Severe weather damage across the Midwest

ABC News' Alex Perez reports from storm damage in Oak Grove, Missouri.
5:26 | 03/07/17

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Transcript for Severe weather damage across the Midwest
And there it's odds Verizon from ABC news and we are in oak grove Missouri today and you can probably see some of that damage behind me here this is where the areas that was hit hard by them storms that rolled through the area last night those. Massive storm sort of went from. -- is always up north to Minnesota where they are dealing with strong winds and a lot of damage I'm going to think you've Norwalk Gary show you what we're seeing what they're dealing with here today but if with the. There. You can see ages that some of the damage and devastation here now we're gonna walk right this way this was. Reduce huge gap is here it is supposed yeah homes standing. Here it's all gone are those two cars are where the garage relies and this is the shot that she is still unbelievable to. Except these are the front steps here so as you walk up to the front steps are supposed to be up front door right here but instead. You see all of this devastation here. This woman who lives here Brenda Johnson told me she lived here since 1993. And now of course not everything she Jones. Hot is now. Gone there's actually a bathroom she sat right underneath here. And he was in that back him if he was able to still lives here her husband sought refuge there were able to us they're alive but they say the walk through this neighborhood here. And I can show you. That they are dealing with a lot of issues here today if they try to accept the damaging. Clean up these blues. I did hear it sends really doubt all day and all. Of the night. Trying to clean up and they clean up and make sure they're working I'd be out power line the gas lines. And all those other utilities that could become an issue our problem after a situation like this. And you see things like visit it just breaks your heart because a lot of people here of course like all of us have worked all their lives for their homes. And lost it all I just. A couple of hours. Over new heights in some cases it just a few minutes. They lost every day. This pounded. Oak grove Missouri. About 8000 people living here just under 8000. And authorities today and here's during a similar damage here authorities say about a quarter. Of the homes here. We're damage 483. Homes received some serve damage out of those 483. Homes they say about. When he of them. We're completely destroyed. Now let's put this camera back around at. As war I mean they ripped some of these streams. There have been here for a years decades in some cases literally snap them just like twigs and now people say that they were not able to rob. Do anything about it. Are a lot of people we talked to here tell me that out. They knew the storm was coming there are preparing. They took whatever precautions they could they had a plan in place. But it all happened very very quickly and they say that out before they knew it they. Storm yeah. They heard loud noise this event on May came up for it out to sort of it analyze and assess the situation. A lot of them. Cannot decline dad damage and debris like this here now authorities allies there to spend most of the day today. I think we can walk living here SUVs. And a damage in the race other district most of the day. To day here. Bakley. Needs to be done so that. People can begin that process. You know figuring out. Where they're gonna stay act and they come back to their homes they need to stay with family. I get a hotel allies did they lose everything or there's some things are vacant salvage. Those are questions that people are going to be trying to answer. Today in the that in the next few days now. This. Storm is kind of narrow but. Really powerful from from Kansas all the way up to Minnesota Minnesota overnight saw I. A rare tornado for this time of year. And places like Wyoming that winds are so strongly that semi trucks for Jack night. So it's really did difficult. Time with mother nature the last few weeks because. The strong winds and tornadoes have been popping up and creating problems all over the place. As far as oak grove Missouri here authorities say the clean up. Just beginning it's going to be a while before things return to normal here. But the good news. They were about twelve people who were treated for minor injuries but the good news here is that no one. Was killed everyone is okay and as. That'd be nice people I talk to here just a short time ago told me everything else can be replaced they're gonna begin that process. They're grateful to be alive and and after the gonna focus on right now so that's the latest from here are now oak grove Missouri. Where they're assessing the damage. And beginning the cleanup.

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{"duration":"5:26","description":"ABC News' Alex Perez reports from storm damage in Oak Grove, Missouri. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"45976448","title":"Severe weather damage across the Midwest","url":"/US/video/severe-weather-damage-midwest-45976448"}