'American Idol' Debuts for 13th Season

Harry Connick, Jr. joins the judging panel as the search for the next pop star starts..
3:00 | 01/16/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'American Idol' Debuts for 13th Season
-- -- we start this morning with the return of two shows to prime time TV one a monster hit the other used to be. Talk about American -- kept a record low ratings last year's season thirteen debuted last night with a new judge Harry Connick junior. -- sitting along psyche -- -- and of course Jay Leno is back. -- -- -- demonize and Mariah -- and this new judging panel basically seem to get along. But you know we'll have to see -- eventually emerges as -- favorite this can't be worse and that crew that -- I'd also back on the small screen cable TV's biggest hit ever -- dynasty the whole Robertson Klan is back. Even bill who was suspended last month. -- some disparaging comments also -- -- season five Rebecca Roberts and that's what at least 24 year old a Foster daughter who apparently intends to shake things up this season. And -- be surprised everyone with Rebecca as homecoming from LA where she's a fashion intern last -- -- shows also included the movie today Airbus from Jason Bourne. Lots and jams in what could be the show's biggest season in the year that ought to be -- the LA fashion intern coming back home and and -- condition. Fashion tips of the guys who. Yeah I definitely show and a whole different -- to the show maybe -- -- a different kind of audience but. We have been slow fashion -- stunning and her -- I -- the latest now on our friend -- colleague ABC news correspondent -- robot keeping us posted as she battles breast cancer. -- appear on Good Morning America yesterday looking gorgeous check her out sporting a sassy new haircut. She says cutting her -- her way of taking control she braces for the chemotherapy. To make much of her hair -- out. Amy she's a forty year old mother of two and has undergone now her second round of -- -- and can see she is clearly up to the challenge. I feel free and I feel empowered women -- strong and physically I've been able to handle it so far -- know it's gonna get tougher emotionally has been the hardest part. She's just awesome she looks awesome and let's face it she's got a really good meant for sitting there with Robin -- -- -- some Israelis as well she's doing fantastic -- And end this fight is not only brave and it's also -- that she is sharing it with in the country having to be so open about it. And I think that haircut looks fantastic and she couldn't look bad with a face like yeah. Really scandals are identical pioneer woman says -- don't do it right that she was Gordon whom we -- via either way. All right she was of course diagnosed with breast cancer -- on air mammogram on GMA thank goodness she got that hammer home life changing -- their -- country start after Trace Adkins has checked himself into rehab for alcohol. After a brawl TMZ reports that the singer got into a fight with an impersonator while -- country themed cruise in Jamaica you can't make that -- Atkins had been sober for twelve years was very open about his battles with alcohol the Celebrity Apprentice winner. Previously checked himself into treatment on Christmas 2002 after getting into a tractor accident. -- right now at the Academy Awards quickly approaching we can't have the Oscars without mentioning the rats that you have let's get to it. There's quite an array of -- for this year's 34 annual golden raspberry award singling out the worst. That Hollywood has to offer -- leading the pack this year with eight nominations. Grownups -- the silly comedy sequel about four childhood friend starting Adam Sandler Kevin James Chris Rock. And David's -- garnering sixty nominations Tyler Perry -- holiday comedy on the one critic as quote staggeringly mind and not much fun at some kind of review you one -- -- All right also nabbing six worst picture nominations got a lot. Scifi thriller after -- starring -- and Jane Smith. Likens it to a video game I was so disappointed that this got -- bad reviews because it looks like -- can be great. They say that -- -- are not as harsh as they usually at a -- Twomey in. Fashioned -- -- can be vision is much -- went on strike coming up a first for the First Lady. We'll tell -- come up.

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{"id":21552985,"title":"'American Idol' Debuts for 13th Season","duration":"3:00","description":"Harry Connick, Jr. joins the judging panel as the search for the next pop star starts..","url":"/WNN/video/american-idol-debuts-13th-season-21552985","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}