Philadelphia Amtrak Crash: Six People Dead; Investigators Recover Black Box

Officials say they've recovered the black box from the site of a deadly train crash in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia. ABC News' David Kerley and David Wright report from Philadelphia.
6:59 | 05/13/15

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Transcript for Philadelphia Amtrak Crash: Six People Dead; Investigators Recover Black Box
Breaking right now the nation's busiest train route shut down between new York and Philadelphia at least six people killed overnight. In this deadly train derailment all seven cars from this Amtrak train. You're sharp curve and Philadelphia's port Richmond section. Hospitals threw out the city treating victims passengers describing it is complete chaos one of the survivors of the crash the train's operator. Hello I'm time Hernandez in New York out of that mangled wreckage officials have recovered the train's black box and video footage. From the front of the train at this hour here's what we know. That Amtrak train was traveling on a route between Washington DC add New York. A lot of operates 22 trips every day at about 928 last night shortly after leaving Philadelphia's thirtieth street station in Center City. Train carrying 238 passengers and five crew members went off the tracks in the city's port Richmond section. And ABC's David curly joins us live from near that crash site hello David officials just updated us on that situation what did we learn. Well as you just mentioned some very important data has been recovered that is thought fox. Inside the train that has all the information about speed what was going on with the locomotive that we'll tell them quite a bit and as you also mentioned they have this. Front looking camera video camera which they have. Now we're told by the NTSB that this box has been taken to Delaware they're taking a snapshot of it there if Fuller read out is than expected. We will hear again from NTSB later this afternoon and we should have. A lot more information at least factual information about what this train was doing as it came around a curve here. Just north of Philadelphia and went off the rails one of those cars of the seven cars that this engine was fully. Is a main goal of mangled mess twisted the others a couple of other sides a couple still upright that's where most of the passengers. Were able to escape from. But this one car that fear is that there may be other victims in there so far we are at six day. As you mentioned time. One of the problems officials talked about is determining. How many people were in fact on that training still don't have a full count of the manifest why did that the at this point in time. What we've ever taken this route as many of us have here in the northeast corridor you buy a ticket to get the train you're not assigned to see. There are different places that you can sit in the train so it's difficult to match and his David Wright we'll tell you. It was also covering this story with the here Upton Philadelphia. That a lot of people were moved to different hospitals so it's it's going to be difficult bid ask anybody who survived the crash has gone home. Not to actually call in and ask everybody who was on that train to call in and let them know where they arsenic and try and squares of these details. Figure out how many people may still be missing in a unaccounted. David Allan thank you so much for joining us ABC's David Hurley with us following this breaking news right after crash site. And now hospitals throughout Philadelphia treating victims from that crash it ABC's David Wright. Outside temple university hospital. In North Philadelphia about three miles east of the derailment hello David officials still sticking to that initial. Tally of the deep deep six people but the number of injured in the crash he could be somewhat fluid how how our hospital for handling these scores of injuries. Well it's fair to say that dozens of patients have been dead transported to hospitals do five hospitals in total. And then what's happened is that some of the more serious cases have been brought here to temple university hospital this is one of the few level one trauma centers and the Philadelphia area so many of the more serious cases brought here we're told that eight people as of this morning are in critical condition here one person died in the hospital overnight because of chest trauma basically they were slammed against the wall of the trainer crushed by debris. And then there's. At least one other hospital where there are two critical cases but it's very difficult to get a firm number on the on the total number of people transported to most recent estimate was 200 bed it seems that the closer number or maybe about a 150. But still that's more than half the people that would have been on this train. I and David we're told obviously not every patient is able to identify themselves at this point it's of the type of crash were you are really tossed around. Practice clear of all of your identification your wallet in the incidence what are hospital officials doing to help nail down that manifest. What we talked to one fellow who is an Associated Press reporter who is like many of the injured here just separates them scrapes and bruises. He went through some X rays as the preliminary measure but he said that the seeing. Getting off the train was quite chaotic because as you can imagine you're stepping out of a train onto an active railway line there are downed. Power lines and you're not sure what dangers may work and he said that that immediate. Aftermath was quite stressful and people will have left some things behind in the train. However. Once they begin to process people once they begin to triage people that became more orderly scene bringing people to the various hospitals. But from now they've got all these hospitals have to compare notes and they've got to compare that to the manifest of the train and a lot of the people who were lightly injured or were not injured at all we'll have scattered many of them their destination wasn't Philadelphia they would have been onward bound the strain ran into this accident about five minutes after leaving thirtieth street station here so they may have already gone on their way Amtrak as David Hurley mention is hoping that they'll call in. To check in and then finally we may be able to get some count as to how many people are injured and how many people may be unaccounted for and David we know the conductor survived the do we have any more information about. We know that he was injured in the crash that he was treated in the hospital for some light injuries. He's also being questioned now by the Philadelphia police and one would assume also by the National Transportation Safety Board his testimony will be key because he would have been at the front of that train and would. Been aware of what had. Hazards may have existed there were what surprises may have caused this trained to do Ralph so that's going to be a very crucial in their view and that's a key factor in this investigation. ABC's David Wright David thank you again for joining thanks. I we're gonna continuing coverage of this deadly derailment in Philadelphia threw out the day. On a bikinis digital you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news at. And starring this story for exclusive updates on the go. Anti Hernandez in New York.

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{"duration":"6:59","description":"Officials say they've recovered the black box from the site of a deadly train crash in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia. ABC News' David Kerley and David Wright report from Philadelphia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"31002561","title":"Philadelphia Amtrak Crash: Six People Dead; Investigators Recover Black Box","url":"/US/video/philadelphia-amtrak-crash-people-dead-investigators-recover-black-31002561"}