It's Morning, America: Friday, April 19, 2019

President Donald Trump claims victory after Mueller report release, but Democrats focus on new revelations of potential wrongdoing.
24:04 | 04/19/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Friday, April 19, 2019
Good morning Anthony norm and I cannot vote here of the top five things to know on this Good Friday and number one the Muller reports Democrats are demanding to hear directly from Robert Mueller president trump declares victory. Mueller airport did not lead to charges against the president but it didn't exonerate M either he revealed a frantic effort by the president up in the Russian investigation including nearly a dozen episodes. The potential obstruction of justice. But top aides did not follow his instructions summer June now the storms pounding the Gulf Coast are now blinked for killing two drivers and Mississippi and a woman. Hit by a falling tree in Alabama tornadoes and powerful straight line winds. Flipped over parked cars for businesses and homes apart. And the cause of more than a 100000. People to lose power there was the storms are expected to delay holiday travel up and down on the East Coast today. On to number three senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says he will introduce a bill to raise the national smoking needs. From eighteen to 21 S proposal includes all tobacco products and beeping device is saying it's a health issue that's one of his top priorities. CDC reports nine out of ten smokers try their first cigarette by each eighteen we have to McDonald's for number reports say goodbye to the premium burgers and grilled chicken the fast food giant is ditching its. Signature premium sandwiches to focus on old standards like the quarter pounder. South came up with the signature burgers to match similar moves by competitors but that fancy sandwich has cost more and slowed down service lines because they took longer to make but. We've gotten a grip along. And ice cream machine and eyes fixed it exit. Number five another dominating win for the reigning in jeopardy champion James Hall tower 174000. Dollars in Thursday's episode pushing. His overall winnings to nearly 700. Wednesday that but that had a bigger audience than any show in prime time people are tuning in to see how he does it. Also it seems game shows run this family and his wife Melissa who is on blocks Meehan millionaire five years ago. One nearly 30000. Dollars there will and he get to a million. Well unity we've got so much more to talk about coming your way it's Friday morning America. Happy Friday morning let's get right to Vick story that you political battle brewing in the aftermath of the -- report the White House. And president are claiming victory but Democrats are saying they'll back the report. In part of the special counsel. It's a great day in America. This morning the White House is taking a victory lap. After attorney general William Barley Stewart doctor version of the mullah report. What we've been saying for the last two and a half years is finally I think totally been vindicated the president. It's completely exonerated no collision no obstruction. The president is also claiming vindication good day I'm having to do today do political. No collision no obstruction. Quietly tweeting I had the right in the hole which try to pry one it. I could required everyone including Muller if I want it are chose not to have the right to use executive privilege I didn't. But Mueller declined to clear the president of eleven possible instances of obstruction of justice the report describes the moment the president learned that a special counsel have been a point at. The president slumped back in his chair and said oh my god this is terrible this is the end of my presidency. I'm expletive. The report points the president then repeatedly tried to intervene in the investigation the report says his efforts were mostly unsuccessful but that is largely because the persons who surround the president declined to carry out his orders. According to the report president from pressured then White House counsel dom again to get Muller fired. The president called again at home and directed him to call the acting attorney general rod Rubenstein. It's that that the special counsel high conflicts of interest. It must be removed McGann were called the president telling him Mueller Moscow. Call me back when you do it began refused deciding that he would resign rather than trigger what he regarded as a potential Saturday night massacre. A reference of the Watergate scandal. At the time the president denied he was trying to oust the special counsel Mr. President you thought ought. Considered. Being dismissal of special counsel candidate and it. Mueller wrote if we had confidence after a thorough investigation of the facts but the president clearly did not commit obstruction of justice. With some state legal experts say the report makes it clear they're significant evidence that the president may have obstructed just says. Even though it was not conclusive. It's heart to find obstruction of justice when you're talking that a president who's got wide power and authority for example to fire someone but I think most importantly here. Is that they applied Justice Department precedent which says that you cannot indict a sitting president Robert Moeller made it clear that was very important. The report also parties numerous incidents where the president's eighth made statements to the public that we're not truthful. In May 2017 white house Press Secretary sir Sanders was asked about the firing of FBI director James Komi. Including back countless members of the bureau Helm lost confidence the economy. But while under both Sanders admitted that state there was quote not founded on anything overnight sabres responded to critics now slamming her for lying to reporters look. I acknowledged. That a slip of the tongue what I used the word countless. But it's not untrue is that a number of both current and former FBI agents agreed with the president. And so here's what else we learned from the report Mueller chose not to subpoena the president because he thought a court fight with delayed investing. -- the report says Donald Trump junior and other officials and that 2016 trump tower meeting with the Russell Russian lawyer were not charged because that would have been tough to prove they knew their conduct with unlawful. And in 33 paragraphs of the president has written testimony. His memory seemed to fell him at 34 times meaning he answered that he did not call or could not remember the accident been asked about. So what's an ax there's already talk this morning a new subpoenas for more testimony on Capitol Hill. Our Serena Marshall has more on what we can expect in the coming days and Serena this is far from over. Edging a candidate so far from over a report did not charge the president with any legal wrongdoing politically and that's a different story Democrats on Capitol Hill say this is a much less this report is much more. Trouble summit than originally indicated in fact Democrat Jim Hines Connecticut said the report reads like the god father with an array of sleazy behavior not a Democrat called a damning document. That outlines misdeeds by the president. How Judiciary Committee chairman during that Adler said it's now up to congress to hold the president accountable. The mullah report outlined disturbing evidence. That president trumping gauged in obstruction of justice. And other misconduct the responsibility now close to congress to hold the president accountable for his actions. The sudden he's been. That's one possibility. And any statement democratic leaders anti Pelosi and Chuck Schumer say Muller's report paints a quote a disturbing picture of a president. He's in weaving a web of deceit lies an improper behavior but if you you wouldn't have known any of that because mr. Barr has been so misleading. So what snacks some members of congress will get to see a less redacted version of their airports next week house Democrats have already agents of PS to see the full report. With a no word actions the attorney general William Barr will face questions about the reports next month when he testifies about of the house and Senate Committees. And we could even hear from Robert Mueller himself Democrats have asked him to test back. By may 23 but the Mueller airport also allied at least ten other investigations that are currently ongoing by the department of justice and the FBI that we don't even. Know about so all the president's tweeting that game over game of drones inspired photo politically this is so far from over today and a loud Serena thank you. So much. While Serena says several key members of congress will soon receive a version of his report from most report which you're reductions and lawmakers are now considering re writing some of the rules. He BC's deputy political director Mary Alice parks has more on that Mary Alice good morning. Good morning Kenneth engine day the president treated it game over and his campaign took a victory lap to. Releasing a statement after the report was released that said president trump has been fully and completely exonerated again. All told it was quite a lot of celebrating. And back slapping especially over report that sought only to answer the question as to whether criminal conduct had occurred. That could be proven. In a court of law. And so you had Democrats saying not so fast it's specially when it comes to interactions with foreign nationals may be a more stringent standard should apply. Whether these acts are criminal or not. Whether the obstruction of justice was criminal or not or whether these contacts was officially illicit or not to rise level of criminal conspiracy. They are unquestionably. Dishonest. Unethical. Immoral and unpatriotic. And should be condemned by every American. Your congressman Alexander Keyser creek has said again Thursday that she would sign on to a resolution to support the idea of impeachment. And as far as those Democrats who are RD running to replace this president well there seemed to be united call among them that congress should do more. Vermont senator Bernie Sanders put out a statement where he said congress must continue its investigation into Trump's conduct. And any porn attempts to influence our election we must do everything we can to protect future elections. He called on president trop to do more. Jennings Kenneth. Our thanks very Alice parks there in Washington a lot less for the popcorn Muller reports throughout the day here at ABC news live. Including a response from white house Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. A few other headlines we're watching this morning the national inquirer will soon have a new owner Hudson news here James Cohen is picking up. The tabloids were reported 100 million dollars from American Media. The cell comes after American media's chief. David Pecker was accused of varying stories harmful to president from. And trying to block know Amazon founder Jeff. Pesos Saatchi new trouble for FaceBook and you possible trouble for FaceBook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The Washington Post reports federal regulators are considering whether to hold him personally responsible. Where's companies and data lapses sources tell the post at the FTC is looking into increasing oversight of -- birds leadership as it investigates mishandling of users' private information. The report follows Facebook's acknowledgment that millions of answer Graham passwords have been exposed and that's an addition to hundreds of millions of FaceBook passwords. That restoring readable text which employees could access. An internal investigation has found that those passwords or not internally abuse. Or improperly acts. So we've been talking a lot about ride share safety and Hoover's introducing a new safety feature to help make sure. They are getting that passengers are getting into the right vehicles the company will send an alert to riders which will include their driver's name a photo license plate number in the vehicle's make and model the feature follows the murder of a university South Carolina student who got into a man's car she had mistaken for her Hooper ride. And breaking overnight authorities near Tampa Porter are investigating a massive fire at a church in the town of Brandon one firefighter collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. The fire destroyed a building next the main church. No word where costs the fire. Three days of commemorative events are under re marking the twentieth anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre. A vigil will be held tonight to honor the twelve students and one teacher were killed in the attack on April 20 1999. Remembers us followed days of concern about eighteen year old who set to be infatuated with the attack. Police say she was found dead of a self inflicted gunshot wound up Wentz. Pope Francis will spend part of the holiest day on the Christian calendar Rome's coliseum the pontiff will lead the annual way of the cross procession during Good Friday services. Yesterday he began Easter week he Mets with a mass at saint Peter's basilica before traveling to watch the feet of prisoners. Tonight also marks the first night of passover. All coming up the new court ruling on whether parents can be forced to back save their children during the measles outbreak meanwhile more schools are closed lead and parents are facing fines. More after this. Welcome back we turn out 200. Importantly than anything else we could judge has upheld a controversial vaccination order in New York it comes as more schools are shut down and more parents face they'd find its. This morning the number of measles cases are on the rise most of the infected are unvaccinated children. And now New York City is taking drastic measures to stop the spike in cases this is not 29 week fighting India's outbreak here in Rockland. The longest lasting current outbreak in Utah wired nation. The Health Department has ordered adults and children who live work or go to school in four zip code to receive an MMR vaccine within 48 hours. And last night a judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by parents fighting the mandate this city has already issued summonses to three parents whose children were found unvaccinated. The city has also closed for more schools amid the current outbreak meanwhile in Michigan health officials now confirm they found patient zero. The unidentified man who they say spread the measles virus to dozens of people. A Detroit rabbi posted this video to spread awareness is ally Freeman says he recently recovered from measles after being exposed by a visitor at his synagogue. Before we knew it we had a first wave of twenty people in our community with the measles almost all of them between the ages thirty and 62. Freeman says he was shocked to learn the vaccine he received as a child in the 1960s. No longer protects it. And he's not alone. The CDC says some people vaccinated between 1963. And 1967. Should get a read vaccinated because it may no longer be effective. Did not perfected taxi until sometime in the seventies. I and most of the 41 others from our community who came down with the measles had only received a single. First generation taxi. The CDC says when in doubt get another shot the vaccine is 97%. Effective and they say another booster. Won't hurt. Well let's go across the find out ABC news London bureau were Lama sign it's keeping an eye on the biggest international news good morning to you Lama let's start with the release of the Muller reports sending shockwaves across the nation. So how are people reacting around the. World. Good morning to you well it's it's preexisting because it's one of those stories wag your in the newsroom in every single outlet every single into national outlets. With carrying it live or watching it. On the screens here. In terms of un official statements from international of these dinners or any comments. We haven't seen anything yet interest is very high in fact. Some of the a front pages were carrying the Muller reports story today. Let's take a look at them the guardian one of the board chief saying. Trump may be liable for prosecution says none with. Showing up picture of the president another bullet Sheikh carrying it. And front. Headlines again. On that front pages trump tried to get bonus sacked from election inquiry. Now in terms of response from rush shots. That's interesting in itself because it's being pretty muted we've heard from Blount dot emit Putin's spokesman. Dmitry past golf. Who said quoted this is not an issue for us and not we have better things to be thinking about. Some Russian politicians speaking out saying and towing. Russia's dogs on this saying that Russia would never. Medal in the 2016. Elections and the Russian intelligence just wouldn't do so which is of course contrary. To what's if US. Intelligence officials believe. Just fascinating. And a lot of us some sad news arena in NORTHERN IRELAND reminiscent of conflict that actually officially ended -- one years ago with the Good Friday agreement a 29 year old journalist. Murder to a police are treating as a terrorist incident what's the latest there. Exactly yes decades ago but this is a troubling developments overnight. As you say a journalist was killed off two shots were fired in London jury in NORTHERN IRELAND she's originally from Belfast. And named as a liar and a key she was that covering the riots tensions had been building in the runup to Easter which is of course from Republicans. Mall. The anniversary of the uprising against British rule in 1916. Now that niece. Deeds release a statement this morning saying that they off. They have no it's another investigation and they believe that this and mud was carried out by violent dissident Republicans. They it's public restraint and called as we move into this Easter weekend so. Pretty troubling development. And a bizarre story out of Thailand where authorities read a floating home. Now what we're hearing the American owner could face the death penalty. Yet your op city he writes that this is an American man and his pawn that they built our home. Let's hope they 65. Foot platform about twelve miles. Off the coast who cats why I hear you Oscar. Because they believed they all in into national. Voices they are free from international. The rules and outside of Thailand jurisdictions. But Thai authorities raided their heard they on now on the run they haven't found them file authorities say that fit this is threatening that our sovereignty and is punishable by death so they all facing the death penalty. But as I say they're on the run and the navy is now considering on what to do next in and what the next steps off half. A lot of thank you so much for joining us the have a great holiday weekend. Now is get a check right of patients to see what's trending up there on social media argument the dog who sees his reflection in his car door. Have unlocking your red just if I hope is quoted this isn't generally sees Mario. Rio. Likes his recollection as much I can't quite. That they that you haven't of the dog is black well saying that's messed up. Romance. Like guys are so watch this rapper could act like it used facts. Cash money to cover it at a and ever be released from a Western New York geology and re associates were arrested at the Canadian border on drug and weapons charges investigators say they had a marijuana. And I'm declared guns are free on bonds almost been recognized had enough money left after play in that Bachmann cover up that based. And street markings near proposed school in South Florida have earned an F. From the community you'll see someone forgot to use spell check when spray paint you know crossing it morale as a result it came out. At CO eight OL crossing. Let's go hope that this is you know school hole at the nearby. Yeah where they go whole. The misspelling was made worse because the marquis is right next to a school crossings street sign a city put the blame on a contractor crews were sent out yesterday to a recent didn't. Neat to be made worse by anything like how much worse is it how many people were involved. Before this ended up on the ground and Elliott is when iconic figure with re Scoble via. OK so please don't try is that home terror. That's the lesson for a little boy who called not one want to get a soda from McDonald's. As they are hall had a real craving but his grandmother was asleep so you found in old deactivated cell phone. Looked it up to Wi-Fi and made the call Smart kids. Dispatcher was shocked to for reached out to an officer on duty. And coming on armor armored and record it. Local pool wearing her. Apparent lack. The rule Arnold. Now I can't bring that down home we all thought it was really clone an officer Patterson went over there with the McDonald's. Kind of made our night. But through our very own drama Gosford although aware about Morgan absolved them I think it'll was that like with the police officers targeted tunnels. Doing anything. Army officer I think his grandmother had a. Law and long. Long talk with an explaining that not one of only receive Reese emergencies and never never for late night creepy it's. We've talked a lot of that McDonald's today I heard they he actually wanted a milk shake first but that I she stated. About the clothes. Receives down not Everett if not true led. Affiliates through after dumb liberal look at that drive through they're worried that if they let me get up. Our book tickets machine is everybody always pulled out was that I can't get who. They they the Gramm undefeated the drive thru I don't call that went one for you coming up the latest on that. Devastating fire at measured on his feet well what authorities now believe caused the fire in the extraordinary tales of bravery. We come back. Hello again a few things to watch out for David at least turbine this a couple of percent of the horrific child abuse case. Police sentence after pleading guilty to fourteen felony counts including tort for. Also president imprisonment and willful child cruelty a 625 years to life in prison. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo is set to meet with its Japanese counterpart on security alongside. The U acting defense secretary of the meeting comes as North Korean officials are calling. We'll pay you to be replaced the negotiations accusing him of miss presenting a deadline Kim Jung who gave the president dropped. And it Carty and he is due in court charged with two misdemeanor counts of reckless endangerment connected through an attack until bartenders at a New York strip club. But don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update on our top stories and the briefing room for breakdown of the latest headlines. Officials in Paris say an elector. Well short circuit most likely caused the fire at notre dom cathedral safety concerns are keeping investigators from searching the interior of the burned church. Wooden planks are being used and shore up the cathedrals frontal walls ABC's James Longman has more from Paris. Of the investigation gets under way in to just. What's still takes this fire concerns that the building is still structurally unsound pulse of it are going to have to be. The rule down in order to secure the rest all of the building and we're also hearing extraordinary tales of bravery specifically. From that shop in a firefight that Chapman. We rushed in to save the crown of forms. His story goes that he went in we have the team. To find their wryly query that place wet there Redick is cats they found that it was locks. He also someone's going get a key and wall that was happening. His team broke Cain. Such was the level of urgency this was happening Waltz this buyout of the judge had fallen. Inside that extraordinary. 12100. Relics and important items are not such an insurance say. 90% of them have been say they includes things like a piece of woods from the cross that Jesus was crucified on site. This is Easter week Easter celebrations are going to be moved to two other churches. Hey in town though it's been solved renewal and rebirth. They will take on a special significance. Teams I'm an ABC news in Paris and that is fit for us on this Good Friday. Have a great weekend in your he's fast ceilings and on that I just to map. I did not. We will see you on Monday.

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