Philadelphia Amtrak Crash: Mayor Says 7th Person Found Dead in Wreckage

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and other top officials update the investigation into the deadly Amtrak train derailment that killed seven people Tuesday night in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia.
20:15 | 05/13/15

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Transcript for Philadelphia Amtrak Crash: Mayor Says 7th Person Found Dead in Wreckage
Breaking right now a somber day. In Philadelphia. Outside thirtieth street station in Center City flags lowered to half staff honoring those impacted. Last night's deadly Amtrak derailment. That station the last stop the train made before going off the tracks and at this hour a seventh person now confirmed dead. Rescue correspondent victim from the wreckage two other victims identified. Gym games forty through father and video software architect for the Associated Press. On his way home to plains for a New Jersey from Washington. And Justin exams are a twenty year old student at the Naval Academy. Rockaway beach New York. When I'm damned Cutler in New York. Right now at Philadelphia's mayor Michael Nutter alone a top officials are updating the search and recovery efforts and the crash site let's listen. Rhetoric. Couple brief updates. They'll be some new information they'll be a recitation. Much of the same information. That you've had them before again that we continue with. The search operation. There's also a full investigation going on these are earlier the national transportation. Aboard. Whose representatives are here their personnel are on the ground. Again any information I give you. Unless we say that it is confirmed information is still preliminary there's an active investigation going on at the site. As you can see I'm also joined by Pennsylvania's two senators in alphabetical order senator. Bob Casey and senator pat zooming. Chief inspector Salomon is here on behalf of the police department fire commissioner. Derrick Sawyer is here on behalf. The fire department. The Sam fellows and Boris director of emergency management operations for the city everywhere every goes in. Public safety ribs and a grand. Managing director and deputy mayor for administration coordination desert Peter Bell director. Communications. And we will now announce I know many of you have reported that we will now confirm. That unfortunately there are seven. Individuals who are deceased as a result. The tragedy. From last night's train derailment. Again we have been assisted. In an incredible level by it Amtrak. Certainly again one express appreciation to board chairman. Capacity. As well as the board members from NTSB. Mr. From. We have begun the process. The Emmys office rather I started the process of notifying. Next of kin I do not have any information on names of individuals and and and I am not in a position to release. That information. In an event and I don't have an anyway. We just took another site visit lifts. Our two senators we've given them a full briefing by all agencies at the table. Letting them know what their role and responsibility is but also we wanted them. Expressing our appreciation to both of them for being here wanted to make sure that they saw the scene as well so person and ask Sam Phillips. Become Bob we're still trying to get families. Information about their loved ones who may have been on that train. And reunify them. After Sam you'll hear from two senators welcome back roads and closing information and then as we've been doing try to give you. Average in advertising answers for anything that we can answer Sam. Good afternoon and as we've been saying all day we are in the process reconciling several different collections of data points. I'm working with our hospital system. Working with our EMS transports. Trying to account for those who we would consider walking wounded those who were able to walk off the scene last night. Those who visited our friends and relatives tanner which is that 3400 Frankfort avenue. And I'm again corrugated with the medical Examiner's office as well so we have made really good progress and accounting for. The majority of individuals but we still have folks that we would like to hear from. If you knowing somebody who let this be in last night and is doing well police have them call in to Amtrak's 1800 number. That's 1805239101. Again whining and dread by 23. 9101. We just want to make sure that we can account for everybody safely and they're friends and relatives banner here hot button Frankfort avenue has now closed we've transitioned everything to Amtrak's. Family assistance center which is that they marry it's called and market streets and that is open as a 2 PM today thanks. Wherever in the senators let me also recognized as Renee Cardwell Hughes. Leader the American Red Cross here in Philadelphia. Again one of our partners in any of these efforts want to thank her. And the American red cross and of course the Salvation Army which has also been on the ground and very helpful. And the great great folks at Walla. Have. Made the enormous contributions to the first responder. Our personnel with water and a variety of other necessary supplies giving of the work that they are doing. And helping them along in their work burst out. We'll be senator Bob Casey then senator. Pat Toomey and then I'll be back. There thanks very much. We're here to offer our condolences. In our prayers to the families of those who lost loved ones here. As well as to remember into our prayers and support to those who are still recovering those who were injured. I want to commend the work of the mayor in the city officials. State officials federal officials who were here too numerous to name but we're grateful for that the work that they're doing. Under the most horrific. Circumstances. And finally senator Germaine to me and I after getting. Everything and then tour of course want to offer our help anyway that we. We begin to be of assistance today tomorrow. Short term and long term. Thank you senator Casey. The scene is so horrific and heartbreaking scene. And my prayers go out to the people who lost their lives in this terrible tragedy. For those who are injured all of their families. I also want to take a moment to express my appreciation. To be first responders. The men and women. This city's police and fire. Forces schools responded that such professionalism mayor nutter deserves a great deal of credit he and his team. Have pulled together a very very effective and well coordinated effort that's included the federal as well as the city officials so. We we appreciate what they're doing and we we wanted to express both our condolences and our. Appreciation for that effort and a senator Casey pointed out the big part of my being here in his being here is to make sure the mayor nutter and city of Philadelphia knows that if there's anything the federal government can be doing now we want to make sure does now. Senators Casey and senator Julie. Thank you both the response of the federal level. There's been tremendous. Here and with that in mind. Let me also reports view of that shortly after the earlier press conference today. I hadn't be honor and opportunity to speak directly with president Barack Obama. Who called one it's again on the ground. Information and facts. The president is very concerned about what has happened here express is condolences. As well but also pledged a full support. Of the federal government and all the agencies under the executive branch of the government. President bill's very saddened by what has happened but he was tremendously supportive. And encouraging however average here on the grounds that I want to say thank you Mr. President Barack Obama overalls news. Leadership and support in these. Difficult. And tragic times would bat let me open beaches and questions for anything that we can answer. Please understand if I can answer questions now because I don't want to tell you things it's because I literally don't have information. We're not gonna speculate on anything thought he served. I I would not say that while the asserts. Is very very active again as we've literally just left the scene there are. Significant number of personnel. Problem the fire department police provided security Amtrak personnel. Pat down on the on the tracks and now off attacks because it. Most of the train is actually off the tracks we will not. Sees our efforts so we are absolutely sure. That we've gone through every vehicle. The search area has actually been expanded there was expanded search area. Last night also winds canine dogs because. It was dark. And that search expanded this morning we have officers and other personnel. Two. Look even further. Big case as someone was possibly found. From the drain so would be the search process is a vigorous and active went on and ask you to do. President said this earlier if you could just literally just raise your hand give me a little idea as a way of brown I'll try to get as many as I can yes sir. I'll come right back over like. The home. I cannot confirm anything like that and I don't believe even the NTSB. Would be in a position to confirm anything like that they're still going through their message or process as I mentioned. Earlier today the event recorders I think that's the official term. For what we often. You domestically called a black box. There in Wilmington Delaware I've been downloaded and analyze and so again let us please not try to speculate on what. You could find out in fact. In a couple of days I understand the need. Where you to get out information but let us that. I have our need to get out information overwhelm. Aaron good common sense to have accurate information out in the marketplace so let's not speculate heard a voice over here. Tommy. Warm up. I'm I don't have. Complete certainty about. Two trains. I'm aware of a report about one trains. That has nothing to do with this incident at all. Different plays different saying nothing to do when this tragedy here and that may have been stones or rocks or something like that nothing to do with this particular incident. Back over here yes. Involvement the end yes. Previous press conference that he leave it up in the air thinking of them was speaking with investigators. He declined to seek help them. Yet well first body to correct something that said earlier I think as kind of train going thugs. You often think of the conductor as a person who's in charge of the train or possibly even driving it. That's incorrect on my part it's actually the engineer. So there's an engineer who actually drives the train. And a conductor. Deals with issues of ticketing customers are senators that are so first I was incorrect earlier when I describe. When I gave information about the conductor when I actually was talking about the engineer the engineer. Was injured. Received medical care. Was then interviewed by the Philadelphia Police Department. And made whatever statement he may have made I do not know what his statement is and I am in position. To talk about that and that's normal protocol processing procedures but a statement was given. I am. By one. Anything. I don't have any detailed information on the deceased and again I'm gonna ask. Fear and thousands. I watch it. We all do all we do for a living I get back. These are human lives is of people and families just like any of us out here. Do not want to get into discussions about individuals. When we know that families are still trying to figure out. Where their family member is where they on the transit and acted on the train where they injured were they walking wounded and never. Reported that to us I don't have that level of detail on any. The individuals the seven now. That we've been friends are disease yes sir. Doing okay. Yeah. I. I'm not sure what video you're talking about I did see on Wednesdays and I don't want to disrespect anyone accessory letter station in two letters are the same. Eyes. A. I saw on television. Some classes of life. Possibly from a residence. Video on camera on the back of their home I could not figure out. Kind of what was going on. In that and I'm not aware of any other video being available or being observed. They handed over here yes ma'am. It's my understanding. From an earlier conversation. At least at this moment that's actually not a part of the NTSB protocol. Under these circumstances they are investigating. The accident. A train they are looking at tracks downloading information from. There you've had reporters they are looking at. You know where the curve was trying to determine a point at which to train. Actually went off that tracks and so that responsibility is actually left to local law enforcement in this particular case is not a matter of NTSB. Not talking to of this particular individual is an editor protocol for this moment that is left to the local authorities. Gentlemen is gonna hurt himself. There you've done your news name and location. Farmers. I'm not gonna get in two accounted for on it now. Before you know the details about giving you what I've been around. We have seven individuals unfortunately who passed away we traded. Were transported upwards of 200 plus. Individuals and we have an estimate. Witches. Not completely. Tighter consent of about 240. That comes at a previous president to join of 43. Total individuals we believe. We're on the train we are still carry trade manifests. And hospital records and matching up individually pieces of information that we can glean but again. People buy tickets and don't get on a trip some Amtrak personnel. Trying to get from one place the other man out of him and had a ticket where have been identified as being on. This particular strains or where tediously trying to go through that but I'm not gonna get into. You know the mathematical calculations. How many folks are nominated transport and what happens it would be politically it's. Yes you want that as a yes. May have man man in the eighties and he's leading young people on the left brain. We have been doing GAAP yeah. I have no information about and I'm not in any positions. Articulate on that yes right. Let me let me let me dealt a bad so. I'm again on the bass clear understanding and your indulgence. We've suffered a tragedy. Here in our city. Seven people. At that as a result. A train derailment which is a very unusual. Is that I don't believe that anyone sitting here standing here today as any memory. Of a derailment of this. In fifty years. And so what I ask your indulgences is that we American institute. Policy discussions or what or what can you do or anything else what we have to do to death. What we have to stay focused on every person out here in this shifts in waves of people are coming. Is making sure that we are searching every car every inch every. Thousands. Square feet. Two find or locate individuals who may have been on that train or. Do data compassion. To make sure that we are servicing people they'll be another day for policy. And our politics I'm asking that today not be that day that we respect the suburbs of Los family members and those that we are still searching for. Last question enemies and. Don't you. We're not gonna get into that's again that's purely speculative and you want to talk about. What's acceptable speed and somebody else doesn't talk about it was gone a hundred miles an hour that we wanted to do was have a map that figured out it's just that's not gonna happen. There's Israel in the last question. Oh yeah. Yeah. You know you're in stereo but I heard neither one of them. I'm yeah. I doubt that the chairman of the board of Amtrak would have that kind of information that we can get that information. Or in a position. Had to release and I would be glad to get back to thank you will be attached it. That's the latest from the mayor of Philadelphia and other top officials there the senators. Pennsylvania's welcome permanent fact that seven people now dead from a crash in the city's port Richmond section of Amtrak train service. The sources in Philadelphia New York suspended. And at 3:30 eastern time officials from temple university hospital expected after the conditions of those victims that are being treated there. Well how that right here on ABC news did you going continuing coverage. Of this derailment in Philadelphia throughout the day and ABC news digital keep up with the story download and ABC news happens star in this. For updates on the go. I'm Dan Kraft where New York.

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{"duration":"20:15","description":"Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and other top officials update the investigation into the deadly Amtrak train derailment that killed seven people Tuesday night in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"31021914","title":"Philadelphia Amtrak Crash: Mayor Says 7th Person Found Dead in Wreckage","url":"/US/video/philadelphia-amtrak-crash-mayor-7th-person-found-dead-31021914"}