Abigail Breslin to Star in 'Dirty Dancing' Remake

Abigail Breslin is set to star in ABC's three-hour musical remake of the 1987 hit romantic drama, "Dirty Dancing."
3:53 | 12/09/15

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Transcript for Abigail Breslin to Star in 'Dirty Dancing' Remake
Facts on the skinny. What are we go for the dirty dancing and dancing yeah is being made for television I think this is not life. But it is I guess inspired by it was descended musicals and that NBC did they did the sound of music flexibility and now who it out. Citizens is its Roma that I've never seen this since oh. There that's Jennifer Grey it'll play baby. I never completely in the corner return she's a good dancer. And that's Patrick Swayze. Who teaches her how to dance. We he's truly iconic. Donna notes that show one of people like K that's good in these kids who want to. This was a fantastic moment goals on the news notes will be good she does this this is a moment I was trying to tell you that we should recreate on our newscasts. Pop pop pop pop pop hit single you've drug. Oh boy a yes it's an even through sleep. What would be delighted to be doubted the enemy OK so I that we give me a pass on that the. Among a mud my point is. Do you with you these truly are good films ready. If you go look would've thought watching them it was to go to the point of private agency that. Really lucky dog we were disappointed to no longer be able to say this lunacy a cannot see that this is at American history moment. Pop culture moment and asked CI GAAP net what's up to catch up to this but doesn't pay that will be an ABC it over on this channel and eventually comes out what else to go arena. We got the fourth highest paid news nationalist. Within start with number five can you guess you know that's got the Eagles the Eagles Taylor Swift. The Garth Brooks and one direction to you know who sings a song. I've got friends in low places. Where the way scan to around. Us that they sing about muted. I think they do that was actually Garth Brooks who was this. And number three and the number 1%. Going to get you can. Katie Couric had a pair I didn't adopted an. It's sort of awkwardness that she goes my children born directions as. Yeah I think he's 135. Million dollar she's now that industry middle moneymaker and me she is the highest paid musicians in the world. I'm Jim significantly moving sentences attendants who does a two million dollars indicated serious looking Clinton thought it best. This is Taylor write down out of bounds ends logic and Julian isn't it. By the way that the image and yesterday some people on translate into opponents who you want here world. It is a notch above all fifty of the most popular songs in this it's pretty cut and it makes you know style chicken this year the force and this. Fear will you'll thank me. You're very upset that there were average forgotten tech news them go on like talking divorce Hollywood divorces but actors Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffin divorcing. Guess how much yes to fork over to her body again until 65. How was in dollars a month. Spousal support but the worst civil they said the couple kind of agreed mutually she's gonna get that the home in Colorado he's gonna keep. Condo in New York City he. So it's good to see that they work things out. And they gap there might they have indeed sound on those relation with other measures like these Leon they get. And this this may look like aliens commit to the rest is able they get epic paso and appalled she thinks yes. It's it was neither they were even them they're that bad to reach an estimated to assist while assembly against and post almost twenty marriage. Call it quits. Isn't coming up the sexiest man alive time is to skin and bones one Chris Hemsworth. We'll never do it again he watching world news now.

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"Abigail Breslin is set to star in ABC's three-hour musical remake of the 1987 hit romantic drama, \"Dirty Dancing.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35663582","title":"Abigail Breslin to Star in 'Dirty Dancing' Remake","url":"/WNN/video/abigail-breslin-star-dirty-dancing-remake-35663582"}