Women workers rally in DC for International Women's Day

Women demonstrate outside of the U.S. department of labor in support of women's rights.
21:26 | 03/08/17

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Transcript for Women workers rally in DC for International Women's Day
We didn't internationally and carry it live at Washington DC they're hunted and gathered at the Department of Labor just. Up. Right now. Out there. It's up ready for performing. Public three. A lot of red a lot of women but just an outlet in the past it is going. Animals everyone coming out to you. Women's rights in east a lot of it right here. Exactly you are you pay with your sign is seen a lot of these kids may well winning we're rising talent. What brought you out here today. Let me Shuler. They've let's say they've on the sideline here pregnant. Michigan oddly all this again to see it. This exit to stand up for women's rights and me. Here nonprofit group. Yes so we basically want everyone to recognize that we're here on behalf of working families are here on behalf of women. They have men have children because these are not partisan issue these are not democratic issues these are not Republican issue. We're fighting for artistic Tyler hiding where. Equal pay you are fighting for fair wages we're basically fighting or economic stability for everyone because it was entitled to have. And life. It could be part of a rally like this and and and marching and gathering. Here today here in DC do you think that your voices will be heard will be heard read those in congress and by those that that make these laws that. Either protects women or don't really worked. Wanted to benefit with. While I obviously I mean you see the nasty turn around that we have here we can't we feel like Oliver North laces. Tonight it is going to make a difference even if the Department of Labor ability there actually wired workers coming out on the balconies to see what the fuss is about to see what allowed warm blooded. Where was all of this. Moisture is people's voices coming from and they are looking out the scene and that's when they are signs that we doesn't feel like united. We stand a lot firmer alive matter and we can't. My name is sneak around its and it once again I'm here on behalf I. Pandering to test is relevant news again I think turner and we values network. Buildings so much for its currently get active. Accident rally until I ain't big media. Meaning you think all right yeah it's got. Let's go see what's going on we hear lot as. Chance. It horrors. And we should see a lot more around this side. Lot of people here. Yeah. Yeah okay. Okay. Think yeah. So this is. The national women's day we bring him happy you're here. And right. Are here. Democratic society of America. Here at advocate. Yeah. Leaner and. Meanie yeah. Okay. Looking to get out of an F today obviously a lot of hundreds of people here. United mine for women's rights coming from Leesburg to one woman just a few minutes ago it came only from Michigan. Here today in an infield this this this happens in. Harmon tells what do you looking to get out at this rally in this this. This you know you're. We're trying C. I guess could more focus on issues women face and Rayburn. Access to reproductive rights. Honestly hate. Yeah strength you present in her. And in end. I am like economic and social vision for women's liberation which is tanks you. Commented that liberation and people of color in the liberation him down Jeannie T community collaboration. Attract votes down pound we're really just trying to present an alternate vision from the big. I think our administration is presenting. Anything once we at least saw. Women's march. This movement. The day after inauguration day in and Ilyce so. This is as is that earlier much more political international women's state that make you feel to see all of these folks. He emerged. And be here together. At a rally like this all kind of supporting. Something well the same thing when it's right I know everybody happening to their specific. An issue in mind but everyone here united exit. Women I does that make you feel. Well. I think it's really important that we keep the pressure on. We're these and I think I mean something and then we're able to take and other people supporting women. It's a lot of women are at home two days ago and because their tenuous labor situation and or because. They're. Here as. It's. We're not able to take today off I think it even more important that we all come here an advocate and show solidarity together for those women as well. I'm really encouraged and happy to be added turnout today and I think there are people from all different backgrounds everybody could make it out today tightening. Made it out and people are so enthusiastic harassing these issues Harvard. Has. Party lines you know this isn't about being Republican or Democrat it's. Mean that we do so much so to see guys here at basement to attic that's on abcnews.com. And enjoy the rally. I take a look around anything else around here. You can hear some of these speakers on the State's right now you get better and it's going to get exactly what's going on up there. This rescued around here. Confidence. Unity a lot of the words heard the sad here today teachers being sold in TV season that. Not my president. A little bit of that here today also signs that say I strike lower but a lot of unity Saturday a lot of that's like. Berlin is right there individual AC as well. I. The it. Smooth. The big looking. At right not to lazy Janet independent. Yeah. Look sleep insert. On the theater Syrian their individual stories then. He'll sign your women's. Women workers rising let's take a listen. On here. A half hour. Plus I'm. Zuckerberg I. Here. Sign my. It and it's already too many years and I am that they don't sexually harass me. I'm a mother soon. And I have to depend on his visit or my hand me. As seven. Eighths varying effects that's it from my vantage. I was told to sort in my scar. And opened my Gaza gently. Instead kids. Com to feed my kids. Is that it's got to go home. A reason and it ballot Dari. Everything why. Yeah. Really. And his technique her. Isn't pregnant I'm from. Believe we have over thirty. And exceeding experience and we're here stand solidarity with rocking night it. Powerless. Did I let. Helpless how do you react when you're daughter comes Tony tears because the customer grill turner she teased him and left but nothing. Zero yeah hint at thirteen an hour in tech this isn't absolutely unacceptable. The rhetoric to old did it end ships reads the status quo. I and it's time to invest what I don't because would have to grab you. At sixty mad I was fired me and student walk in freezer. He wouldn't let me get by him. What I told my manager's daughter she told mean to watch out for him because he liked young girls. At eighteen asserted by attending on May first today. The owner called me into his office he said that he could only pay for college if I gave them a blow job. When I refused I was tired. Are in the rye where I worked by the general manager and insulted by the vice president of the hotel group unknown to me he was told he could have anything right. I'm here today obviously ambulance here as her women's rights but specifically. What. I'm here accident to support. Well as a member sessions. I think a lot of us have remembered that international women's day usually start a hundred yours goes international working women's day. I think it's so important for us and I think. The program here isn't doing to focus on the trials that working women face every single day going to the job some of the speakers was talking about. Working in the restaurant and bar industry and other groups and attacked by their managers by fellow employee is I think security for us men to stand to win. I mean we can't just have him into this all problems that we teach her son's with the teacher Brothers are co workers that this kind of behavior is unacceptable it's wrong. We have to unite behind this movement to find quality for all women around the globe. It will I think there is marches like this and events like this going on all over the country all over the world actually. And so I think. This is gonna make new systems can activate people. I know people that have come to this event today that it never been politically active for this election cycle that are now actually involved in the movement. That are actually joining organization and getting involved in fighting this this tyranny that we're facing now in this country. Michael that you some months thanks for your time. And we are seeing a lot of these marches just activate after at least we saw them activate after inauguration day. Becoming a lot more political icicle walk around you know people are trying to isn't just because that there we heard from a lot of those. Speakers on the stage talking about their personal stories or personal struggle what they've dealt went. Being a woman now we know from one young ladies said she was roped as a server we heard Michael reference that is well. And a lot of it is coming together to share their stories Vatican not just women and as well a lot of families bring their children and tests these gatherings and make their voices heard. And and then scenes and scenes dvd. The end. Environment that there and it there. Talent is there at work. The have to work so it's look around here. You can see. The kids here Johnson's lots of red when the incident Wednesday. Color. And and people from all backgrounds really gathering today and her friend. That lady earlier is here from Michigan's of people from all over the country have gathered here in the DC. So rally for women's rights to rally for women. The women. Yeah. I yeah. Yeah. If it. A. So he can hear some of the speakers Sarah on this stage reference. Team president from media I've heard from them. This blatantly pleaded getting tremendous that he has tremendous respect. And I'm his daughter and bonds slumped also reading about today women's international day. Obviously hear from some folks here. Are. Opposing the president we've seen some T shirts as well. But the main thing is isn't very positive. And I are among the people that are here you haven't seen any. He's fighting we haven't seen. Any anything get up had originally conceived for ourselves a lot of that is just sitting here watching and listening to the speakers that are on the saints. Clapping chanting we heard that a little bit early as we were first getting here. But very very peaceful rally so far. Don't immediately clear. But it didn't. Think. What do you yeah. Pain has made record. Icy rubble Stanley out here today. And it's. Your data's network in your mom brought you out here. So explicitly that important thing you can look ignoring how are you feeling about. This rally. Yeah. Might lend my daughter but I was worried democratic. I can bring it ain't. I was aren't taking learn in school doesn't it teaches anatomy after leaving school students. I really. And that they don't grow up Quincy and as a word of thanks tonight it was some of the seeing him. AC that I did it with with its content here at Aston Martin and I was in. It. Now. And I worked in education and it is he sees as an. Opening act. The work is important and it indeed and it is apparently means and parents in the name majority they now woman. But his visit Atlanta time is diminished because. And so I want and I went and it hits it that things. I know that they can definitely have the support I'll show. Like just having parents support from people from all different backgrounds in an and is alone in kids and so do you think of coming here in in uniting likeness. We'll bring about some sort of I'm. Quit typically will sell. Scenes and it. I think that like it here this week has at that time. And how it alone and labor in its biting an agonizing split. God is behind now and anything about amendment that would see into wetlands. And and now it seems. That all men seen it trained on adamantly you know go one hate her she wouldn't be permitted you know certainly. And icy. And an organized enemies and now make it nice to organize my generation. You know and it. I. And she and time and I. I alone Heatley. Yeah. You're absolutely right hander Eric here Eric any collide it looks like everybody else here feel the same way. This. Well I think somebody McGillis need to think everybody here. The biggest summit next time I'll let you got a rally. Yeah. Our learning early now friend. Premier international women's day you could see hundreds of people here in Maine at men and children people from all different backgrounds people from across the country. Coming down here to unite and to fight for women's right. Kentucky CN regulator. Along premier.

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