Unsolved double homicide of Maryland teens 'not a random act': Police

Shadi Adi Najjar, 17, and Artem Ziberov, 18, were found shot dead the night of June 5 in a parked car, Montgomery County police said.
4:01 | 06/16/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Unsolved double homicide of Maryland teens 'not a random act': Police
On June 5 at 2.2 forties 2.2 46 hours and 46 PM Montgomery county police received a call for shots fired in a neighborhood. When officers arrived there they found two young men deceased in a vehicle. And unfortunately we were able to do any thing to. Save their lives. We have had a ongoing investigation. Since then. That hasn't fault over sixty detectives. And technicians. Working around the clock to try and bring some closure to the families and justice. To the victims. We collected thirty shell casings at the scene. There were multiple calpers of weapons used at the scene. We as I've said before we are being very deliberate in our processing. Of all the evidence that we recovered. The the victims were transported to the also the chief medical examiner for an autopsy. I can tell you that one of the victims were shot ten times another of the victims were shot four times. The other the other rounds in this case. Hit the vehicle and also. In the in the air into the neighborhood. Our belief. Our belief. For the community and we know that they've been very upset by this event and they should be it should not happen in Montgomery County. Our experience. What we've learned from the crime scene. Shows us that this is not a random event we do not believe it's a random event we do believe. That the suspects. And the victims. Knew each other. And more importantly. We believe there are people out there that have not come forward yet and have not given us information. That they know about this case. It may be something small it may be something as big as they witnessed something. We need them to come forward. Again thirty shell casings are very violent scene we need people imagine if this happened to your friend. To your loved one to your family member. We can't imagine. When what someone did to deserve this fate as we were working the crime scene. It if it all of these cases are difficult for investigators. But as we are working the crime scene I will tell you that the investigators involved. We did find. We did find graduation tickets by the time we recovered and we knew it was only a few hours away. Com a change the tenor of our mood changed changed. Changed a lot for Oscar's. We have kids. It's graduation is a is supposed to be a fantastic day for them. They're moving on with their lives and that really kind of change things for us on the scene. Just as far as how are our emotions. Towards towards a case as I said I I I'd. Do not believe our experience shows that this is not random that this was involved. Something between the parties. Between the deceased in between the suspects that we need to get a hold. But I do encourages. Look we know that kids talk amongst all cons a platforms now days. They talk. Well not even FaceBook anymore. Snapped chat texting Wi-Fi there's so many ways that they talk. We believe people are talking we believe that there's probably a good chance it somewhere northwest high school knows something that they should share. That they should do the right thing talk to their parents about it. Do the right thing and share the information it's gonna take what is multiple violent suspects. Take them into custody.

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{"id":48088658,"title":"Unsolved double homicide of Maryland teens 'not a random act': Police","duration":"4:01","description":"Shadi Adi Najjar, 17, and Artem Ziberov, 18, were found shot dead the night of June 5 in a parked car, Montgomery County police said.","url":"/US/video/unsolved-double-homicide-maryland-teens-random-act-police-48088658","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}