White House files arbitration against Omarosa over violating NDA

Major flooding across Pennsylvania; London police investigating vehicle crash as terrorism.
23:06 | 08/14/18

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Transcript for White House files arbitration against Omarosa over violating NDA
Hi I'm maligning koskie and you are watching ABC news live we have a lot of news for you today. A crash in London at just outside the British parliament is now being called a terrorist incidents by officials. And extreme flash flooding is causing a lot of problems for residents in Pennsylvania we're going to get. All the details on these stories from our reporters who were on the ground. But first let's take a look at today's headlines. Those death toll is climbing after a bridge collapse in the Italian city of Jeddah last. Officials there now say 22 people are dead and eight are hurt. A section of the bridge which runs over a new shrill area cell during a violent storm. Witnesses say it happened a right after the bridge was hit by lightning. So firefighter from Utah has been killed battling a huge Mendocino wildfire in California. Foresee hold primaries today voters are the polls in Connecticut Wisconsin Vermont and Minnesota. The entire Supreme Court in West Virginia has now been in heat. When justice resigned last month and now the other four are accused of we seem state money spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on office renovations. One of the justices also faces federal counts of fraud witness tampering and obstruction of justice. Several reports now say the queen of soul Aretha Franklin is seriously ill artists like Mariah Carey and Missy Elliott have been offering prayers feasts. The deet tails are still coming in about exactly what happened in London this morning so right now we're gonna go to our reporter who is there on the ground. Molly hunter to give us the latest Molly thank you for joining us and what do we know so far about what happened outside the British parliament. On the afternoon at that we're acting in parliament Aaron output of the heavily fortified with your plate that. In London and I can arm and hand right now. Albert that white screen is actually as close as we've been able to get that night and this morning's crash. All day to get them all areas and snow heavily court got this morning at 737. Driver and it's filled report yet that. Laughter we'll actually get a little bit closer is seen at the lightning did not get by they kind. And plowed through a couple of pedestrians a couple of banquet pot I think you eat well and it crashed into a security behind right back there. At that moment Elena there is dramatic video watching it basically responding immediately to rounding the car and arresting he was arrested. On suspected terrorism charges. I have been with him having the amazing response to swat team has sent Iraqi just in the area. There's also overhead video that shows that car. I think it careening in and and heating up or it may actually at my neck are actually hit the ball. Yeah we've heard a lot about how quickly in those emergency response teams were able to get there and to the scene but. What are we know at this point about the suspect. We're just an outlet and it take you across the street and I just speaking at its height our look at it there at the big white screen. I'm kind of try to get through that after integrated camera crew that little bit at that if we can. Get any closer here. Yeah it. Way question get an island a bank. For the actual crash happened shots. Behind there. Annie and a funny United Center where it is extremely popular tourist destination even though parliament isn't reason it is summer and on get in line and I extremely hot and I watch you on here. Come with me still don't know what leaking out. About that aspect not much. We know that he's in his late twentieth. We know that at believe. Do not believe he was on any kind of intelligence radar. Men and young is dragnet that this fiasco without. Annie went up in the passenger seat and there were no weapons found and that's pretty much are we right. And. Like he said there's a lot of tourists there I was actually just in London the other week and this is certainly a place where a lot of people golf. Wasn't there already additional security based on attacks and it happened or a similar crash that it happened a few years prior. And Phillies an entity. He's in a helicopter that you can read a helicopter as. Up about needed to athletes still an active crime but that's exactly right in the last yeah I moved to London about a year and a half ago. I'd kidney if that weren't that first terror attack at Westminster bridge but we're extremely to be attacked at Westminster bridge. At London at London Bridge as well I'm and security after those attacks with huge line has been incredibly. And especially this area I would say extremely heavily secured in the last. Yeah air allied pilots say the investigation and hearing from police earlier today wethy at last you're and that is to attack they're doing it again there are appealing to the public. I had to anyone who has any information cell phone video pictures. I'm eyewitness that the attack happened at 7:30 in the morning and at that even up elements and read that it would have been tourists that there would have been joggers of course we know that respect but never pedestrians. I'm sick today and the police press conference. I'm the assistant commissioner really appealed to the public anyone who knows anything. Please come forward. And just looking at of people that are standing around you there obviously a lot of press obviously a lot of tourists but. It also seems like they're relatively calm. I mean this is actually like I said this is as close as we can get. Here in the area this entire area has been close they've yet all of these bystanders seem relatively unknown and in particularly Jack that actually and the police presence around here is so much mind and it was earlier today. It's hard to describe how much of this area essential in this area in Central London with actually closed off. And we were shocked me to even get this close and to speak with neo. Because they were taking Kathleen at Kansas looking for accomplice says I'm trying to piece together. What the motive was why this guy was driving so quickly through Central London at 730 this. Morning Helen I do just wanna read one quote from Matt and police press conference. They think given that this appears to be a deliberate act. The next thing and this being an iconic thank retreating that the terrorist incidents and the investigation is being led by officers and the counterterrorism. Command this is really important because it appears like that before this guy doesn't appear to be on any intelligence radar yet appear to be known to authorities they appeared to be treating it as a terror attack mostly because of the mapping is because of the vehicular attacked. Not be in town at the alleys surrounding. Gasoline so I don't really know anything about the night it. Thank you Mike for getting it right in their forces closing cannon giving us all the latest from there and London. That's in Bonn to our next story in Pennsylvania and a heavy rains have led to extreme flooding and it's been causing a lot of problems for residents. And now they seem to be coming together to deal with the aftermath we're going to go to aerial over chef Susan trend on Pennsylvania us. Harry well good morning and talents tell us what it's like where you are a means to be honest thankfully it looks pretty dry where you're standing. Yet there's been a bit of a reprieve from those heavy rains alana but we are hearing treat mine and this is one of the areas that it's just been devastated by the flooding over the last few days and really over the last few weeks I wanted to show you here this is just one of the streets and you can see that messy sludge that geely mind that still left on the side here. Just imagine that being in. I your home woman exactly what happened her family's on street just near where we're standing we went for our world is. A tonight location last night our live shot last night with inside someone's home. Where the water line they showed us was about five. You can imagine the terror and the panic about fifteen families had to be emergency evacuated from the area where we are actually standing. They had to roll up their carpets when they came back they had to. Try to survey some of the damage and it with extensive we're standing in front of The American Legion building right here. In the center of town and we know that this building has now been deemed unsafe it is big bend. There's no way we could stand out on the balcony and for the members like this and I mean on and I'll show you why come with me. We're standing in front of this creek and residents here the mayor tell us that this creep that we're standing in front that looks pretty low right now exactly like it rushing here. Wall of water that came through like a daily. And swept away the foundation of this American legion building so many other buildings like this happen destruction but this one. Well now be condemned and we'll have to be torn down mrs. wanted to places where people here and it's congregate. And we know this is the third time in the last three weeks that residents here at had to deal with this kind of and then. Lighting really damaging floods and we talked to the mayor tells us this is an NF historic summer historic flooding banks Elena. I've scary and awful to imagine that happening to your home. Especially like you said if the rain and the flooding is consistent so what are residents doing now in the aftermath. Well we know that those fifteen families where emergency evacuated several structures have been deemed unsafe there not many that have been condemned thankfully but again if we walked around the corner here which were unable to get at the moment. We can show you several homes that are just covered in night so. A lot of the residents that were evacuated spent the night an emergency shelters. They also went to hotels and by the good graces of people in the community were able you. Billings at some people's homes and seek shelter we actually haven't influx in an Italian here while we're standing here. Of emergency crew workers instructing. Sweeping the street. He's thinking don't drop this endemic time. Green I'm as we've been standing here preparing for it ABC news lives. Shot with you guys out and it's kicking dust up the air they're still that engine diesel fuel front. The creek and from some of the homes that are leaking gas bill here in the area but back here question a lot of the residents here are banding together. That the mayor tells us that there are many volunteers for different organizations that have come into town trying to help. In its cleanup effort in trying to help some of the residents here salvage belongings that still remain minor. And that under no one of the things that we often see after natural disaster of any kind is you do see people banding together and you really. I think see the best of people not it's heartening Ariel thank you so much for joining us. I now let's get it update on the weather around the country we're going engine Jersey. A look at thank you let's get straight to the flash flood headlines because they have been with us for the last 34 days in the northeast Pennsylvania Upper Darby seat those that actually bed sheets and people attached that are. Police officers and folks that were just walking by helping out. That grandmother stuck in her car they got her out of there but it was not the only town covered and that murky brown water with a flash flooding that's been moving through. Some places have had nearly eight inches it just a couple of hours so watching what happened this morning senate and Schuyler counties in Western New York got added to the flash flood emergency list. People were being rescued early Tuesday morning. Now a flash flood watches are in place for much of Pennsylvania and you work because this thing still isn't moving at least for the next 24 hours wanted to leave behind. Is three plus inches of rain so it's going to be very local it will be scattered much more so than it was. Even in last 24 hours but he's still got a hold on a day at this and then I'll try out. OK let's move west that the man has seen a fire. Not a panacea complex as the largest nearly 350000. Acres burned and mount deadly a firefighter dying and that makes eleven total in California's season. As far as deaths and most of them from firefighters. And Glacier National Park that new images here what impact co workers actually has a daughter who's working there as a guide. And her friend is the side as well took bets from over the lake you can seat the fire in the background there. Really affecting that it accusations with in the park they wish that we had better. You know conditions but is not the case they're fires burning in Utah in Nevada. And their red flag warnings popping up eight a little low pressure that's trying to make its Leon shore and any of that it's gonna combined with the heat. You gonna have that high temperature greeting creating higher wind speeds and the numbers there a little better than anywhere last beat. They will be going down look at Seattle dropping to 82 that comes with a price alana. Of having higher winds. Oh thanks ginger. And now let's Kluivert a Washington DC and to the White House the president has been very busy this morning he's got Twitter fingers tweeting up a storm. And also we now have news coming in at the trump campaign. Has filed arbitration. Against on the roasts that new Newman manor golf and so I wanna go to Stephanie around us she is joining us outside of the White House Stephanie. What do we know about this arbitration claim went back to. We mean. Well one you're absolutely right we learned this in just the last few minutes that president comes campaign organization has filed. Charges against onerous saying that she broke the 26 he non disclosure contract. By revealing a certain details and her new book and by Elsa revealing private talks that took place in the White House situation room now keep in mind. This is the president's. First full day back here at the White House after vacationing in that mr. New Jersey he gets great light schedule but as you said he has been. Very busy tweeting this morning including. Postings and tweets about onerous and probably one of the most harshest. Tweets that we've seen it yet about Omar as a calling her a low life. Dog now there's between eight they are seeing when you give. This is what the president post it when you get a crazed crime little like a break and give her job at the White House. I guess it just didn't work out good work by general Kelley for quickly firing that dog now. Just a few moments ago White House advisor Kellyanne Conway was out here on the north line and she was asked about that tweet and an in about that that. About the president calling all Morris dog and this is she says she said if I think it's a cover for people to say that they've. I heard the president use certain words while they work here never. Tech and never tell any of us they have a concern about and then see you later on so what she's referring to is almost as saying. In making those claims that the president has used the and word in the past so lots of back and forth here. It's honestly it's hard to keep track of what words and you know what slurs and what put downs we're talking about when it comes to the president and his language and unfortunately. Seems like the new normal here but with this issue of violating an NDA a lot of people are saying that. You know and and DA shouldn't even be it valid. Really if you're working in the White House. And that's probably the same argument that armor of civil Tate now we know that there have been. The leading up to today a lot of recordings that operates secretly taped during her time here apple White House and of course. A leading up to today the launch of her of her new book now we know that their sat. One recording out there are weird she says she is she sitting down with White House chief of staff John Kelly is dismissing her and another recording. Where she's speaking with the president and telling him that she's been dismissed and he says. That he did know and then today we have another recording where she claims. Is a conference call between several trump campaign needs where she says the group talks about how. They would deal with the potential fallout of the release of that type of that tape where president trop is hurt sane and work so. This is going to be a long process especially now that charges have been filed against ours. And as I mentioned earlier said the president and Twitter fingers this morning and I also counted eight or nine to lead to regarding the Muller probe. And do we know anything at this point as to whether or not Muller's teen will actually sit down and with the president but under the president's conditions. Right we at we heard from the president's lawyers he replied it to use special counsel's. The team saying that they wanted to narrow the scope of the questions and they didn't want to touch anything about obstruction of justice. So it's unclear at this point if Muller's team will make another. Counter option or hurtful take the extraordinary step. It's taking. The president and they can sit down and speak with special counsel Robert Mueller that's clear now but. Again keep in mind this has been an ongoing back and forth negotiation for the last eight months. And Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani is saying that this should be wrapped up by September 1 but that's highly unlikely. And finally there are some primaries happening today as we heaved a leading up to mid term election so. Which I'm watching. OK so we've. Primaries in four states Connecticut Wisconsin. Minnesota and Vermont and un all of this nineteen up what we ain't seen. In the fall with the mid term elections of course as you know soy everyone's closely watching these that the governor shares and a US senate seats are all. Up for grabs in these seats and both parties are again watching to see which candidates will be on the ballot in November and both sides really Democrats and Republicans. Are on the office or definitely going to keep watching that especially tomorrow because we'll actually have the results and Stephanie thanks for joining us this morning. Having. And now Lance go back to the manna for trial the prosecution rested their case yesterday and now it's the defense's turn ants that were going to Catherine welders who has been covering this story for us. At an Alexandria. Pastor and what can you tell us whether we expect from the defense. This so little bit of a delay this morning on we were supposed to start court at 930 today but. The attorneys walked in to the court around 930. And now there and a closed hearings or not quite sure what's going on in there the press. A nor members of the public have been brought in and we just saw few members of the jury walking out of the courtroom so we're not sure if they'll be allowed an anytime soon but. We expected the defense to bring their case today we still expect fast. And their most likely going to focus on Rick gates Meehan reports former deputy testified against then they made their case. All about him and we're still waiting to see if they plan to call any witnesses. So let's not forget the prosecution Kolb over twenty witness in the last thing about me in any idea how line the defense might take on their. A yes and a government cases are generally much longer of the defense. Much shorter we're expecting at closing arguments it too they could happen as early as today or tomorrow the defense's case will be much shorter we were only expecting. A couple days on there so we could see all of this wrapping up by the end of the week. Wow and any idea is nano for himself as going to take the stand. Yes good question and multiple criminal defense attorneys and I've talked to said. That this is highly unlikely it will be quote hail Mary as one legal expert described it to me is so look we don't expect consumer however yesterday. I asked his lead attorney this question of if they intended to call on any didn't rule it out he said were working on that so who knows. But we're really not expecting him to take Sam. Thanks for the update there. And let's move to Florida at we have new news coming in and a very controversial. Stand your ground case and victory Kenya is in Coral Gables forests of Victor. What's the latest you know what do we know about prosecutors and their decision in this case. Well a lot of prosecutors took a close look at this case be refuted it look at that surveillance video. And what they've decided view he's charged Michael Drake up with manslaughter for the death. Of more keys that blocked it lets take you back to that video the shooting happened in July but block that was inside of convenience store Clearwater Florida he was with this five year old son. Meanwhile outside what's his girlfriend with their two other children so she was parked that it. Handicap spot. Michael Draco was apparently upset about that he approached the car and confronted the Balkans girlfriend and we'll look like thinking outside salt what was happening. He showed Dracut of the ground. And at that point trickle pulls out a gun. The thought that starts backing away. And Draco opened fire shooting and killing but walked in right there so now the latest here is that Draco has been charged with manslaughter. Lots of lights a lot in life excuse me over a parking space in disputes. You know why. What is the community saying about this how are they reacting because obviously Florida has a very controversial history with the stay underground lines. Right they've absolutely had it that you know long history with the stand your ground law initially the sheriff's office decided. Note the torch to break up not even to arrest them citing the stand your ground defense. The community. Members absolutely Wear out their protests thing the Hawkins family calling for accountability as well so. This arrest and the charge here that they would calls this a small step in the right direction the college you know somewhat comforting here while they're in a period. Of profound mourning here. And do we have any idea what is coming up next for the suspects. So drinker right now he spent the night in jail being held them a 100000 dollars bond his. First court appearance scheduled for this afternoon at 130 but we should mention that stand your ground cases are very difficult to prosecute. They're difficult to prosecute and it's something at the sheriff weighed in on Q and that they are subject day of and you know that there are racial element to this case I think we have to bring that we talk about Florida stand your ground. Train trip and Martin is something that comes up to people's minds. Well in this case as well because you have. The person who died here where he's McLaughlin is black and the man who pulled the trigger Michaels rate cut is a white man and you actually look at his history he warned that we've got your hands on now shows that. Michael Vick has a history of of threatening other drivers IQ study in that scene tech parking lot before and at least two other times he has. It appropriately exhibited. A firearm so this panel says history of this all things that prosecutors are taking into account here. Victor thanks so much for that update on that story. And that is it's for our news show that thanks so much for watching ABC news line you can like to say abcnews.com. Or download the ABC news.

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