Sandy Hook shooting 7 years later

Sandy Hook Promise co-founder talks about losing her son in the Newtown mass shooting and explains what her organization is doing to combat gun violence.
3:26 | 12/16/19

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Transcript for Sandy Hook shooting 7 years later
A day of remembrance over the weekend seven years ago when December 14 2012. A terrible horrific tragedy at sandy hook elementary school. In Newtown Connecticut twenty beautiful first graders and six teachers murdered in a mass she'd a shooting that. Deep unspeakable pain felt across the nation and that gun violence now the second leading cause of death of children under the age. Of nineteen but for one mother Nicole hotly who knows as Greek all too well. There is still hope she's the co-founder. And managing director of sandy a promise in joins me now. Nichols so happy that you could be with us today. I just want to ask you first what did you award December 14 to look like this year sends you also lost her son. Would this year as as with most years we went down to John's playgrounds in Westport. And had friends and damning with us as we remember Dylan and what a wonderful boy he was and then it just had a lot of activities the rest of the day with. Friends family and keeping my fifteen year old son very active. Yes and so in response in this tragedy seven years ago. You decided to create. The sandy hope promise because you think that these things can be prevented. Yes it I just think they can be her rent and actually know they can be prevented an art. Arnault designs training programs that we do in schools across the country have already averted. Many many school shooting threats and suicide threats and other acts of violence in schools so we know. That we need noticed signs you can prevent tragedies from happening like what happened at sandy hook. So I was reading. The article that you just recently wrote in in style magazine the title of it it was saying the real legacy of the last decade. We'll be mass shootings. What do you feel when you see these mass shootings happening. As regularly as they do now as frequent as they do. It's just so heartbreaking that there continuing especially when we know that there. They are preventable and there is a way to stop admit there's many ways to stop them including early prevention is well as. Tactical. Strategies around imminent danger so the fact that they continue to happen in schools and churches and in malls malls and concerts is just. So heartbreaking because we know that all these communities and families don't have to be going through the grief that that we suffer here at sandy hook every day. And I just wish we could accelerate change so that we're keeping our kids safe. Yen when you talk about know the signs what should people be looking for you have this program and basically empowers people to. Protect themselves what should people be doing. There's multiple signs to be looking for and it includes everything from someone who is. Chronically socially isolated are bullying all the way up to someone who is accessing. About previous shootings are bragging about access to weapons are recruiting others to join in an attack someone who doesn't know how to. Manage their emotions are how to resolve conflicts. There's a lot of different signs all available on our web sites and you have promised untoward that people can learn about. That it can help someone before they pick up any sort of weapon to hurt themselves or someone else. All right Nicole hock Lee. We appreciate you being with us today we we we thank you for your time.

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{"duration":"3:26","description":"Sandy Hook Promise co-founder talks about losing her son in the Newtown mass shooting and explains what her organization is doing to combat gun violence.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67757218","title":"Sandy Hook shooting 7 years later","url":"/US/video/sandy-hook-shooting-years-67757218"}