Barbara Walters Announces 2014 Retirement

Legendary ABC News journalist Barbara Walters announces that she will retire next summer.
4:00 | 05/13/13

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Transcript for Barbara Walters Announces 2014 Retirement
But I think it's getting everyone -- begin with something that we've been talking about throughout the morning eager to hear a lot more about throughout the day especially on the view. This Barbara Walters. Has announced she will be retiring this summer 2004 teams -- still have -- for a little more than a year but she's made her announcement that after 37 years yes here at ABC news but more than fifteen years. In bronze cast news. News yeah she. She's gonna retire and she is given a whole lot. You know. To the industry she has. Broke through glass ceiling don't wanna hide in all over the -- -- at all. Gee -- people she's going to be an alleged enemy machine made it so that I can be here today and I had -- had -- no problem saying that and I and I appreciate it she's gonna stay on as the -- executive producer so we'll still be. You know getting a flavor for Barbara Walters through the things that they do on the view and I'm sure she'll make an appearance here -- -- but for the decision is that she will be retiring. Well I'm sure in the years she will get a major senate campaign can't confirm enough stock up accolades just check this amazing amazing career that's chapel. Treasury -- another year. All right let's talk about NBC -- Seth Meyers as the afternoon and late night host to secede Jimmy Fallon -- -- -- veteran Seth Meyers. Chosen as the new host of late night when Jimmy Fallon moves to the Tonight Show that's gonna happen 2014. NBC said this on Sunday in the show will be named late night was set Myers. It beat us -- -- it'll be done here in new York at Rockefeller plaza one -- -- -- -- live blocks into the executive producer. And a Meyer spent twelve season what's twelve seasons was set up live at eight as the head writer and -- as the weekend update anchor. The premier for late night with Seth Meyers will be announced later according NBC in depth -- -- take over the Tonight Show next spring after sir after Jay Leno depart. Surging lineup after sir nice things it's -- that Jay Leno that was an. Is it me or has this happened with the record speed -- talk about -- damage control and we heard it. Well Jamie really -- and then immediately -- was on and now. Who is replacing -- sat well I guess they want to get this one right I you replace it getting your replacing. Sure OK and on weekend update got him after McFarland -- lot of fun yeah. You know about -- -- OK it's. Now we have -- candidate -- to tell you about it what it Paltrow was apparently on the phone. With a couple of Australian radio host and she got quite eat this and see here how she had some truth and -- in her she admitted that she was -- Liquid or little John signed an elephant isn't -- says -- is talking about and that Gallo are of course you know you don't you get. Completely done he looked absolutely gorgeous and everybody wants to be there with you but we can't because a girl warrior -- but wait listen to what -- -- Good to the main thing the other night. Yeah. It's boring to. Yeah it's seen -- like. The best thing in the world I am doing it all my god it's going to be so glamorous an amazing and we're gonna -- -- these people island and you you get there. And it's so -- it's so crowded. Wishing you know it wasn't and remind Mae west was playing inside the -- city there is microphone down -- was on drums and. All -- time. I heard it from someone will let. Monks and added that now you know met gala is not all that are they real quick in the Rachel the -- yeah Atlantis and hair that big that their friends cut that was one of the most -- is copy hairstyle the whole time. Well apparently Jennifer -- longtime friend and creator of the infamous cut recently admitted he was stoned when he created the look said. Salon owner Chris McMillan revealing that he was stone he's been sober for fourteen years and is says it's time he told the truth it's a go to -- in. It involves quite work of art -- development.

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{"id":19167565,"title":"Barbara Walters Announces 2014 Retirement","duration":"4:00","description":"Legendary ABC News journalist Barbara Walters announces that she will retire next summer.","url":"/WNN/video/barbara-walters-announces-2014-retirement-19167565","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}