Everything you need to know about CBD

The cannabis derivative is being touted as a medical marvel, but does it really live up to the hype? ABC News' Brad Mielke explores the topic.
6:05 | 03/11/19

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Transcript for Everything you need to know about CBD
Over the last year we've seen a number of states to loosen restrictions on marijuana but there is another Canada's trend that has been sweeping the nation. CBD. Receded a lots of places but we're also hearing lots of questions ABC's Brett Nokia is here to separate fact from fiction Brett what are you got four. I can't yet you know CBD has really seemed to explode on the market. And it doozy it's a calling and a medical marvel but. It currently sits about legal gray area the FDA is upholding strict regulations but the DEA says it's not actively pursuing prosecutions for individual users so. Well consumers and businesses have been going full CNET editor. There are now hitting a speed ball. From bait shops to health shops even yoga classes CBD or Canada died all he's everywhere. I. The past generation kind of this has been thought of as a gateway drugs too much more serious. Today kind of this is a gateway plant to a new generation of health and wellness. Lewis say garments the optimist kitchen and herbal supplement store for CBD has become the main attraction. Who comes here with your customer we have a millennial customers. Almost expects the opportunity to explore the use. Herbs and botanical medicines for help in addition to selling products he also offers workshops to customers who were interest in learning about CBD to relieve their ailments when I put it on my muscles that but my whole body can relax I felt an effect. But it was week. My ophthalmologist actually recommended it court. What is he twelve look at it like this could get the can. The strains each containing a different mix the chemical compounds used T eight C you've heard at the compound Q five anything beyond a tiny amount is illegal under federal law. The candidates also contends CVG. Proponents say this compound is known for reduced net Nolo com. But this is smoke and Muir spores it based an actual science I spoke to doctor jasmine heard from the preeminent researchers studying Canada dial. To ask her about the risks and benefits and. It decreases stress that makes people calmer. It also decreases anxiety. And the lot of studies now are being done to see whether CBD may be effective or chronic pain is there a risk of getting addicted to see mediate. Now anybody taking CBD thinking they're gonna get high it never happens she's working with medical great stuff lab conditions. Can you see benefits from the stuff you buy at the health food store. I'll tell you if a medication says it works for everything from there's something wrong so for me then that's snake oil look at how do you know. If you're going to a shocked are you going to a place that sells. You know. Some S and how do you know. It's good how do you know that it works you don't and that's the problem in an unregulated. Stage that we're in today with camp annoyance. Doctor Hurd warned us this is a central issue with businesses that want to sell CBD. Most products are not FDA approved because they have not gone through that. Scientific rigor and that is with a newly booming market hit a roadblock here's why I'm of the farm bill passed last December. Temp to rise she BD can be legally sold. As long as it comes from a licensed grower that follow state and federal regulations. But despite the recent passing of the bipartisan bill the FDA has been reluctant to update its regulations causing major confusion throughout the market. The agency has to approve all consumable see beauty products and it's only done that for one drug so far for children with epilepsy. After going months without clear updated FDA guidance some cities and states have decided to crack down on CBD food additives in cities like New York restaurants that were once a racing to become the first to sell CBD infuse cuisine. Are now forced to change their menu or face fines. Suddenly that art can't advertise dvd cocktails but can't be shot can't had a few drops to your law tech. What I do not understand that is supposed to have news for you live that religion's basic qualities and bug with Saudi it was now we start with the money we have to change menace. We have this into our customers like what's going on and we do lose. Business places like the optimist kitchen sell prepackaged goods or they're conducting business as usual. But some states like Ohio and Maine have gone even farther banning any edifice with CBT. If that trend continues it could slam the brakes on a rapidly accelerating industry. Frustrated lawmakers are now demanding answers democratic representative Shelley can we have Maine tweeted a letter written by her and eleven other lawmakers late February. Urging FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb provide lawful pathways for hemp derive see beauty products. Ghali told lawmakers the FDA will start looking into legalizing CBD laced foods in April. But then in an unexpected announcement last Tuesday. He revealed he won't resign next month. Likely further delaying action for Americans and other states were candidates is fully legal doctor Hurst says he choose to try that CBD infused cocktail. Just don't expect a miracle. If it's placebo though and it helps you know I'm actually fine with placebo effect. The question now is with the researchers and businesses and government leaders don't sing. The incredible thing is that in New York Maine Ohio they've all legalize marijuana as a form of medicine at places like New Yorkers saying sorry. If you're not approved by the FDA you can't simply put Canada's compounds in food without the science to back it up which is why advocates are saying well. Let's bring along the research pleased so a lot of and. Certainty that these small business I think what's most fascinating about this is that when it comes of the candidates debate you're seeing liberals conservatives and many people getting behind this issue. Decades ago ten years ago we did not see this oh that's right it is completely bipartisan issue for a lot of people right now you've got. Places like New York City where people are asking the FDA let's go but also. People in Kentucky with a booming hemp industry saying. Let's get on the same page and we know you've addresses under ABC's podcast start here is a great podcasts I urge you all. To listen to it that's ABC's Bratton OK Bret thank you so much.

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{"duration":"6:05","description":"The cannabis derivative is being touted as a medical marvel, but does it really live up to the hype? ABC News' Brad Mielke explores the topic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"61600905","title":"Everything you need to know about CBD","url":"/WNN/video/cbd--61600905"}