Super Bowl 2013 Highlights: Best Moments of the Night

Entertainment Weekly's Darren Franich discusses game, halftime show.
2:33 | 02/04/13

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Transcript for Super Bowl 2013 Highlights: Best Moments of the Night
Super Bowl 47 breaking all kinds of records on the field with the ravens taking on the 49ers and for all that star power we should he Jennifer Hudson. Bay. And she is affectionately known. At an exclusive from FaceBook last night take a look at -- these numbers here these were the top moments from the game ravens win the Super Bowl. Be out -- performing at halftime show and lights go down at the Super Bowl that top moments from last night as everyone is recovering today. Including Entertainment Weekly writer -- Fran -- Glued to the set one eye on the game the other I am beyoncé -- -- -- when she came out last night and the the game was huge 3431. Some great moments. But a lot of people waiting for -- -- -- -- -- list. Per game last night. There's really focused on the -- gutsy performance I mean. -- just what what -- sheer spectacle that was she came out she completely -- it it's funny how she almost came in as an underdog weirdly. On account of the whole lip -- controversy -- -- clearly just felt the need to just completely -- everyone's. I -- -- for opening for her last night exactly what they couldn't vote for -- yeah that -- exactly are literally shaking his -- -- -- -- -- star spangled banner easier to say you know these keys that piano I don't know anything that would they can't do when they're together you know obviously you know. That was originally wonderful moment but in some ways she -- -- toughest job because she'd go right in between the beyoncé on one side and -- Jennifer Hudson and sandy -- choir on the other side -- mean that was at a very powerful moments animal singing America the beautiful together that was Jennifer Hudson we should do it probably one of the strongest performances she's had yet. Absolutely enemy you know it's it's it's it's equal time for her because she's like she's about beyond on the ship's -- and I'm sure to have some theories about -- her with her. Figure out their little bit but just currently kids together mean that that was a -- -- for everyone -- -- and a nice way to start the game -- a great way to start the game unfortunate for the 49ers not a great way and again not with the the other big battle the fact that. There were. Brothers then hot competition last night and it's it's it's a great story -- -- lifelong niners fan but you just you and donning -- about -- yeah yeah yeah to help -- it with -- there -- you know -- The fact you know Jim -- and John -- two Brothers are so close in age couldn't be more different -- accounts John -- lovely man caring man Jim Harbaugh is a machine -- content I don't. Answer yet like you know what it -- -- showdown that was I don't -- who -- them in the movie of last night and they're probably will be held at the outlook for the review and Entertainment Weekly.

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{"id":18401305,"title":"Super Bowl 2013 Highlights: Best Moments of the Night","duration":"2:33","description":"Entertainment Weekly's Darren Franich discusses game, halftime show.","url":"/US/video/super-bowl-2013-highlights-best-moments-night-18401305","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}