if those numbers are accurate. You're in you're talking automatic or semi automatic assault rifle or a number of pistols also the guy obviously when there well. You know well our armed. To commit such are already sat. Brad Garrett thanks to you in our team again if you're just tuning in right now we are following breaking news. At a Texas where there has been a church shooting at the first Baptist Church in Sutherland springs just outside of San Antonio. County commissioners in the area tell ABC news that they are getting reports from the scene. Of twenty. 224 people that we also know several more. Have been shot we're gonna have much more details as they become available on A we'll have much more tonight on world news we now return to regularly scheduled programming. I'm Tom Thomas in New York. This has been a special report from BP's.

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{"duration":"4:46","description":"At least 27 dead and more than two dozen injured in Texas church shooting. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"50947168","title":"Mass shooting at church in Texas: Special report","url":"/US/video/mass-shooting-church-texas-special-report-50947168"}