Top stories impacting LGBTQ+ community amid Pride Month 2021

ABC News' Devin Dwyer reports on the landmark Supreme Court decision impacting the LGBTQ+ community and adoption.
9:12 | 06/18/21

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Transcript for Top stories impacting LGBTQ+ community amid Pride Month 2021
This is pride on ABC news law. What's next for the LG BTQ plus community and move to run. Steering wheel drive. The decision just emerging from the nation's highest court that could look bad. Half a century of progress LG BTQ plus Foster parents. Engage young people in that name of religious freedom. Plus pray away the Netflix stock debut shining new light on the truth harms called Comverge and there are. Fighting lesbian love being community and there's plenty of it on ticked off. We go inside that smoking will not that old warheads on Saturday night long. Choreographer to the stores and on the move. And the beautiful goodbye after a free life changing C. Everybody told me that mark weirdness would be my liability. And it was. For decades. And then all of a sudden it was. You know I'm so grateful that I have lived long enough defeated. Howard juju Chang and and lights next. Here Steve those who soft. Solos so glad you could join us for this latest edition of pride on ABC news live. We're with you at a critical time for people of the LG BTQ plus community across this country. And in the same moment there are pictures of celebration and reflection from coast to coast. In Fresno California high flying pride for the first time in the city's history. They're raising the pride flag over city hall and the city's first female fire chief is herself a member of the community. They're also waiting tri plex first time over Fresno state and at Fresno city Kan. And what started off as a bigger show of hate and Texas has turned into a sweet surprise that a big renamed confections in east Texas. It lost business after celebrating the season. With rainbow cookies and the shape of a heart one angry customer canceling a large order. But there was a backlash to the backlash supporters lined up around the block in endless lines to buy the cookies selling off the shelves. All of this is during a difficult milestone in Orlando Florida five years have now passed. Since the massacre at the pulse nightclub a lone gunman killed 49 people and wounded. Dozens of others most of victims of gay and Latino leaving that community and the country. Forever changed president Biden is expected to sign a bill naming the former nightclub. A national memorial. And to the cheers for the surprise visit. From the vice president at pride events in Washington DC Kabul Harris is making history as the first sitting vice president to join the march appearing. Had to walk in the nation's capital with her husband. The second channel. And we begin here today with that major decision just in this week from the highest court in the land the first test on LG BTQ plus rights. For the 63 court handing down the key decision. That will affect families for generations to come. Here's ABC's senior Washington reporter Devin Dwyer. The pride month decision triggering a sigh of relief. This is a good outcome in that the court again is is finally saying. That discrimination has no place in our Austin paradox and systems. And anywhere really in our democracy. The most conservative court in a generation reaching unanimous agreement in dispute the pitted the city of Philadelphia is anti discrimination policy. Against a Catholic social services agency. Refusing to work with same sex couples. To the city it's pretty straightforward he ventured into a contract that says very explicitly that you are to serve all in any. I'm and that's not that's neat you know mutually applied to all providers. In 2018 Philadelphia canceled its Foster care contract with Catholic social services' the bid to root out discrimination. The agency refusing to certify LG BT people as Foster parents as a matter of faith. And accusing the city of targeting its beliefs in violation of the first. And then suddenly we were refusing to let Foster families with an open palms taken more kids just been partnered with CN sentence. Lower federal courts sided with this city but in a major reversal. All nine Supreme Court justices this week said the city went too far it would effectively said that the city of Philadelphia. The plied their rule in a wave that violated the constitution that rule the court said. Allows exemptions and because the city denied one to the Catholic agency it ran afoul of the law. Chief Justice John Roberts writing the city is burdened the religious exercise of Catholic social services. To policies that do not meet the requirement of being neutral and generally applicable. But Roberts also making clear the city's interest in fighting discrimination is a weighty one for society's come to the recognition they gay persons engaged couples he says. Cannot be treated as social outcasts or is inferior in dignity and worth. It says that nondiscrimination laws can and will continue to apply to all including religious institutions. If you do apply these laws. You have to make sure you applied them in a neutral in generally applicable way. The stakes for Foster care are significant. There are currently 4100. Kids in Philadelphia's resource homes. Including about 360. Children in group facilities awaiting placement with the family. Studies show a disproportionate. Number are LG BTQ will public prosecutor. Derek hit the senate comes our high ticket Erica Chan an impeached Davis who been Foster parents in Philly for seven years. Sit recruiting more same sex Foster parents is an urgent priority. I grew up Catholic went group Christians still go to church on Sundays take her son. Eliminate families based on the mean things sex. Is eliminating a potential loving home for child. On the other side families who worried about discrimination. Against religion there's such an ruled for people that have a heart to help the children. Should be involved in the system. Patty Bernard and her husband Kevin are Christian Foster parents not connected to Catholic social services but sympathetic to the agency's position premium. Is both sides when there's two sides of freedom right. And this country was founded on religious freedom. And as such you should deal would help where you can help. And still practice your faith. And so did church wants to help but they can't do it in another area dinner should be somebody that can help those people. Also do that. You don't want people to dissuade at Beers dill recruited recruiting. Gambling is Paramount and parents harassing acts couples should be common are parents and I certainly don't want folks in the community be discreet it. This particular king and. Philadelphia's Foster care network has 24 private agencies that screen parents Catholic social services is the only one that denies same sex couples. The agency among time Catholic Foster parents like Sharon L Fulton sidelined by the contract dispute hope that the partnership with the city resumed soon. I have room in my house. And time in my life. And I want to make a difference Catholic social service does wonderful work and we have children that hurt. And we need to service. Any chance of her neck her decision she is relieved you know this has been a long fight it's been three years without allowing any children to be placed her Omer other homes and cap and social services and don't just a big sigh of. Early this city of Philadelphia says it's still deciding whether will resume its contract with Catholic social services and parents like Fulton in light of the court's decision. It could also try to revise its anti discrimination policy to keep them boxed out. There are more homes for children went kaput social services as allowed to serve. I think the courts made it pretty clear what the city needs to do next year. We want to understand what does this and how we'll move forward insisted he added. How could ultimately impacts him across the country. Meantime advocates leading the movement for LG BTQ plus equality. Say they're just pleased this conservative court didn't go further this is not a free license to discriminate I mean our opponents. Have been looking for that he wanted the court to issue a sweeping decision that would have explicitly overturned. Constitutional precedent and look what did not do that for ABC news. I'm Devin Dwyer in Washington. Our thanks to Devin Dwyer for that report and up next right here. The creative filmmaking team behind pray away the new Netflix documentary. About trying to pray away the game debuting at the TriBeCa film festival. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"9:12","description":"ABC News' Devin Dwyer reports on the landmark Supreme Court decision impacting the LGBTQ+ community and adoption. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78366217","title":"Top stories impacting LGBTQ+ community amid Pride Month 2021","url":"/US/video/top-stories-impacting-lgbtq-community-amid-pride-month-78366217"}