Valuable Painting Found in Pittsburgh Public School

School board to vote on selling post-impressionist piece to save art program.
1:37 | 01/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Valuable Painting Found in Pittsburgh Public School
This painting was created by French artist every place -- -- It's called interior. -- this from a doorway in his home in France it's called a post impressionist -- piece of art. It landed at Pittsburgh school district in 1940s. Donated by a group called friends of art it traveled throughout various offices in the main building in -- But then everyone realized the painting interior could make some much needed money for the district while we -- beautiful discovering. Angela and India and Judy going helped research the history of the pain. They found out. He could make a lot of money will be arts program in Pittsburgh public schools it put up auction because police had years' work has sold for millions. Have averaged average and we're talking about stretching anywhere from half a million to over a million dollars so that sold at a very high value. And now. After all these years with Lisa -- -- family now knows the location of this particular piece of art. For decades they had no idea of its whereabouts. We didn't realize that his -- -- Did not know -- locations so edu for eighty years it's been with us but it's quote been missing from the art world as far as being part of this collection. So now it can go back to the art world and provide a -- financial windfall for the arts program in Pittsburgh public schools. If the school board gives the okay. So for able to do that -- -- the peace. I think that would be priceless another words yes will be a price of the -- -- that I would be priceless for our district to help our arts education program. And next week the school board will vote on whether to give up the painting for auction. In Oakley -- living from channel four action news.

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{"id":18259188,"title":"Valuable Painting Found in Pittsburgh Public School","duration":"1:37","description":"School board to vote on selling post-impressionist piece to save art program.","url":"/US/video/valuable-painting-found-pittsburgh-public-school-18259188","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}