Navy Yard Employee's Wife: 'He Heard Gunshots While Locked in Boss's Office'

Witness says shooting was heard all morning as gunman opened fire at DC Navy Yard.
13:27 | 09/16/13

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Transcript for Navy Yard Employee's Wife: 'He Heard Gunshots While Locked in Boss's Office'
This is a special report from -- -- Shooting where four people were killed at least ten people shot and the shooter. Himself shot and killed a situation that is still very fluid and still developing at this hour that we have been watching. And we have reports in fact that police -- -- news conference earlier just a short time ago that there is the potential for two other. Shooters that may be involved. They released the preliminary information and that is potentially why in fact there has been still a lockdown. At the navy yard in Washington DC. This situation still very much active there as. The ATF the FBI. The swat a swat team has also -- over the scene as well as DC police and park police have all. Become part of this very highly coordinated effort. As that first report came about twenty minutes after 8 this morning. Shots being fired inside the navy yard inside building 197. And seven minutes after that first call came -- as when police responded to that scene there. And had heard multiple shots being fired inside one of the buildings. That building was put on lockdown again four people dead at least half dozen more wounded some listed in serious condition. From this morning that alleged gunman police describing as a former navy official in his fifties. He is dead and officials say that they are still investigating the potential that two more shooters could be on the loose. Those first reports coming in early this morning and again police have been trying to update as they canned. Without compromising their investigation without compromising their plan to keep that area in lockdown. As they are trying to gather more leads that they could be coming in a money go to ABC's Karen Travers who is outside scene with more care. Good afternoon we're just a couple blocks away from the navy yard here in southeast Washington DC one shooter is dead and DC police say that big concern right now is that two shooters. May still unaccounted for. At least ten people were shot this morning at the navy yard for our dead and law enforcement officials cautioned those numbers may rise. It was a frantic scene at the sprawling media are complex through Washington this morning. Law enforcement from several agencies swarmed to respond to reports of multiple shots fired the FB IDC police US capitol police and military police. US park police helicopters dipped down to the roof of the navy building and -- people out baskets. Law enforcement officials told ABC news the suspect was a theme -- African American adult male he was said to be carrying multiple weapons including an assault rifle. One shooter is dead a man in his fifties a former naval official whose work status recently changed we potentially have. Two other shooters. That we have not located at this point in the -- and an active shooter was first reported inside building 197820. AM. There was a very loud and it unmistakably a gunshot that fourth one. -- 197 is the headquarters for the naval sea systems command 3000 people work there. Initial instructions were for people to evacuate the building but then they were told to shelter in place that anybody. On base inside -- sold to statehood. Don't go anywhere just you know stay safe. The need art -- in a very busy area of the nation's capital just yards away from the Washington Nationals baseball stadium several federal government agencies and only blocks from the US capitol. Law enforcement officials set up a massive perimeter trying to security area several blocks were closed as well as an entrance to the nearby navy yard metro station. President Obama said this morning the nation is confronting another mass shooting once again. He's also been briefed several times in the situation and we'll continue to be briefed throughout the afternoon this area here in Washington is still heavily secured schools in the area are on lockdown and people are being told that they have loved ones in this area and maybe you were working at the navy yard they can meet the -- parking lot -- the baseball stadium just a couple of blocks away. Reporting live -- the navy yard here in Washington Karen Travers ABC news back to you -- right. Karen thank you for that weather as we just heard -- -- the president did make remarks on that investigation that is still going on and the vice president Joseph Biden. Also making remarks. Let's listen to what he had to say. Like to say are says Anthony said our thoughts and prayers are. Are with. Our room with the military and civilian personnel the at the Washington navy yard has I was taking often are forced to. We were it was a very count was cleared -- of the gunman in. In in the facility several thousand people there had been at least one person shot -- center. But more and more news is coming out and I'm not prepared tell you because I've been employed although I do get a briefing. From a Security Council weighed down. That. There may have been more than one shooter -- you may know more than nine in the last. 45 minutes but. But. This situation isn't fully and in. We know tragedies occurred -- were thinking about all the people who are out there and praying for the safety evolve the military and police personnel are trying to bring this under control as well. Remain here as -- the president's and that that that we know we do not know yet all the facts. That are still coming forward on this. I want to bring -- ABC's Linda Martinez has been very closely following this and -- what do we know. Then about those two potential. Other shooters that we're we're mentioned in this morning's news conference by the DC police. Well we heard from DC police that it appears it. Both were wearing military style. A clothing one wearing -- -- khaki outfit that was similar to what a media officer might be wearing. On the other individual described as wearing -- olive drab type of uniform. They're not saying that these two individuals belong to the military. But that they will the clothing that they were seen wearing look similar to the military style -- I'm of course this is something they're trying to investigate to see whether he's individuals actually. -- were involved in this. -- -- this must be residual effects of people you know it very confusing scene people hearing gunfire and somebody comes out with a gun. Or -- rifle or something like that. And they may have ten been responding as opposed to actually being active participants. So that's what they're trying to determine right now. They have -- Bolo for these two individuals. To whether they are actually involved is is still to be determined. And the way as we've been talking about the fact that there could be that there there could be those -- to -- potential shooters has there been any. Information that we know about any other basis or any other areas of Washington DC that are on heightened states of alert because of this. -- you know that can the army's fort McNair which is close behind. To the west. Washington navy yard was also placed on -- -- the lockdown. As was fumbling air force base which is located across the atomic and it -- rivers. On the southwest side. That -- and also placed on lockdown. All done being printed and protectively as a prudent measure on the actual threats as far as we can tell so officials to you know being prudent in taking. An active response here trying to pit. Enhanced security if you will here depending on what I noticed on -- weigh in on -- additional security vehicles on the perimeter. And -- I had one colleague tell me that he -- Ramp police presence in the hallways here that you patrol holidays. That this his colleague of mine said that he thought that it looked a little more. Than what he's typically seen in the past. And this is really a highly coordinated effort by not only DC police but as well as the FBI. And other departments that are getting involved in this investigation that the president said that he wanted for a seamless federal investigation between all of those various agencies. You again when I saw carries piece of I was struck by all of the different units -- -- bother you saw. Marines in in their -- with that -- weapons because there's a marine barracks just across the street icing Sunday personnel. He -- An armored vehicle up from some federally -- we know that -- bureau of alcohol tobacco firearms is involved US park police providing their helicopter. Overhead overhead as well as some ground elements actually one of their officers I believe he's injured. We also have the capitol police responding and most importantly as you heard that -- the FBI there and try to see if -- what. If there's a larger element involved here and just be on this one shooter who is dead and potentially to others. A lot of worrying a lot of wondering for a lot of family members about just what might be happening. I'm still at the facility online W Martinez thank you for that -- I do -- play though an interview with one woman. Whose husband was inside the facility when that shooting took place. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is that who you're looking for had -- He's okay they just got out of the building -- leaving her grandson here all morning. They're being very. -- the building. -- -- -- No -- locked in his -- office all morning. So I don't know how close -- Must have been nerve wracking for you yes it was the -- morning imaginable. You can see the emotion and then somewhat relief but still about the uncertainty exactly what is happening as that woman did make contact. A with her husband who was inside the building during the time of that shooting. I wanna go to our -- Walsh who is nearby the scene there -- I know that that you have been able to reach out some family members. That it had very similar situations where -- been trying to contact people that were either inside the building or nearby. -- -- -- -- -- Part bridge had been struck and districts. Each well -- the only member can't meet the people that were inside there will be huge actually -- time period amber. On foot running toward there altered some people to -- and people to have been able to beat it. A 11 and cherish -- -- crying should church because her husband she had -- with intent. -- on the same war that I don't during want to go get coffee across the street believe it should and should Augustine believed that very -- -- Should expect it wasn't -- Let packed into the building. Or get. Old people watch -- actually. With -- -- region again that's -- she came here she -- at -- tried to meet. And eighteen to -- situation over over so. Are. And it ensures we know that the area still unlocked also some of these people that are making their way over the Nationals Park the park is national stadium parking lot. Are those people that were had already bent out of the building. Before that -- shelter in place had been put into effect. Promote the people can't remember. The -- Committee this tactic and my aunt and she was unbelievable will -- because she actually -- what we want. Stage she could have been. She did not. Track and attention to be in the building as well call socialistic country would never should watch -- co worker OK -- can't. Also coming into the -- huge it will committee of the people actually was -- Having -- having difficulty in trying to get to that stadium parking lot itself because. I know there's a -- -- a good deal of the area that's been put on lockdown and and and roads have been cut off highways have been cops are people able to walk there how are they able to get access back and forth. After docket -- they're letting people. They -- the locked -- they aren't -- -- Actual identification. -- here on site. -- Hendry street but what you can't get it here I come walk -- the company members -- -- -- here had -- in -- not contradict the more -- Blocking -- hope that you would I want to -- Are you -- Walsh in DC not that far from the scene of this morning's shooting church thank you for that. Of course we have a complete career right up on On that shooting at the Washington navy yard this morning where at least four people were shot and killed at least ten people. Hit and among those steady is the shooter the one suspect that police have identified. But again as the DC police have been -- -- -- that there is the potential for two other shooters potentially involved in this. Of course we will break in as more developments warrant for now on Dan -- New York with this ABC news digital special report. This has been a special report from ABC news.

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{"id":20272424,"title":"Navy Yard Employee's Wife: 'He Heard Gunshots While Locked in Boss's Office'","duration":"13:27","description":"Witness says shooting was heard all morning as gunman opened fire at DC Navy Yard.","url":"/US/video/navy-yard-employees-wife-heard-gunshots-locked-bosss-20272424","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}