Military Helicopter Crash Update

Recovery efforts, investigation into the crash hampered by poor weather.
14:32 | 03/13/15

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Transcript for Military Helicopter Crash Update
A search divers examine the crash site of a Blackhawk helicopter. Military service members and their families grieving the loss of seven elite Marines. And for national Guardsmen. Well when I'm Dan Cutler and New York military officials had just revealed that nine bodies so far have been recovered from that site. The bad weather though it is delaying further recovery efforts and wanna go to Camp Lejeune North Carolina for briefing. From the US marine special operations command. And we. When the truck drivers pitted. He's. It's not correctly and immediately. We're back in. She robbery. But knew the exercise training and doing evening. They had previously. Irwin during daylight. A. You know ask you is. You tell us what is. The bodies there army officers present this time he'll be looking completely. You are. It is normal would. Marines. That recovery operations we. Or. Is there and taken to do communities. Didn't. And there. And it's. Principally. Examined the. Leland center ET can you talk about that it. Before the crash for their warning systems that went off the water. And not knew they were in the Los Angeles. You know I don't have any information there right now it. Investigation but. Or. At that time. The reason they went. Today. Here rail. Judges are automatically. About your risk. That's why they went back to. You think it's. The near perfect. On this very reason why. I'm the days weren't good enough. Yes he names were not provided until now we we. Yeah. That was old days. Could positively I. Do just respect. Now they've opened. No. She's. Laurie it. They were not. Scan. The way they were killed frankly. Tragic. Thank you speak about how the marks up any and it's a very small close any other handling this tragedy the family and also this great country. Yes it is a very. Great organization. Many of these Marines and sailors museum are stark horror forcing him. Application. Very very. A rally together. He. Yeah yeah. All that passed right away we also true. Where news few resources assistant preservation. They all mobilized from. The affairs office. And again there's been tremendous outpouring. Do a training exercise like back in bad weather like you right. Good weather head slowly this weather just come up slightly. U poultry here we do was hold and operational. So was quoted at. Every we obviously have to dream. Every fun place. But. Because it history always look at. To make. Hey I don't lose the civilians about the conditions that they're all. And now intrigued. The reassessment. Would. Send it. Needed in relatively. Winds are designed for speed its silver star last. We were those others experience in that building to watch that happen. You know I don't. Six. We're. Italian. George. Sources. Actually one of the Marines here that we. Of course. It's her it was an hour and an image recognized as we. His family this. They're really minimize. We'll hear my question. A like other Marines. Story. That it. Not in this specific sales figures and the actor did I tell you you know over the last three years of course our Marines sailors and the boys constantly. Putting in Afghanistan. I just wearing contacts. And literally or yours. Did more talking and exist. And Marines awarded went. Seven baby girl's nineteen. 207 wrong. Words can do we. Present. Hours. Week speaks. Better way to professional. Hours. In this case. That's the latest on the investigation that news conference coming out of conclusion. From that deadly helicopter crash. A wanna go to the Pentagon where ABC's Louis Martinez is standing by allude to it any more insight. Into what might have brought down this helicopter during this training exercise. Family heard different general dostum and who's who of the reference to the foggy conditions that there were that night. Dense fog that related to one to two helicopters returning back to its base at Eglin Air Force Base were just taken off from. There have been indications early reports had been that. As that first helicopter came back that the one that went missing may have potentially try to go above the five. By elevating itself. And some at some point as it was rising up. That's when it may have gone down but again that was just an early report. Obviously the investigation is going to go on for quite awhile investigators want to see if there's something mechanical Pakistan potentially mean mean pilot error. But that will take some time and the a lot of that will depend on raising up the wreckage from she Fuller. And that is something that is going on underway right now because as we well know from aviation accidents there are black boxes and this black hawk helicopter. I did have a black box aboard. And at this point nine bodies have been recovered from those eleven service members that were killed in the clash they crash seven and we Marines. For national guard's what do we know about these eleven service members aside from those. Well for a very top of this briefing. You know Oster read the names of the seven Marines that were killed in this incidents. I'm very tight group of Marines this you heard him say. The marine special operations community is a very small group this is a battalion that is rotated in and out of combat zones routinely. I'm in and particularly here and say that this was a team. The fire team is the smallest component within Marine Corps that means that they were intimately together all the time. Cities or group of men who do themselves there very well. We know that one of the Marines who was kill. Is sergeant and say. And he is of note B case last year he was named Ginny two years ago in 2013 he was named marine of the year. On the actually received an award friend chairman of the joint chiefs general Martin Dempsey. And just last week he too was honored with the silver star which is the third highest. Medal for valor in the united states military. For having saved today fellow Marines for coming to his aid. Hunt them during deployment back in 2012. I'm so very notable career pies are safe and the other Marines obviously very experienced as well their names just coming out. The four national guards and two of them. Have been gatherings have been recovered. He that you remain in the wreckage which we believe will be picked up today. We will we know about those Guardsmen is that they are very experienced the two pilots and reach the level instructor. They have thousands of hours of flight time and deployments. Overseas in Iraq and they also were fairly involved. Because that unit was involved in the rescue civilians from Hurricane Katrina though remember those images of black hawk helicopters. Rescuing people from rooftops in the aftermath of that hurricane. These two pilots were involved in part of that as part of that mission. Lou what do we know that about this particular search area I mean what's make it's a difficult than for them to get in there and actually. Try to get more of the pieces of the wreckage and Danny noted that his goal area is has built very pristine beaches that's where it's well known for. What we have here is a basis located on the mainland just offshore there's little Bay Area there call center as a sound. And then you have the barrier island where those beaches are that would the helicopter went down in this generous a sound in between there. When the helicopter went down it was dense fog for the next 24 hours it was dense fog in areas that hampered any kind of visual efforts from above. See you had boats small craft. Operating in the sound trying to find the wreckage in finding until yesterday. Now today they've brought in a barge is going to you a lift the wreckage up in a salvage operation is expected the last weather permitting now potentially as many as much as eight hours. Then after that they're hampering the wreckage back to Agilent where it would be investigated and and there are means. Those team missing. I still missing Guardsmen will be taken to Dover. You via other means were taken to Dover Air Force Base it waiter greeted by families and mirroring comments on Chenault conscious of Stanford. And that there reasoning to it Covert because that's where the armed forces as its mortuary where conduct an autopsy and then the remains are transferred back. And Louie about this particular training mission that they were on there was at a routine training mission was to some of them knew that these soldiers were engaged in. A very retaining her Joshua talk about how this team actually men involved in training earlier that day. With the same helicopters are part of what that continuing do you wish to be trained for what they call here full spectrum. I mean and means that and I just used to being fighting on the battlegrounds. They also have to be ready to prepare for any kind of special operations mission. In this case what they were doing was insertion. And exportation. Fancy military terms which means you just being dropped into the water. So they are being dragged to the goal here was to drop them into the waters of center is a sound. And then pick them up the case as highly trained special ops forces. They have theory for any kind of mission and obviously that is one kind of mission which is that there inserted into the battlefield but sometimes even have to be answered inserted waters. Off the coast of the areas where they want to go. So that was what they were training. They did that training earlier in the day they are supposed to continue with it night time. Unfortunately because of the dense fog situation that night he couldn't get to target area and then went and returned and that's when the second one went missing after radio contact was lost. An investigation continue on arms in the grieving as well ABC's live Martinez at the Pentagon Louis thank you for that. You can keep up with the story real time download and ABC news happens star in the story for updates on the go. And Democrats learned Neil.

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