Rep. Maxine Waters remembers John Lewis

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., discusses the life and legacy of civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis, the response to the coronavirus in California, and stimulus efforts in Congress.
8:15 | 07/21/20

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Transcript for Rep. Maxine Waters remembers John Lewis
And staying in Washington now and to that emotional scene that played out today on the house floor. Our hero. Our colleague. Our brother. Our friend. Received it and answered it this final summons from god almighty. The house honoring the memory of legendary congressman John Lewis. Who died over the weekend at the age of eighty this colleagues joined him only a science another round of the forms of support outside and the last group and speaker from the 1963. March on Washington joining us now is longtime colleague and close friend of congressman Lewis represented Maxine Waters of California. Thank you so much for joining us tonight. I'm delighted to be here and I'm so appreciative for the time. That's being given shoes. The life and times did John Lewis. And let's start with that as well I mean so much going on but just to take a moment it to have you reflect on the life and legacy of the congressman what he meant you personally and also what he meant. How he looms so large for the country. Gentleness. Exhumed and as everyone knows that now. Or was in and started name and and then mutual human being pulled from a very early age understood that something was wrong with discrimination. With racism. It's six it's seventeen years old. He got involved in this or rights movement and again and. Ads and over and over again school is only 23 years old when he was able to speech at the march on Washington DC. More to adapt to Martin Sheen. He headed the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and he continued. He was consistent. In everything that he did. On the issue. Opening. This country. Fairness and for justice and black support. The constitution of the United States to everyone's right to participate. Equally in this democracy. And so I am John. Black games hundreds. You know his work and what it was doing and I remember when he ran Africa items that are very tough race. And when I came to congress. I can remember. Looking at him and thinking that this Civil Rights Act. It is someone who is not only. Emerging. As a leader. The congress that the United States he's going to be able to get that congress and the House of Representatives which. In that direction that's going to lead us to a better place and so. Went to listen to Lola. Adam grade that it got quite. Because they knew that he had something important to say Anne never want to listen to him. He was perhaps the most highly respected members of the House of Representatives Evers and I've been here which. Along with this war. Always advocated not the ups and indictments and where ever you say whatever he did whenever you talk to young people. That was at. Being able to stand up and back. But we're now starting to see that summer spike including your city of Los Angeles. Do you think LA will need to have another full lockdown in order to get things under control. They waited there. He got and it has already come out. Dating that everybody wears a mask. And then he's locking yeah. It is gone but we didn't fare well she said early on but I think depression. All of those governors and state that opening. You know calls a lot of pressure to be an onion. Began to open up and I don't think they humiliated wanted to do that but he started. Who has people who flock to the beaches in the cards etc. and so now we have that surge we are right up there. We'd what is happening in Florida. And it takes is an Arizona. Oh. Yes this is not a new. Surge this isn't continue and search that has. Guinness. In ways that we did I think what happened to us in California because we were doing so where. Congress is also back in Washington are working on another possible round of economic stimulus are you concerned that the two sides won't be able to get on the same page before Americans start to feel. Even more economic pain in the coming weeks especially regarding those expanded unemployment benefits that are sets of spider. Well you know what I'm. Continuously surprised about is the fact that we have Republican members. You know in this and it led mammoth hunt room. Who will not end seems. As if they a threat to. A hole as the president of the United States. And his leadership on this issue. It is absolutely unthinkable. That we here in the United States. Could be bailing in the way that we're doing when we have so many other countries. We've always looked up to last and smaller countries we're doing so well. So it's end. The United States senate and we expect. Either going to happen. Com into negotiations. In a credible way of knowing and understanding what the situation is in this country. Dining and its and then go red team is searching. And lastly just switching gears he would ask about a moment it's popped up on social media showing at a police stop in saying they stopped a brother so I stopped to see what they were doing just explain what happened and why you felt that it was necessary for. On T Maxine to get involved. Well you know absolutely. No question in my mind is what happened with George low pressure on my mind is what happened when they're gotten. Fresh and iMac is back there unharmed in black men are being Jill. We today to protect. And serve us and so upper floors where an eyewitness. Another black man. Minced up pretty early. In the morning. The police I want to know what it's going to launch they. Young man go acted they had stripped him down. In his shirt in his jacket that he had taken up this boosts and all of that. I was watching and they told me to move my big goal did. And I stood there and they said they've gotten give me tickets the that Parker reckless. I invited them to do just that if they got the need to get rich it. Please do that and then when they wanted to force me to sign the ticket Ayatollah couldn't do that I would not do that. Could be arrested. If I didn't that's the ticket to guarantee my parents I told them I didn't matter to end to appear anywhere. And they needed to lose and it was their duty and they that they needed to arrest me build bridges over because I was not. Going to sag. Cheney who I think you're over to hold him. That. Sharon to talk about ticketed me and that they (%expletive) Not give me a ticket and so. All over congresswoman Maxine Waters we thank you so much for your time. Welcome and thank you all the time I think you get into a giant Louis are you.

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{"duration":"8:15","description":"Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., discusses the life and legacy of civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis, the response to the coronavirus in California, and stimulus efforts in Congress.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71887849","title":"Rep. Maxine Waters remembers John Lewis","url":"/US/video/rep-maxine-waters-remembers-john-lewis-71887849"}