Microsoft Teams: Sponsored by Microsoft

Microsoft Teams in Office 365 is a chat-based workspace that gives people one place to connect.
2:07 | 03/14/17

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Transcript for Microsoft Teams: Sponsored by Microsoft
Yeah. We've seen that impact team looked at and I'll world. But what used to us is even more to truly do great work we need people who have different experiences and I understand the world from a different perspective. Biggest challenge it is to make sure that there's a platform for that operation teams are very liquid we need to keep up with the way our people like to work what do. People from different colleges and generations to come together in a more purposeful way. Still like days of free people look anything. Just imagine what we could cheap introduced a Microsoft deems it. Southeastern sixty died Marshall thinks of us accelerate little suns. Now we can share common ideas come goals. I'm excited about the ability for people to be engaged in multiple teams in making it very easy for them to not have to go to fifteen different places. Microsoft deems as it just paste wax. The dispute. One place to good. Indian head into this. Do you have Carl bridge of communication you can do black history see this all right there isn't. Century is nearly 400000. People across a 120 countries to be able to engaging operate this way it's a big game changer. I believe that this trust and helps street natural rhythms to wait days for free people who can. There's fun vacation there's a lot of data sharing we're all sort of working toward CNN going to build a car that is on the race track to what it's all happening in real time. In a very friction this way. That's the way people expect to work these days. Because it's part of the office 365 cents collaboration tools it's part of what we are reduced it's essential hub for the conversations happen. It opens possibilities for connection and collaboration that we never bombs possible. It is about empowering the and taking someone's. And they get it also. It has truly in the nest morning just this is exactly what we've been waiting for this is how we think the world of tomorrow we'll work. Welcome to Microsoft teams. Together does no limits to what it can is Jean.

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{"id":46054035,"title":"Microsoft Teams: Sponsored by Microsoft","duration":"2:07","description":"Microsoft Teams in Office 365 is a chat-based workspace that gives people one place to connect.","url":"/US/video/microsoft-teams-46054035","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}