Victim's Daughter Hopeful After Dylann Roof Guilty Verdict

The Rev. Sharon Risher's mother was among the victims of the June 2015 shooting at a Charleston, South Carolina, church.
3:45 | 12/16/16

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Transcript for Victim's Daughter Hopeful After Dylann Roof Guilty Verdict
In her first penalty. That they'll Princeton. All the counts. All 33 counts. Let's comments say guilty. And then when you heard. Every one was killed everyone else it's. The first book became a mom mindless all of the Lee. Holland who yet. We hit week eight Seoul all. Even goal. We knew that he is guilty he could face. But the climate in America right now I'm does not key it view. But confidence. To say I know that justice will be served and on so clay. It justice. In this instance right now was served. I was prepared me. Tennessee. Just be cool. It's God's going. Get this right for us. Until hearing 33 camps. Might brains was. Flying out of my he had. Because it say. Well. Mom. They got it right this time. I get it right. This is the beginning. Of justice. Justice will not occur. Until we all. Asked American's. Real lives. That there is no place. Fort such hatred. It we all have to leave. This place together. And figure out when he. Said not lit. Racism. Kits sold deep in our souls that we have to act. The way Devlin ruled. Manifested hits feelings. So it's just since. It supreme teaming. Hopefully. We will continue. They speak. Animals nine lives. And Knowles to survivors. We'll show America. Which O. Eight. And true belief. And what god he's given us to deal with what should. I happen to Dylan room. Next month. I think there are people local not believing in the death penalty. Any just happened fault line that because that's my conviction. And I'm not gonna change that. Because of him. So you think he's still liked from person. I'm definitely did judicial system decide that because. That this penalty in peak it's the it won't be on me he says they didn't ask me. They relating to judicial system handled. If it happens it happens. If not. Between wealthy and the rest is. But those nine angels. Coming to him in every now. Talking about cheese since. Yes right song. I believe they have. They may come on he kept on his fifth Fayette. Because god allows us even till the end to come and take him and so if it takes him a lifetime okay.

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"The Rev. Sharon Risher's mother was among the victims of the June 2015 shooting at a Charleston, South Carolina, church.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"44240536","title":"Victim's Daughter Hopeful After Dylann Roof Guilty Verdict","url":"/US/video/victims-daughter-hopeful-dylann-roof-guilty-verdict-44240536"}