Window Washers Rescued From 1 WTC Scaffolding

The scaffold contained two workers who were trapped around the 68th floor.
3:25 | 11/12/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Window Washers Rescued From 1 WTC Scaffolding
We are seeing right now is receipt of managed shot from one of the helicopters from one of the news helicopters that's in place right now. That's hovering not that far from that 68 flooring you can see. Where the fire department has successfully cut through one of those windows and it appears they are getting that first. Window watcher. Out of that scaffolding. I. While. Pulling down his. Left her way into the building. And you can see affect air when that first window washer got out of that Scotland this Kathleen itself through op. But what we're just now waiting to see. Exactly how they're gonna get them the second window watcher in place. When that first man was being taken up the scaffolding inside though it appears that the at some kind of harness. Iran could probably secure from the outside and probably from the inside as well. It is absolutely extraordinary luck this rescue. Actually fire fighters on the ground on the rule and in the building about this. Was not occupied not sure what so it planned for that war but they were able to cut a hole in the black. And yet he's window washers use a few of them on this scaffold being met that suffered a cable snapped. And building steel have carried angle it about the Florida south base of one World Trade Center. And now they've been able or a rescue. Beat these window watchers. We've got people all on the ground turning their necks upward Brian what this is an action it's very difficult to see precisely what's going on on the ground. Well if you can tell that this rescue was well under way again. But well underway and at least half way completed and and is success for that one window washer that did. Managed to make his way off of that -- think you could see in fact when he was being pulled out he was walking off on his own stepping off of that would essentially is now the floor of that scaffolding. But in reality is deciding race. That scaffolding. When he had stepped off of the scaffolding and the countries that into the building itself into that 68 floor. And you can only imagine that the big gasp of breath that partner must had been yelling at scaffolding still moving around but that he at least was making his way inside of there. If firefighters really had a pretty sizable hole in this and relatively short time given the strength given the thickness. Of that last bullet proof glass obviously glasses it would withstand. Plane striking it. In now to it's a very large. Hold our cars have cut through. And you can see from the inside the firefighters seem to be working with some kind of a tether or some kind of a safety harness the lie that they put on. The other window watcher that they secured not only from the inside. And it's tough to tell at this vantage point that if in fact they also have another feather. From the outside as well we know that they dropped down some ropes about an hour ago. And it is now. Safe to say in fact that. Both have been. Taken off of that scaffolding gold window watchers. Have been rescued from that scaffolding.

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"The scaffold contained two workers who were trapped around the 68th floor.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"26866184","title":"Window Washers Rescued From 1 WTC Scaffolding","url":"/US/video/window-washers-rescued-wtc-scaffolding-26866184"}