A look at a neighborhood torn apart by Michael

WPLG's Alex Finnie takes a walk through a neighborhood hit hard by the hurricane's powerful winds.
2:57 | 10/11/18

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Transcript for A look at a neighborhood torn apart by Michael
I wanna go over Palestinian WP LG she is also in Panama City in giving us a firsthand look at some of that damage that Maggie was just talking about Alex. A city we know just got devastated by hurricane Michael and this road. Tucked away right over the bridge you can see it really just paint a very clear picture for you. This home here just covered in trees but miraculously. No severe damage just some leaking but look who wrote here and residents at this point what you're dealing with is the fact that they cannot get out the only way they can get in it. Out of this area here. Is by walking. We know that Panama City. Really got shook hard you have hotel that collapsed in this area as well as literally a home that was lifted off its foundation. You can see here what looks to be a roof from another area just blown onto this property here it's really indicative of what we've been seen. All across the Florida Panhandle. We spoke with the owner of this home here dale who's been living here since February. Crazy crazy images take a look at this right here as he's working to fix this. He's working to fix this grow here to see people because right now there's no power powers out everywhere at this point. But here this used to be his garage sports. Completely blown off that court of hiding that you see there. It blew from the other side of the streets where there was a construction facility really speaking to just the velocity. Of the winds beats. Over towards the back here you can see this oak tree DL was telling us that he along with his wife and his pregnant daughter where literally. Hiding in the kitchen trying to stay safe from this storm when that tree just came. Flashing through that area. Narrowly killing as a matter fact thankfully they are still lie and everyone is doing okay. But now the clean up in this area. Continues we know that all across Florida Panhandle. Yet several crews that are either making their way here they are already hear working to restore power. To the hundreds of thousands of people have lost it. You know search and rescue crews from all across a several regions here in Florida are descending. Across our descending on the gulf close to help out with those recovery efforts. But again. Right up the streets not too far this tax on gas station and recognizable as well as several other area it is a devastating situation out here. This category four storm took so many people by surprise. Because in this area they are not used to dealing with a storm of this magnitude. Last and they had to deal with something like this was a category three I was Hurricane Opal back in the nineties and now this it has meeting impact here. It is a historic storm and is going to take quite some time to pick the pieces back. In Panama City talents and.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"WPLG's Alex Finnie takes a walk through a neighborhood hit hard by the hurricane's powerful winds. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58437457","title":"A look at a neighborhood torn apart by Michael ","url":"/US/video/neighborhood-torn-michael-58437457"}