Trump to Fla. residents: 'We're there for you 100%'

ABC News' Amna Nawaz and political director Rick Klein check in with Cecilia Vega and Molly Hunter as the president makes his way through Florida, meeting people affected by Hurricane Irma.
35:30 | 09/14/17

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Transcript for Trump to Fla. residents: 'We're there for you 100%'
I wonder how ignorant you are out of town. Look I think video clips of great big yeah. You vulgar and Lehigh. Salon. Remarkably. I don't. I'm not rock group because we're hopeful that leads the stuff just to get them fired if anything I've tested. I think through community is that not what can I didn't look my mouth and and waterfall. He's been an honor didn't look an important. Thank you so much appreciate you all for humvee. Yeah I put. Okay. The president wanted him out. Well we love the people. Tired and they went through something that I just the likes of which you can really save nobody's ever seen before that devastating category like this you can really unified. We have to do is look at what happened in the keys but we love these people. And that we're going to be back and with the help and the job that everybody has done in terms of first responders everybody. Has been incredible and and by the way that includes the people that live here because you see the people immediately getting back to work to fix up their homes like Bobby. I like some of the others so I just wanted. We are there for you 100%. I'll be back here numerous times and this is a state that I know very well that you understand and he's a special special people and we'll have a thank you. Thinking that the president. Globe. The hope that it. Why. I. I have. This day right here right here. And they see the traveling press corps wade president trump at the center that's ground on the ground there in Naples Florida. Right president of traveled with firstly Gilani at trump vice president and and his wife Karen and that they survey some of the damage left by hurricane that there was some of those affected in the first responders to talk about. Relief efforts ongoing there hi everyone I'm mom and five. Live in new weapon to bring you the latest about what we know about the president's trip there and deport some of the bait headlines coming out of watching today. Still very much developing information coming out. Fast and furious and stay with this picture here to see if the president. Speaks anymore so far he'd send his well wishes to all those impacted on the ground. Just as a reminder of course the devastation. Last in the wake of hurricane -- still being tallied the death to all across three states. Now up to 3124. In the state of Florida alone still millions across the region. Without power. I. And reclined here with me ABC's political director in the studio as we watch this picture president from making this visit this is. Anyone would know it a far cry. From his previous trip to natural disasters now in this post hurricane RB in tax cuts. If taking notes a lot of interaction with people that are impacted baseball cap and more casual restaurant from the president. And look I think this White House that this is being an odd couple of weeks because it's being. Some of the comments time that we've seen in terms of political stories even that we had is devastating storms until. These massive storms in some ways to calm the storm of the White House and I think. The president now this is his third trip to a two and afflicted region just in the last couple weeks. And I think that even if you're looking for high points of the presidency these have been among and I think the way to he's conducted himself on this there have been a lot of complaints by the federal government there have been a lot of noise in that direction. It seems like he's mostly struck the right the right tones and has been eager to get down to both Texas and now Florida. And eager as we see here to jump into the fray now president trump looks to be jumping into some of the relief efforts there handing out food to those who lined up to receive it. Yeah that that its offices in different image that we saw. Previously credibly to unravel when he went down there for that very quick trip and vice president pence the next day was down there. Removing debris it was as there's a sense that the president make up duty when he came back over the weekend but guns is right in the front. Eyes. Yeah. It I don't know. Anything I'm really happy. It. That's what vice president the governor of Florida Rick Scott. Along the lines imagine in the banana from residents it's like. I think. Deviated. There is a very different president we're seeing today expecting we haven't really seen him in it that way casuals and and even believe people shaking hands except for at a rally. Except for act indicating that it's rare to see the president of the way it does provide some kind of insight into how he's developing at the president means changing. As things progress as events that land and his lack. Rather than come defined by those in Washington tale. I think that's right in and by all accounts and then if we get down and puppy needs to say that he was eager right after. Right. African Harvey to get done as quickly as possible. I think maybe maybe two dozen joint as part of this battleground and gets energy from being around people. He's a people person whom you and likes. You in the mix of things even if there for Africa. And I don't know. Oh yeah. As long. All I like that. I'm to. Then government. Yeah okay. Yeah. Okay. With a beard field goal and yeah. How much okay. Let your evening diners eat. And bring on the oh my god it's. Let's let them get good. Yeah yeah. Yeah. All you're. Good yeah. Is funding can't. I could have helped by an Angel like yeah and it looked like it. They love him. It's certainly I have. But I do yeah. Half of mind and I am. I'm. Paris. It's definitely. Tell me. Powerful presidency seems. Like people stays out because Obama once said that. Realizes president the person it's often one of the highlights of their lives and when you think it was at action for them. And he implied. I think it moments like this is president of usage of little truth is that. People like. But it took them in state hands for Clayton president vice president. Especially high this affable yet absolutely good point as you think about what these folks had been accurate. In the last several days what they have endured what they still have to go through because it's important to point out the relief efforts are far from over. Right in authority approved over twenty million dollars for the relief efforts there and by the scale and the scope of the devastation is at its meeting on. Brave Mary Mary long time that you point. They have to be something that gives them hope and give them. Something different in advance people excel be that they lined up to kick it there president. But you know back to the presidents. Sort of approach to all this moving forward now this is something that he's going to have to continue stance. In the weeks and months ahead as wow. And you know judging the federal response is immediate response people on the ground actually fighting immediately but it's going to be a years long rebuilding. Process and or. On his way people's parties particularly hard and I think. That hold the long term judgment on that takes awhile to play out you still have president Scott and understaffed administration. I'm isn't FEMA director there's there's all kinds of vacancies in housing development which is a big role in this house. After a storm so this will be of a very long process because they didn't he wrestled him. Dealing with and disrupt the lives. An airport you see some of the reporters traveling with the president there covering this visit down to Naples Florida as he needs for those affected by hurricane Irma. Among those on the ground of course is our own Cecilia Vega. Senior White House correspondent here at ABC news she joins us live now. From Florida on the ground Cecilia Rick and I were just talking about here have at this. Very different for the president in terms of optics in terms of the way he's encountering in an engaging with people there on the ground from his last visits. Two a natural disaster zone without conscious effort on the part of the White House team. Yeah yeah it's it's certainly is I'm not I was there in Texas for Harvey when he was on the ground there to for the second trip. And and an actually for the first trip wrap sorry that the first trip is where he really face that criticism for not. Getting up close and personal you remember that image really an indelible image from that trip where he came out of a firehouse I believe that wasn't held up a flag and waved it in front of all of those supporters who were out there in the street and that was the trip where he met with FEMA officials and state officials but he didn't actually. Meet any victims of Harvey he didn't actually see any of that damage. Until a few days later we came back on that second trip. On this time. He is up there and for up close and personal as you guys are showing that video right now of the president the First Lady the vice president is here with him they're handing out food they will see some of this damage directly they'd be flew from here at Fort Myers. In a helicopter. Overton Naples not too far away at south and I believe from that helicopter more than likely they could see. A lot that damage to what they will see on the ground here look one of the biggest issue still facing this community is. Power outages hundreds of thousands of people between Fort Myers and Naples are still without power. And that means that they need these people who live in this area will lack get to see. These images of the president out here on the ground. But but what they are seeing first hand is scenes like this you can see here behind me the Florida National Guard handing out water and I've got to tell you I've only been on the ground here. For a couple of hours and there has been a nonstop stream of vehicles. Coming to get supplies and water here from the National Guard. I it is sweltering. Out here it is really really hot. And I can't even imagine what it's like for the folks on the ground here to be days in now and not have any power inside their homes in an area where. You're not only used air conditioning you needed out here so these conditions are really tough for the people on the and you may not see floodwaters. To the level that we saw them in Harvey you Maine at -- destruction in terms of homes like we thought RB but these conditions are really brutal out here. And we've been seeing some of those numbers that silly enters how many people affected the power outages the death poll. That is certainly serious situation as her title matter is something the president's going to have to stay on top. For weeks and months ahead beyond this visit today what if we heard about how he involved he'll be moving forward. You know he is being very involved in this one in the White House has made. Pushing that message out there first and foremost among one of that most important priorities over the last few days as we've had these. Dueling hurricane. Way here here in the states and in recent days and weeks. You know we have seen a president had multiple briefings out we have heard from his top advisors and Homeland Security will come out to read. The media about the latest in terms of FEMA response and you heard the president say today if big. Act actually talks at least account number that was before he left the White House or when he. Got on the ground here but he said look I think a lot of people have been. Very happy about the federal response and certainly after having spoken with people in Harvey just days after that storm hit they people word theory. Thankful for that that response that they were seeing on the ground air and and and people are seeing it here to yourself. So we are not hearing a lot of complaints yet but you know I I gotta venture to say. Having covered Katrina. The longer time goes on where people are living here on the ground without resources in this case without power. The complaints we'll start to comment at this power's not back aunts you. Well the Philly we know he was tweeting about his visit to Florida Eagles have been tweeting about a bunch of other things this morning while we have you. I want it to quickly honest with you mentioned the president has spoken a number of times since leaving the White House. There's a lot of confusion over what exactly happened in a dinner last night. With Nancy Pelosi and China and apparently of that list every kind act all the details that I Rick Klein is here this tyrant but bearer of bad news I get an event at. Just can you give an update on what's the latest we've heard from the president about exactly what happened in that dinner. You know I don't know that we'll ever know exactly what happened there are two there were two very different story sort of a tale of he said. They said is very deal did we make a deal that we not make a deal I guarantee you this is all gonna end up unlike Jimmy Kimmel in a matter of hours because it's been sort of comedic and some ways head scratching in others very frustrating as a reporter trying to get the truth from both sides because I've talked. With both sides people who are in this room people or eight to be able or in this room. And both sides are adamant that the other side is not telling the whole tree. So here we are right now the president is on the ground the president has spoken he is made it very clear he says he supports a deal to protect the dreamers. The Democrats agree with that the Democrats. Say that this deal that they have reached tentatively in agreement that they reach at the dinner last night. Does not include funding. For the president's border walk you guys know that this is something that he campaigned on it this is number one promise to the American people he will build that big beautiful wall. It now seems the president may be backing away from that a little bit the White House won't like that characterization. Of what the president said today is that there will feel wall. In some alarm. It looked like offense it may look like something else but it will come at a later date so. He's not saying whether specifically whether this wall. Was part or was not part of this deal reached with the Democrats the Democrats say no money for a while that's not happening they will pay for other border security measures. They're not paying for the wealth of this wall. Is a big sticking point for both sides. At this point. It remains to be seen what actually is going to happen when it but again the headline here is the president believes. Dreamer should stay in this country for how he's not saying amnesty but he think they deserve protection. That they are good people who contribute to the society. And he is saying the wall will be built at some point in the future. That's where I got it crystal clear crystal ball just like a slow golf classic at that it under the clean timeline and how it played out exactly what happened over the last twelve hours and we are going to unpack each and every one of those steps. In just a moment but this is they get thank you so much for making it time to talked listening to get back with that the traveling press or safe travels he's in. Thank reference. Irate let's do a quick little update now she's down in Florida Molly hunter has been covering. The latest on the relief efforts the cleanup efforts all of those impacted down there by hurricane Irma she joins us live now. To tell us about what she seeing there Molly come it was going on down there. Hey on the so we're actually jest in between. Fort Myers where Cecilia is an Naples where president Tran has weren't Bonita springs Florida and you can see it's completely underwater and is to give you a little bit of a look where we are. I cameraman zoom in this was this three as you can see now completely under Y you actually see that entrance street night. I'm gonna take you over here you actually seen either that hark back there you see these treated and we can see a basketball court completely under water. Behind you with a mobile home park an RV park in those houses they're either floating or completely underwater but this is the kind of devastation on the that we're saying. High inks that are sporadic pockets around but it actually just not president chuck. Fly over a so when he took off from Cecilia what he was flying over in choppered. I've surveying damage like this and they flew right over here in Naples and Naples we batting for the last couple of days I Naples is one of the hardest hit areas. But on the it is sporadic where this storm's fury kind of hit hard it. Naples is just up the coast from Marco Island of Marco Island where my meat that. Second landfall. I'm I don't think president temple get a look at Marco Island but there are parts of Naples either severely damaged huge trees down sidewalks and roads ripped out. Houses collapsed because of those treat a lot of downed power lines and its affiliates that. At power outages for people. Is one at the biggest frustration but the biggest problems the latest numbers that I had with just more than two million people across this statement apps are the guys. It's ninety degree it is so humid it is so speaking. There without air conditioning that's really dangerous for certain people we have started here at war stories across the state when people don't have air conditioning. I'm up mulling what are folks telling you Odyssey power it's a huge concern what about water what about other supplies are they able to through to get what they need. It cobble together some kind of existence right now or or is it just in possible without power and that kind of. I am I do think it's impossible in some ways in that kind of heat we've been apps are for a couple of days and last that we finally let intact. What are the only hotels in Naples they had running water and power they didn't have ice and now they don't have running water but that air conditioning with the game changer on that people actually get. Coming Biden fit in the lobby just equal lock briefly. And we're listening to local radio and also at the local radio stations we're just giving residents places that they could guided shell out wheelock churches shelters. I'm the hotel lobbies that World Bank anywhere on the power grid that actually did have heart if people could just got to chill out and I'm I do to try to tell you we did here. And it's the really serious straight our colleagues on honest with guy in Hollywood Florida covering this horrible story. I have a nursing home I now of course we know that hospitals opt in or on power grids the heat. Power during these disasters if they're lucky of course. This nursing home got a Hollywood thought it was directly across the street from a hospital. I'm but something went wrong with air cooling system Perry sees this and criminal investigation has now been hoping he has at least eight elderly people actually died. He hugged of that those complications now we know that a couple of those people died inside that nursing home couple that once they ran a hospital. That's what's so dangerous right now in this ninety degree heat when you're inside with closed windows back could be a 10500. And I hung on the fact she went inside when it does you're seeing on and the windows were all closed there were even some rooms where the windows wouldn't old spent. Now police and officials are kind of going also I don't little bit of an information cake. To tell you that you know if you are also using a generator generators also come with their fair share of dangerous we're using a generator to wreck our equipment off of right now. But the officials are actually saying that if you're daddy's a generator you have to make sure that generator is outside the home is on the rocketing straighten out people. I dying to get the carbon monoxide poisoning they're keeping that generator inside the garage just good people are so desperate that they cool. The heartbreaking story of that nursing home Lenovo following the latest and I haven't. On all ABC platforms. There but Molly before you go what what about relief when it is the power expected to come back we have any idea. Donna what we're seeing it again I was on the East Coast we drove up front is cuts in new Smyrna beach through Orlando all the way into the southwest we are right now. And we saw cruise around the clock 24/7. There's an army of people out here working to get it beat back up and running. I need the latest numbers were about 20000 repair workers. From thirty different states including Canada. And we know we just heard president Tran kind of raise obviously August 1 responders and all those repair workers out there. And we know they're down on the Florida Keys which is down the coast from me on that we also know that their 20000 Yankee curse not helping out with at least where. And I'm I haven't bank got the keys but again we you have colleagues have been down there. That is one of the hardest hit areas as far as we can be as far as we can tell. I'm kind of on this Gulf Coast and we are hearing from residents about the frustrations of actually getting supplies out there Citic he's rant about a 112 miles. As of yesterday they were only letting residents and homeowners up until 33 miles just because they weren't sure what with. What with the eighth exactly we did Garrick hike is that Hogan down there on the ground. As FEMA with delivering water at the National Guard and it was dropping in supplies and people were only allowed one case of water per person I get in its heat you need water you need it in any danger that frustration kind of mounting. I think factor on the mainland up here in Naples. Now publicly the big grocery chains here is open eight do you have stock shout not a lot of perishable thing. But they're certainly our options now more options by the day I can get those basic necessities but it's C affiliate fat cat up and are mired. Wit those big relief tables that National Guard handing out water. We've seen that same thing all over the state that they are mobilizing they are trying to get into neighborhoods like that to get people that supplies and kind of support they really need on. A lot of help needed to and there are a lot of work to be done on July 4 in Bonita springs Florida thanks for its stock. Back here in New York let's start to unpack some of what is trance hired in the last twelve hours or so. Our spirit guide on this bring your client ABC's political director we need to set the stage just a little bit because there are some really big issues were talking about here doc and the government's decision to and that the program the deferred action for jobs arrivals program has protected by it. In the building of the wall and a lot of other things wrapped up into it. Let's set the stage a little bit with extra chronological telling and I understanding correct me if I'm wrong there to dinner last night at the White House. Honey sesame be. Yes that Chinese food served. Which we know that took over one of the attendees is a big fan of bad things but it's okay. So the two New Yorkers including and Nancy Pelosi of the democratic leader only the Democrats at this dinner at the White House now. Back couple little bit only nine days ago the president ends the program announces that doc is going to be phased out just a few days after that though he cuts a deal with Democrats on spending so. These things are in play but he is that signal that he wanted to find some kind of an arrangement. The question is how do you. Balance all these different visas and immigration reform and at the dinner last night. A major concession from the president states insisted on it be beautiful wall. Once the deal with doc need clear on Twitter today yet the want to compassion these 8000 individuals block yours children. Both have jobs of serving in the military who would wanna kick them now while the attorney general all the illegal aliens just nine days ago so maybe have. But the side that he is able to now he's now saying. I'll talk to the Democrats we will find a way to to to formalize and legalize the status of these 800000 individuals in exchange for. War border security fund. Not a wall according to them and. While the democratic and let's just break that he's back east and after that dinner Democrats basically indicate there's a deal in place right right. There Huckabee Sanders the Press Secretary says no deal says no deal in her tweet which receive right there absolutely they were about discuss port security and doc. But excluding the wall at the Democrats at that was not agree to if you then turned to the president's Twitter feed for any kind of clarity. I'm not sure you would've gotten it this morning their in this series of tweets about that meeting first saying no deal made about doc. Opposite border security would have to be agreed to be subject to a vote. He goes on to tweet then though wall which he ran on a huge part of the campaign RD under construction will continue to be built at the emergency and that one there. And any begins that we as you mentioned about to dock at. Does anybody really want to throw out good educated accomplished young people who have jobs some serving in the military to point his own attorney general basically came out and think yes. We would like to throw out these good educated people with had some clarity since then on this this is an image and the president has been talking about this. On the trip and it enough Paul Ryan. Has also weighed in I think we have that SoundBite ready to go this of course speaker of the house Paul Ryan. Asked about what exactly is happening what deal was made this is what he had to say shorts short time ago. Or soft. There is no agreements. The president and the chipset called for more air first one today. Two. Discuss what was discussed and it was a discussion not in agreement or negotiation. Let me say a couple of things and I'll say the same thing I've been saying for weeks. And bright and I've been talking about this for weeks. You cannot fix daka without fixing the root cause of our problem. We do not have control our borders. So we need border security and enforcement's. As part of any agreement. I think that's something the Democrats are beginning to understand I think that's something to the beginning to agree with. Rick kind. Darlene much you happen to. So just to unpack what was in the president's tweets a couple of important thing yes. He put up firm position on doc that suggests that even if this expires he's not gonna wanna work I don't see how you walk that back repeatedly he says there's no agreement on top well. Actually he then goes and explains what the agreement would be which is. I'll give you the democrats' stock if you give me back border security because critically here. He re defines the border wall the big beautiful wall is gone now talking about fence repairs. Different ball game. Democrat not. New big beautiful while the clear Democrats for fifteen years have approved it voted for enhanced border security. They have swallowed a bunch of proposals that they thought were unnecessary frankly that they civil do it because it's part of the body and that we're gonna get to have some kind of broad. Immigration reform they are on record say yes fencing. Yes virtual fencing yes more security workforce of more Border Patrol they're all on board for all that what they're not on board for is the border all. The other key thing to understand here rob that is that Republicans most of the capital privately. Don't care about the sport wall this was a campaign slow. President trump as the one that was insisting. Just a few weeks ago we think it would have a government shutdown over the border wall now the president himself has retreated to the position that. He could end up settling for something that is just repairing existing fencing along the border that's dramatic shift in what he has said. It's not his own base riled up. Look at right Bart they're talking about amnesty down. There were elements is based that are very uncomfortable with this and here are the if the framework for a deal was reached last night. And ratified by what the president has said today this is move it. And speaker Ryan I think caught on wears on it and is finding it distinction between negotiation and discussion. That's nice that he confided try to find that I'd like to look that one up. But this is the this is happening in you can see now the contours of a deal where everyone is able to say I got a little something out of this. Critically so importantly these 800000 individuals would have nothing to worry about it goes through. The Democrats the rebels say we didn't give ms. Porter Walt president trump will. Clearly say act out my wall they'll agree to disagree it helps they don't trust each other and they think the other side line all the time. And they move on this has happened very very quickly and and to be clear it's happened because the president has sought out Democrats at these deals not a pop. Well this is the key point one ask you about because it does this mean this is the way business moves Fordham you know the president has slammed rich McConnell got more. For not being able to put together a deal to pass Health Care Reform in some way is this just the president taking matters into his own happens. The answers there's there's no attempt late in any of this book we talk a lot about politicians simply put yes they're looking down the war at all these moves. President from plays poker he's playing this hand. Right now and he's bluffing and he is calling and he is doubling the pot and in doing everything you can and an open for some law. At on that last part mean chart he is playing one candidate time and this this works right now it may not work tomorrow. These Il he could pull back on it's we wouldn't call it that you can easily go back on it I think Democrats. Answer it wide eyes wide open identity to some significant risk here for Democrats they can get played by president. By inviting. By the Indians these discussions not just on immigration but also a tax reform also a health care. You're you're putting a lot of pressure on them to to deviate boxed in by some of the negotiating tactics and how do you not support the president is doing brought in to these. In full faith but for now they are thrilled to have that bad Chinese food I'm assuming it's and I don't actually know by military entity there have no idea just doesn't sound like like like. Any Chinese for the people trying to would have that's a bit. For now at least they're happy to be have a seat at table army's key issues. And I think they're finding their own way to negotiate with the president which is you talk behind closed doors and then you say publicly what it says before he can come out and back away from we've seen as president very consistent as public statements that are swirling on the V tells often. They're trying to box him in but this and the some high level brinksmanship going on right now but the upshot is that there's that that the contours of a deal or actually. In view. High level salesmanship also a lot of TV reading also a lot of parts in words mean a lot to keep up with right now the justice into what exactly is happening to people staying at PI. It is dizzying because it is it's all happening in the context of the presidents and presidents is moving a million miles an hour in Charlottesville was only a month ago. Believe it or not and storms that have that take in the headlines in the president's own actions in just nine days ago to revoke dockets that if he is moved. In a much different direction conceding on that point and seeing on the border wall it's been his movement and tell you that's what's frustrating to Republicans that they see this is a president negotiating with himself. They see him backing down and even that the spending deal last week that was not supposed to be a time that you cut a deal suddenly he's out there cutting it we've heard from people close of the present people to talk to is that he's happy. With the fact that things are moving in that this has been a good moment for him legislatively he likes the press coverage he likes the fact that chuck and Nancy RR are being nice to him. And he likes it even that he can stick it to Mitch and Paul and the Republican leadership it has kind of an added benefit for him. But I don't believe this template all acting is works for the moment. But don't think this is in new trump be fooled by that before we've gone all kinds of up pivots in the likely keep him in the end up back where you work. President Charles Kennedy who was this in the ways consistent because he is always an unpredictable. Can't think about it we and is congress if and then the debate we don't know what will happen next week highs. Always good having you and thanks thanks for being here thank you thanks all of you for watching as well for more on all of these stories. And many others head of At any time thanks for watching for now I'm on an Abbas the accuracy.

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