Suspect in death of soldier Vanessa Guillen appears in court

Guillen’s body was identified two months after she went missing at Fort Hood.
2:17 | 07/06/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Suspect in death of soldier Vanessa Guillen appears in court
After two months investigators confirm they have identified the remains of missing army soldier Vanessa Guillen. 20 year old Guillen was last seen April 22 outside her bare except for hood in Killeen Texas Vanessa remains were found in Lee June. Twenty miles from the base. But we're only identified over this past weekend why it happened. Flights at this time for months he and Stanley claims army did not take her disappearance seriously. I'm not does women's game. And preening. In my room because no limits on what I want that she wants justice. Army investigators say the army private was killed and dismembered by if fellow soldier authorities say the suspect Aaron Robinson killed himself last Wednesday as investigators closed in on him. Now is alleged accomplice 22 year old Cecil. Actual argued in federal court for the first time today she told investigators that Robinson told her he'd bludgeoned he into debt with a hammer. Then drove idol are to a nearby river where they bought the dismembered teen's body using a hatchet or acts and machete type knife. I still. Cannot wrap my. A it's. How this how it is app work out the ace with thousands of people there. I I'll. So on for ever. According to his family attorney says Lee Adler told investigators that you saw a photo of her on air and Robinson's phone. And threatened to report him for adultery. A crying in the military but he incidentally doesn't believe that's the motive they say Robinson sexually harassed a key and. NASA's spot here her sisters all of its not like an asset to what we're excellent work. Fairly elite is she. Or we're not sexual harassment. Joaquin Castro the chairman of the congressional Hispanic caucus issued a statement saying congress has zero tolerance for sexual misconduct in the US military. And we will not stop pursuing justice for Vanessa Ian. And he is family is cooperate congressional investigation in how this case was handled. As for Cecily actor or if convicted she faces up to twenty years in prison. In Colorado Runyan prevent east news.

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"Guillen’s body was identified two months after she went missing at Fort Hood.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71638415","title":"Suspect in death of soldier Vanessa Guillen appears in court","url":"/US/video/suspect-death-soldier-vanessa-guillen-appears-court-71638415"}