Tornado in Alabama leaves community to grapple with deadly aftermath

President Donald Trump is set to survey the damage left by a tornado that left 23 dead.
2:40 | 03/07/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tornado in Alabama leaves community to grapple with deadly aftermath
Next we're going to go to story that we've been covering extensively tornadoes and the very latest 23. Dead president trump is going to head over there tomorrow and ABC's Rachel Scott is there in beau regard Alabama. Racial what do you expect the president will see when he arrives. I lot of what this is exactly what the president can expect to see when he's on the ground tomorrow. Just take a look this is all that is left of this home I actually standing in what used to beat the kitchen and the living room. 170. Mile per hour winds send this roof flying right off. Wall collapsing just take fit into the wall to wall collapsed over this TV over here a soaps but was actually here and was. Loan incense and just ten feet away for me I can see off into the distance there. And now residents are forced through. Coker some of this destruction in the damages take a look on the floor here. Buried beneath some of the shattered glass and seeing a keyboard here in some tough aware that flew from the pantry behind me. This small community a boulevard is out thought heart in the center of the destruction. 23. People were killed when those two deadly tornadoes. Hit the ground here sending 170 proud some 170 mile per hour winds as ravaging through this area. And officials say that all of all those people that were killed were killed when just one square mile love each other. The youngest victim was just six years old monarch. Some devastating there are search and rescue efforts continuing or. Is it now just people looking towards remembering the dead and rebuilding their lives. What a little bit of good news officials say though several people that were missing over the last couple of days have all been accounted for. Ask president trump is on the ground tomorrow. One victim will be buried ten year old Taylor fourteen and will be laid to rest tomorrow her mother telling ABC news she was actually visiting her best friend. When those two tornadoes. I hit the ground here and you can just imagine the fear. Of those two little girls hunkered down trying to brave that storm. Her best friend did survive I'm told that her best friends father and stepmother. Did did did not survive they died and that she actually has not been forth. That she lost her best friend her father and her stepmother so. You know just a lot of grief here in this community you could replace the home you could replace some of the items here. But you can't replace the lives that are lost Lana. Absolutely devastating please. Know that our hearts are with everybody there and or a card and and we wish them all the best as they try and move on from this darkness.

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"President Donald Trump is set to survey the damage left by a tornado that left 23 dead.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61534465","title":"Tornado in Alabama leaves community to grapple with deadly aftermath","url":"/US/video/tornado-alabama-leaves-community-grapple-deadly-aftermath-61534465"}