Mike Pence visits 3M plant

The vice president met with 3M CEO Mike Roman to discuss 3M's response to the deadly coronavirus outbreak.
2:45 | 03/05/20

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Transcript for Mike Pence visits 3M plant
We just completed a very informative meeting here three. Which. Is one more example. Of an American company that is stepping forward. To respond. To the corona virus here in the United States and I want to thank. Mike Roman and and especially on effect incredible work force. Here it. Three and in Minnesota and all over the country it's that literally more than a month ago. A win the corona virus. First made news. Increase to full capacity their production of what what will call respiratory. Masks the N 95 mask is is a great tribute to corporate citizenship. Great tribute to this workforce. And and then governor Waltz and I have talked about. Ways that we can ensure. The broadest range of their respiratory masks or available. Four patients and just as importantly for. All of our dedicated health care workers. Across the country. We think there's work to be done. At the present moment we were ordered. Today the surgical. Masks the a 95. Is available for hospitals and they're producing roughly four million of those a month. The and the spending bill that congress approves today it will make that continue to be available. But the balance of what they produce and there are industrial and 95 masks that currently don't have. Protection under emergency provisions of the law and governor Waltz and I couldn't work with members of congress to see if we can extend. Legal productions under the public health emergency the president from has declared. But to make it possible for. For 3M and other companies in the space to be able to the sale both types of masks. To be available we have. We we have testing expanding around the country. We know there will be more cases around America. And president troll. Team and and I know governor Waltz governors around the country absolutely committed. To making sure. That anyone who contracts the corona virus and all the dedicated Americans that are providing medical services. Have protective gear and and we're going to be masks or gloves or are were and that we're going to be working with members of congress. To see if we can ensure that all all of what three creates here of some 35 million. Mass amounts could be available to our health care providers.

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"The vice president met with 3M CEO Mike Roman to discuss 3M's response to the deadly coronavirus outbreak.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69417806","title":"Mike Pence visits 3M plant","url":"/US/video/mike-pence-visits-3m-plant-69417806"}