Rapper Lil Nas X causes ‘satanic panic’ with new music video

Pop culture critic Jawn Murray discusses Lil Nas X’s use of provocative imagery as his new song reaches the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
4:49 | 04/07/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rapper Lil Nas X causes ‘satanic panic’ with new music video
Now to the number one song on the billboard hot 100 as of today it's called Montero call me buyer name by low nonsense take a listen. And really need. Yeah. That big dairy exit number one has not come without controversy as a video satanic demon homo erotic displays of affection have caused. Quite the reaction online and be on joining us now to break it all down. As far as the drama for us the pop culture critic in friend of ABC news prime. John Murray John thank you so much for joining us is always now issue now despite all the blowback the song received. Is still ahead. What do you think of that says about music lovers and and pop culture our country. You know Lindsay whether you love little not decks or you're one of the people shouting Jesus take that we don't. As of this Clark has. 100 million people. Have watched this video and aides concept or YouTube and as you mentioned it's not want to pop charts this was a sense Oracle's week. One seemed a little not except tormented him his whole life the Christians who told him that he was going to live inhaled so he wanted to turn held back towards them and say listen I. Actually went there and he took these things he created the CGI video what this all. And whether they love that they hated people are paying attention to it and he though all the way there may. Police why not at Bolling keep it in a video in the way he's a successful as Lansing. Throwing so called the video unabashedly queer and with the release of the song will now that's also attached a letter to his fourteen year old self. Which read in part this is very scary for me people will be angry they will say I'm pushing an agenda but the truth is I am. The agenda to make people stay out of other people's lives and stop dictating who they should be. Sending you love from the future. Of the moment is this when it comes to its a black we are men in particular in the music industry. We Lindsay in the seventies and eighties it was aren't listening suggest that he was probably the only real black. How old gay man. That was having commercial success in the music industry since then. Probably it really only name about a few people that. I have been able to have commercial success yet frank ocean and that Abbas based. RB singer resigned Paterson and the the pop performance artist Todd McCall but only out gay men that I can think that there really hadn't commercial success so little X is showing that. He's somebody who already broke through white as a high. Hybrid hip hop country singer and that in itself was controversial when he first came out. And now he's opening a door for other. Artists who can add particularly black. Gay artist who can leave it there truth and have commercial success it's a groundbreaking moment. And he's using art to provoke conversation. In many aspects and that's what that's when good art should do we should generate dialogue should have. He's thinking and and it really looking at what has not happened in in the music industry it's a map. And for those in the older generation who may be. Clutching their girls as they watch this video would you say that this is something that we've seen before in a way that Madonna our our other artists have really push the envelope in the past. Yeah excellent Zealand anybody who was watching. The rising Brothers verses aren't winning buyer vs last weekend was probably cringing a little bit but does little not it's video what I do believe that this is a page out of that Madonna sexual provocative tour religious themed playbook this. Some modern day adaptation. A vaccine. And I think what he's done this he's effective he's brought contemporary elements of this to a generation who may never you don't know what order lurid or read about. When Madonna was being cast their hill for that very beings that she and songs like like like a virgin and some of the images that she was depicting lumbered to its. I'm gonna throw little curve ball like you may have what do you think it will not section collaborate with next and why. You know I have to ask this video I think you know and after the song Lindsay there's so many other provocative tour is you know iconoclast. As a disrupt there's. In music so what they clamored for the Madonna whore. Grace Joel's Elton John A share cash anybody who has live in the authentic true been pushing boundaries and are evoking emotions and conversations making people uncomfortable through there aren't as a way to generate awareness and also have success. Those will be grateful I was a little not six. John Larry thanks so much for can get us hip and up today we appreciate it. That's what I do Lindsay. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"Pop culture critic Jawn Murray discusses Lil Nas X’s use of provocative imagery as his new song reaches the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76909664","title":"Rapper Lil Nas X causes ‘satanic panic’ with new music video","url":"/US/video/rapper-lil-nas-satanic-panic-music-video-76909664"}