The rush to save horses from California wildfires

Dozens of horses were rescued from one ranch in Shadow Hills, California.
3:22 | 12/06/17

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Transcript for The rush to save horses from California wildfires
We just witnessed this horse is just running toward the plane actually. We can hear the planes in the distant. Just crackling all those trees and this horses running toward the fire toward the danger. Obviously looks like a first responder of some sort trying to get reports. To safety but. It just shows the sheer panic that's happening out here lanes are coming up from behind us I just wanna. Quickly introduce you go to Sonya Sonya you're getting your horse is out to safety like so many people here what's going through your mind. It's caves in this. I just don't know letting go all I I don't know where that word Kate them where it saved right here I can vote part downy hair. My car and and Meyer made her house glad they're stuck to end they can't get there are out. This is. Is pretty crazy. I don't wanna hold you up and get your horse at this safety thank you for chatting with. This is the scene out here people just taking their animals two by two as bested they can. Come take a look over this way. We're gonna show we use some of the flames that are quickly approaching our area right now. Here's another man with its horse. Star how many more courses you have left. Anymore my. Money more. Funny more horses you can see them coming and people just strangers bringing their trailers out here. To get some horses on to their trailers and get them to safety absolute chaos I just met Jennifer who. It's taking over animals to safety and then get a park and come back to help others. What is going through your mind how are you dealing with. Well I just hope to god at its best places. In California. Describe to me to chaos right now I'm there's still many horses and horse and trailer yourself. Out there can. Horse trailer rig horse here and help his out of our place. May still be going we may have to move it from their tip. Are you getting emotional Ari just in the zone. I can't get emotional hit get a motion with his right now I'm two. And these people with some people here for years. I think he's so much for stopping go and help other animals we so appreciate your time. Four courses are being rescued right now by animal service says. There are of course skittish and scared so I'm its huge back a little bit. Because yet you can see they put the covers over their it. And that's to just make sure that of course that death doesn't get in but from what I understand that make sure that they're not you're scared. And they can't be so they're loading these horses up one by one. And I it was just informed by somebody else that there's about forty more horses up the road. Well the fire is out of control now when is. Taken at this place pagan that way we have ordering winds we have stables off these skills. There are people trapped in Aaron they can't get out they don't have trailers. The problem is that the fires unpredictable. And it it till it's gone this way it's gone now weighing. We have Roman candles around us here on your. Everybody's honor. But we're all helping one another.

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{"id":51614870,"title":"The rush to save horses from California wildfires","duration":"3:22","description":"Dozens of horses were rescued from one ranch in Shadow Hills, California.","url":"/US/video/rush-save-horses-california-wildfires-51614870","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}