Napa Winemakers Use Unique Techniques to Battle Shifts in Climate

Ginger Zee visits the famed Napa Valley where drought and climate change are forcing winemakers to adapt.
6:57 | 08/25/16

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Transcript for Napa Winemakers Use Unique Techniques to Battle Shifts in Climate
Our journey continues in the town yacht at the sun sets over California's fate of the valley. Rows of glasses complete some countries XY. Flight eight using sustainability practice. Perfected over Thai silk comedies farmers adding shifts in growing seasons and two limited water supply. Food forecasting happened that night sustainability. Steps now. From the dares to visit heat Weller almost everything on our lately Battle Creek farm to table but. This farm that this tape. Dining embarrasses the vineyards I feel like I'm on an episode of top stat here's the list and the other. Joining me Robert himself and his like Maria and award winning set and assessed at this thing. And then there's Jeff Burton Roberts winemaker partner and friend of nearly thirty youths see cheers. Cancer. This tree hill is what makes about it since lines unique. Originally a photographer since he took over his father's vineyard in 1986. Early on my father. Started this this is he believed science and when I took over the business we realized there was no organic materials. Communities by using. Herbicides or sterilizing. Breaking all the natural rhythms. Since he knew that they needed to get back into those natural rhythms and become more organic. Nature doesn't create a moment coach promised cream. For them the trick is to grasp natural rhythms and take it further. So that we can heal and doing so they turned the vineyard into a highly dynamic far. Unfamiliar with the turned violent and and they sell it back. And an image farming is just what organic farm. No chemicals just snakes where countless annually are key. They rely heavily on animals and it's possible to disrupt natural flow of the year. We are entering an era of climate change. If we are going to start having spikes during growing season we can control. How do we create more easily my. In practice we called perfect search its records it's she she's the landscape she prays times music. Chemicals. Serves as she takes on this path we're true to cool New York. Action taking it helps me consumes Lam last night dinner. So the whole idea is that things that should use and not be afraid of workers. Their flock of sheep is now up to 33 and the events of 400. They've been insuring themselves against change for decades. You can see there is a permanent cover crop here. Because this the south and west facing we have a lot of room. Reflective heat from the sun due to its exposure that by keeping this permanent cover crop here. You can see that it modulate its within the canopy here. So far that model has taken into a premium wine sold from specialty wine shops to even whole foods. BS hearing her cooking style with their farming style. Simplicity. First a look at the target it's on the guard we look at Harvard on the street it's not there we probably won't. And when it comes to caring for the environment she shuts down anyone who says they can't make difference. Thing is I think people feel powerless like I'm it's not committed as I do it's just me. But there is a Power One. As one plus two was three at a rate does and that powerful. But if every walks around acting like they have no power and that they can't change it them. Nothing's ever happened meaning he will go to hell I have less helpful to him. The since he's only irrigated with reclaimed water but there are other farmers who drive far that's right zero irrigation. When the virus stress produces more threats and produces more color of his sports camp and that's been. With whites get where compounds. He gets smaller. Crop which means mourn its troops. That's and owner of fun he'll lines one of the few completely dry farmers in Napa Valley. He have a small operation includes just hundred acre. This particular mine has a pretty normal. Prop honest I think if we did here it is time we get more fruit and that's point pronounced east's in this small cluster. If you order do it figured six soils that word it's. This. The line here is really intense and aromatic and whether. That's the thing even in drought these vines will survive but the amount of food they're going to get. It's going to be however it Napa Valley is one of the few agricultural spots where less in the war. The fight a strategy that. And 2015 was very dry in the crowd was really small ones. That's of the expressway just want to switch to have all the it's it's very intense hands. One of his favorite vintages came from one of the worst years in the drought. Think if this anti says that many of the soils in Napa Valley are capable of drive farm. Perhaps but fingers and another Fort Worth where they're owner ran out of water last year it's well restaurants that we decided within its threats experiment we. Part of and it was just in water all year and plan was great and the senior looked fine sense I think over time you can learn that if you. Direct distance is still yet really hinged. They actually his computer modeling to plant the rose to avoid sunburn on the graves when their extremes in heat. And they carefully match the real assistance to the soil. By the way tracked farming not a new concept. There's a vineyard. Behind us pretty much adjacent which is Kobe earthquake vineyard and announcements in 1906. Right before the right after the the earthquake and emphasis. And that's been drive farm for a 112. Years of olives. And have been watered so we drive by a place every day of headlines and well. Our community as being and it's something that people don't realize they can be doing more they haven't. Explored who is passionate. But again it's something. Now or you do when your force to do. I think it's on us that now. Andy Robert and much of Napa are hoping to lead by example. So we can call sheets using and that there for centuries to come. This is the food forecast Napa Valley line sustainability.

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{"duration":"6:57","description":"Ginger Zee visits the famed Napa Valley where drought and climate change are forcing winemakers to adapt.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"41405459","title":"Napa Winemakers Use Unique Techniques to Battle Shifts in Climate","url":"/US/video/napa-winemakers-unique-techniques-battle-shifts-climate-41405459"}