Rep. Grace Meng draws attention to racism against Asian Americans

The New York congresswoman is pushing for legislation that would condemn anti-Asian rhetoric and violence.
3:14 | 03/05/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rep. Grace Meng draws attention to racism against Asian Americans
We clearly all need allies and one of our biggest allies in Washington is congresswoman grace man who's joining us live from queens new York and she's on the forefront of passing legislation condemning anti Asian rhetoric and violence -- introduced a resolution last march that passed in the house despite a 164. Republicans voting against it congresswoman thanks for joining us. H Mimi junior. It's good to see you even digitally again you know you've been calling for more attention and action against hateful rhetoric and violence towards Asian Americans for the past year frustrated has it being. For use it soon shout out about these attacks and not have any action and yet at the same time do you feel like there's momentum to finally tackled some of these issues given the renewed spotlight. And bolts are accurate it's been really frustrating since feel that our community has been seen as. Invisible in the past are especially during this past year but I will say in the last few weeks. Although it's sad because the number of incidents have gone out. I do feel like the mainstream world as being more attention. From corporation's. New politicians. And who are allied communities. You know you let me listen to some of the racist voicemails you received after you introduce that piece of legislation. When you hear that kind of vitriolic in people's voices do you ever get concerns that may be these racist attitudes and behaviors are so deeply ingrained. No matter what a government official says or does she. While it makes Steve feels sad but I try to ask that they get personally. There is always an ocean in many Asian unmarried kids are foreigners and it just saddens needs your field. We are off since I'm still viewed as outsiders and not as true Americans. But I don't take it personally I think a bit as an opportunity here for our community to unite to speak. To show strength within each other and with other committees as well. So let's just look ahead to some solutions you've worked in Queens senior community for years to build bridges what do you see as the most important action that needs to be taken and also local and the federal level sit to stem these attacks. So we do have a legislation we have our resolution in which condemns anti Asian bigotry. President Biden's and the memory and some that's as similar things. Well we are also trying to work with the federal government I have pending legislation for example that would require the Department of Justice. It's allocate more resource news. More person now that's specifically folk kiss. On an Asian American community each and the discrimination that we faced during cold bid on the it's also important to opt for me remember the words of a local activists who said the answer Teresa's own. It's never more racism it's solidarity we does wonder well. Opportune moment right now to strength and our coalitions. With in our own communities and with other communities as well. Congresswoman main thank you free time and for your service.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"The New York congresswoman is pushing for legislation that would condemn anti-Asian rhetoric and violence.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76263754","title":"Rep. Grace Meng draws attention to racism against Asian Americans","url":"/US/video/rep-grace-meng-draws-attention-racism-asian-americans-76263754"}