Best Back to School Gadgets

Twit.TV's Dick DeBartolo breaks down the best back to school gadgets.
4:23 | 08/26/14

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Transcript for Best Back to School Gadgets
Yeah. Just whatever student wants to be a class act. With electronic gadgets -- school is starting up. So joining us this morning with the best back to school gadgets is our own gives -- Dick DeBartolo from the twit dot TV. Dick good morning to you good morning game back to school all rule if you are wanted to stay awake at school you're gonna need it costs the company isn't really optional these it's weakened during exactly that is the many plus -- carried. Really simple and great for the dog so you just -- new Warner I just. This -- the water over the crowd that's horrible problem those -- -- particularly that technical artist and then you open and we're gonna do doughnut shop coffee included in. And you close it and then this little guy you just -- room okay another thing is -- -- a -- we've got to put a company picked it we're gonna lose their home you're absolutely all right okay. -- in two minutes that'll be done so we'll come back and look. Okay okay -- are within about this is it Bruce coffee and shuts -- and ninety's. Perfect -- will have caught up here right away. Are now this is the little anything you don't know it what do you gotta go back with a tablet or you gotta go back with a little laptop. So this is you'll laptop but then you decide I'd rather have a little tablet didn't take the tablet with you. Well you know it now I want a dual little presentations. Are you lock in on that way. And you can be watching move vary doing horrible -- that it is sideline take a tablet and you want -- -- -- keyboard just in case that you fold that in half. And I can take everything with bats very such as you know if you do have a tablet that's one of the bigger biggest problems you try to find the keyboard for. This also obviously doubles as the protective case to exactly exactly what kind of storage for something this one has -- 64 gigabyte solid state drive okay. It's and that's called the -- -- switch and -- -- to 389. Under 400 under 400 or making cough -- please -- over there nicely this really need from union it's called the ultra packed series. So who you get your phone in the morning you forgot to charges that you take your external battery -- you forgot to charge that. What -- need about this is that he. About the -- this. Plug it in before you get your coffee -- Within fifteen. An -- student rush let me theory is seen as well all. -- want to encourage -- at -- very true. And fifteen minutes this will have 75%. -- more. Now on the way to class you plug its and he phoned his camera you phone ballgame variously if you have a tablet you plug the big guy in which is 101000 millions OK to run your tablet. All day okay OKC ultra packs the prices on those one to sixty and one is 99 period I'm very good okay in the left -- fittingly -- -- right okay instead of putting your -- -- -- gel packs and -- This has the -- -- right into. The case this has been held for -- always there is a -- they handed me out right. And you young men are usually so it's not nice and cold that is my name is nothing you know no -- no bodies right now that's the -- you kids brings a school in the forget the gel packets. There's something new here from down linens and it's cooled down women's don't want pack. And you get a down comforter a down pillow a downed fed the bed and 229 dollars or down alternative under 170 and that includes FedEx and directly to the kid's school so you don't have to -- Pack it up in garbage bags and -- kind of stuff for a few -- eight taking care and that we've got copyright we have some coffee a year and I weren't ready to go back to score thank you so much as you -- Dick appreciate you if you are still need grace and -- of the great -- bit higher than that but listen if you want you more details. Products you can visit this web site. He is Liz is a poor -- -- -- pays tribute and -- dot com. You're watching world news now. Nicely done -- -- morning area.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"Twit.TV's Dick DeBartolo breaks down the best back to school gadgets. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"25125041","title":"Best Back to School Gadgets ","url":"/WNN/video/best-back-school-gadgets-25125041"}