Arsenio Hall Gets Back to Talking

The actor and comedian returns to late night with a syndicated talk show.
4:05 | 09/09/13

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Transcript for Arsenio Hall Gets Back to Talking
Plug into this -- -- the return of a very very well known. -- on the late night talk show host of back in the day are singing along. He's remember him he's backing he added it back in the 1990s he had a huge yearly. Successful late night show well he hasn't returned CBS picked up his show. Monday night is when it all started so -- you -- -- if you remember back in the day he had all crying. -- incredible guests from interviews with then candidate bill -- -- playing the saxophone. Two and Bill Clinton was playing -- -- -- my way to Michael Magic Johnson revealing that he had contacted agents on his show. Yes it was a pretty influential -- back then and now he's coming back he wants some more and I think a lot of people aren't welcoming the idea a lot of a lot of people remember him want to see him come back I was really -- he had given up and likely won't don't remember him I think -- just curious because they put their parents talk about. Has yet come -- wondering if we're going to be embassy everybody doing it in the audience come on let's. -- -- -- And that's it there -- go ahead and I'm just -- -- you that was -- his -- night I was almost does not awkward and weird on TV not that. Please still I'm sorry we don't want to be I apologize -- -- -- in my thoughts. So we -- this -- another dozen different kind of -- she's so determined not really this is her first show and Jenny McCarthy. Is joining the new as a host. To have her show as a real -- that she's returning because she's guest host and before and apparently her hot new guest on her first day is going to be hurt. Boyfriend. -- They're having him not -- -- -- So she will be on today watch she's hot the show going to be hot he's got to. So lots of promises I'm sure they'll come through history and she's not OK now let's get to the -- warned her not Jenny McCarthy no matter Eminem. He made an appearance during the halftime show the Notre Dame game he's from Detroit area so we -- is that the mission in connection he's talking a -- -- -- and -- -- straight about his. New music video it's entitled Missouri. Some people think he was kind of Missouri -- It's kind of freaked out he stared into space majesty seemed completely out of -- listening. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Starting next Saturday night the folks -- would take you to the world pretty here. Of one of his new videos -- preserve take -- listen. To get. -- is -- really didn't do a whole lot so -- apparently have perked up a little bit. When -- talking about football he said that he's a die hard fan and he said nice things about must first thing he was a legend. But he also read and I'm feeling really uncomfortable right now OK -- -- -- to Joaquin Phoenix moment where he's just trying to. Drum up but it was downright -- Yet you know I adding I always have a hard time with these live interviews at the scene like -- concocted like what is -- what was the point -- -- Well I'll tell him about it -- that I. That makes sense but I sun trying to understand what was he just wandering around looking lost and they say hey Monica talked up it was his -- produced it to see and it -- -- -- -- They did a really bad job of telling and 116 -- and other sports does not prohibited the other guys standing next to giggling like knowing what -- do you honestly really -- he was almost enjoy around my -- -- right so if you were anywhere -- social media this -- -- you already know this but really quickly Bruno Mars has been chosen -- form. At Super Bowl halftime show there you have -- the guy has all kinds of hits from treasury to when -- was your man locked out ahead in. Grenades just the way you -- and -- -- literally millions of Rockford so I'm looking forward to that if you. I love how he'll get a lot of talent that.

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{"id":20205660,"title":"Arsenio Hall Gets Back to Talking","duration":"4:05","description":"The actor and comedian returns to late night with a syndicated talk show.","url":"/WNN/video/arsenio-hall-back-talking-20205660","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}