The push to reopen schools and states dropping mask mandates

ABC medical expert Dr. Jay Bhatt weighs in on Royal Caribbean’s vaccinated-only cruise this summer.
3:53 | 03/04/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The push to reopen schools and states dropping mask mandates
And frolic the latest on a bring an internist and ABC news medical contributor doctor. Good morning thanks your being here in this that this content of this vaccinated people only cruise. Israeli interest in do you think this could be the future travel. Morning Diane thanks so much for having me. I think you. This is one example of how he might see the vaccination. Our concept come into play. Whether it is. Long traders abdication. I think at this issue with there resign Israel you know Israel has been a leader Rex nations. With significant doses and informally and having received both those aren't so. Part of my feet were thinking about context of the finest. Community transmission when community transmission and lower and you have vaccinated each individual's. That is encouraging and and help her think the kind of surges we've seen in the past. And doctor proud she has said that states like Texas that a lifting all of their restrictions and that's ill advised but what about states that are slowly lifting. Some restrictions like reopening movie theaters are in her dining at limited capacity. And I think it's really important that we now let her guard Noelle that the virus will find its way. Tinged acting more and more people we do that and so we remember this summer sir and other moments where we let our guard down. And at the virus made its way to many people now that changes yet vaccinations and we've got to double down and getting as many vaccinated people. Moving forward. And it is your district public health guidelines and only moved a wide reopening would need admission rate all. There's evidence that endured any increases risk. And there's evidence that. Gatherings without people being vaccinated. And I think. I think we meet. Just think about it and are really an important way within the context community transmission and assessing her. In areas where cases ours are lower. I think you can use on the restrictions if you have. And didn't vaccination plan that smooth being and there are. There's community transmission slow absolutely. That being said it's still more in Damascus on born in distance. And those are public health. Pension tactics Reno were transmission and. People and then the issue that's probably getting the most attention around the country has for months is the push to get schools reopened. Is it safe for teachers to go back to the classroom before their Macs and is based on the data we have right now. Think that it's not safe for that to happen I think we should it. Have teachers be vaccinated. As much as possible before they go back to school and I know in some cases that might be all and we want to get out. School reopening. That's been on and it's awful way that we both say. And not see rises in transmission. And how might the Johnson and Johnson's single dose vaccine out and it's out. Cannot help speed up does process and also make distribution more equitable. Absolutely Johnson & Johnson vaccine is just another tool we have in our vaccine. Toolbox. To prevent since the year and in critical disease hospitalization and all vaccines do that. And so it's really important that. We get those vaccinated. At its response to another increase in supply. It provides a boost to US musician. And and it hasn't handled temperatures or your arm which makes it easier to distribute. Doctor. Thanks for having me.

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"ABC medical expert Dr. Jay Bhatt weighs in on Royal Caribbean’s vaccinated-only cruise this summer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76251878","title":"The push to reopen schools and states dropping mask mandates","url":"/US/video/push-reopen-schools-states-dropping-mask-mandates-76251878"}