Former Raider Antonio Brown joins Patriots on eve of NFL’s opening weekend

The wide receiver signed a one-year, $15 million deal with the defending Super Bowl champions.
3:18 | 09/09/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Former Raider Antonio Brown joins Patriots on eve of NFL’s opening weekend
We're going to turn next to the drama in the NFL it's only week one but yes there is already drama and it involves perhaps the game's best receiver Antonio Brown. Want to bring in from our sister network ESPN the NFL front desk office inside of the former executive in Miami Dolphins in the New York Jets our friend Mike ten involved. Mike why is Antonio Brown knocked on the raiders and why is he headed to the patriots. Very unusual situation in terms of multiple meetings multiple infractions with the old glory or specifically with their general manager Mike me off allegedly had. A screaming. Can match. During practice. They release them for. In part conduct detrimental which is very significant that Wade's 29100000. Dollars in guarantees between his between nineteen and 20/20 salaries. He became a free agent very quickly at 4 o'clock on Saturday which was the deadline in terms of all players on their team to 4 o'clock if there are veteran have their salaries guarantee for the season. Opportunistically. New England swept in and signed to a one year deal. A New England played last night they seem to do fine without him but. I imagine the addition of Antonio Brown only makes you stronger. That's exactly right and there are 31 other teams are saying that today. When you look at what they can do now with Antonio Brown Julian Edelman Josh scored into marriage Thomas they have. An embarrassment of riches at the wide receiver position but they were doing what most good corporations do good teams do they were being opportunistic they signed. Applera when your deal at a discounted amount of money that you have no draft choices so their downsides protected and there's a lot of upside here so for coach bill checked. It me a lot of sense as a fresh start for Antonio Brown. It seems like he's going to need it after his bat with raiders but it is. In all kinda looked a little too convenient if you you know who he's posting video about a conversation. With his former head coach at its does that look fishy at all. Yeah there's a lot conspiracy theories out there in terms of a player would have behaved that way to try to avoid about thirty million dollars in guarantees without knowing that he has a landing spot. But with that said he only signed a one year deal so he's assuming a lot of the risk and to the patriots credit. There's a lot more at risk for the player in terms of what can he recover in 20/20. As a free agents so not only does he up to play well in the 2019 season. But more importantly he has to behave well because a 31 other teams are going to be assessing that all season long. Because we can't make it there he could be at the end of the road so Antonio Brown has a lot on the state. Not only on the field but financially what his future could look like and patriots can keep him under control. I do because they're going to this with your eyes wide open at literally the speeches you gonna come here. If today goes well we'll see Amaro and let's just step one good day on top of the next. And there's been a great opportunity for you it and we lost a guy like Rob Gronkowski. Some of that production house to go to other players if you go to you whatever happened the past we don't care about we have to be on time you have to. Abide by our rules if you do that we do a lot of great things together. Mike Tannenbaum from our sister network EST NI wonder fewer in the front office if you make that same deal and Antonio Brown I don't know. Tough choice but Antonio Brown headed of the patriots from the raiders are thanks to you.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"The wide receiver signed a one-year, $15 million deal with the defending Super Bowl champions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65487240","title":"Former Raider Antonio Brown joins Patriots on eve of NFL’s opening weekend","url":"/US/video/raider-antonio-brown-joins-patriots-eve-nfls-opening-65487240"}