Trump arrives in Dayton ahead of visits to city and El Paso

President Trump landed in Dayton, Ohio, as demonstrators protested his arrival to the city.
3:44 | 08/07/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump arrives in Dayton ahead of visits to city and El Paso
A president visiting a city after a tragedy normally receives a warm welcome a sign of solidarity in the mist of all of this pain but. Mixed feelings today in both El Paso, Texas and Dayton Ohio. With all eyes on presidents from as he visits these two cities he's actually landed. In Dayton Ohio now up. You know to city still grappling in the aftermath of the mass shootings out of the left. 31. People dead so the president spoke about his rhetoric as he left the White House a let's take a listen to that. All right so the biggest question here is can president Strom. Help in the healing when he has created some of the divisions I want to bring in Jordan Phelps at the White House to discuss this. Majority and you know the president has landed in Dayton already what has the conversation then about his visit. Well Kimberly though White House insists that the president. Wants to go there to unify to grieve ending in share in the sorrow any chamber of these communities. But Kimberly we've seen all this criticism from the president's critics. But it's not just politicians who've been criticizing the president as he likes to paint he's also getting a lot of criticism from members of this community and we now. For the president is expected to be received by protest. In both of these communities so that any. Coming tricky for this White House to navigate on the ground today. Right in and then specifically in El Paso. You know there they many people feel like the president's. Owner rhetoric I'm created the climbing for the shooting that took place there on the Hispanic community. Absolutely I the president not taking any personal responsibility for that. As you heard him say air but Kimberley is the president might get confronted by some and on the grounds today we'll see if that happened. At wing party saw the president blasting his critics blasting battle are working now passive native ahead of his visit tout passage thank. So joining was there any concern from the White House about the president's house visits. The concern from the White House has just been how to navigate the tricky politics that go along with this since as we've noted many. Don't want him to be there so it has been typical for the White House to planned this trip and that they had been do we need the answer work making sure that the president doesn't come. Face to face too often with these protests. We'll see whether or not they were able to pull that off can currently. And joining you mention that sweet about bet O'Rourke what wasn't the reason what. Why would the president tweet and mock. That oh before going to El Paso. Talking about is Hispanic nickname. Yes there's the tweak their the president saying bad Ellie de phony name to indicate has spanned eight irritates me goes on to say that. Our work should be quiet. What the president is probably responding to the air is or works fierce criticism of the president in recent days. He has had that the president is to blame for the shootings and he'd even until parts of color president a white Nationalists. The president not to skiing. I though his criticisms from work and he is firing back or work part backed the president. But his own tweets saying that members of his communities were killed because that is racist rhetoric and he will not be. Lions. Protesters. This morning. Min also the the trump. Blimp flying in the city where the investigation continues into the gunman in that took nine lives.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"President Trump landed in Dayton, Ohio, as demonstrators protested his arrival to the city. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64831296","title":"Trump arrives in Dayton ahead of visits to city and El Paso","url":"/US/video/trump-arrives-dayton-ahead-visits-city-el-paso-64831296"}